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A Sweet life in the Duk pond

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herby meat pie gravy smell


Sounds good otherwise :)

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Was it a Hollands Pie or a Pukka Pie, there's a big difference you know :)

I did like the look of those phsicodelica buds, and at least all was not lost and you had a wail of a time in the Dam, life cant get much sweeter than smoking ya own grown :)


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Hi Oss

Thanks mate, it was a right bummer losing me sense of smell and taste.

Imagine my surprise though when I opened the jar and was confronted by the smell of coffee. Not the instant shite but freshly ground coffee lol

I love the way they are all great for different times of the day.

Psi is a great start to the day and a good pick me up and motivator for those early afternoon chores.

SAD is great for late afternoon once the chores are done but you want to slow things down a bit and relax for a while.

Black Jack, I'm having trouble placing this one. Maybe a transitional herb to takes us from Psi to SAD lol

Finally, we have Moham Ram, great for the last couple of spliffs in the evening. You get that pulling your quilt around you and sinking into soft furnishings feeling before the soothing caress of sweet oblivion

lol Skunker, It's actually quite a nice smell. The meat isn't to strong it's more herb than meat.

Hi Vill,

Which is the herbiest, Hollands or Pukka lol

Yeh, really enjoyed Holland and plenty of lovely buds survived. I'm already looking forward to doing another grow. It seems so quiet round here without the hum of fans in the background lol

e2a something about BJ, I forgot I was halfway through and got sidetracked lol

Edited by TheStoneDuk

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great diary mate, took some reading but i got there in the end. sorry to hear about ur budrot its like the piles of the weed world, proppa pain in the arse. i had half a tent of killer skunk go rotten cuz my house was damp if i had not been in the pub every day i might have noticed. good luck with ur future endevours ill b watching


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Thanks ilg, overall I was very impressed by the sweet seeds strains and it was my own dumb fault that I got some mould.

I still harvested a decent amount though and have plenty of each left to last 'till next harvest :skin_up:

I will definitely be growing more of there strains out :)

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