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Second Grow


I am enjoying my second grow even more than the first :smoke:

However i have made the same mistake again by letting them get too high in veg stage :yep::wassnnme::wassnnme:


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This is what i'm growing in, a small NFT tank on the right and a home made bubbler on the left. However they are both linked together. I pump water out of the NFT and into the bubbler, where it leaks out the other side and gravity pulls it down to the top tray of the NFT then trickles down the tray and into the NFT tank again.

It seems to work pretty well.


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They are allready 125cm and i only have another 30cm max more room.

I have been trying to bend them and put weight on the branches, but they are growing out of control :yep:

Should i put a net up like in SCROG??

I think the vigorous growth os due to having a 250w MH and a 400w SONT. They have grown twice the height in about half the time as my first time!

Anyways all is good...please comment...need a reefer :wassnnme:

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Hello m8, Setup looks cool, nice one!

I'm having similar problems by allowing the plants to grow to tall during veg state, mine are now 3.5 foot after a month. I shouldnt have increased the height of the lights, thats wot did it! will learn next time round hopefully!

Keep the pix coming.

Good luck!


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