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Artificial Emotion

Why does organic weed taste better?

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i grow both and have done for years nft or soil ive had shit tasting soil and shit tasting hydro and on the the other hand

ive had some nice hydro and nice soil ....

so does it taste better ....not in my taste buds its all down to the hand that controls them for me

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Just so i know - for my next grow I'm growing in Fertile Fibre (adding a few extras just not quite decided what yet) in Autpots and I'm keeping it organic by probably only using Bio Sevia bloom nutes. Is this a hydro or an organic soil grow - i.e what constitutes 'soil' - is it the presence of organic (plant/animal) matter in the medium, the presence of peat or what exactly? Obv i understand that growing in cay pebbles is hydro and growing in Plagron Batmix os soil but there seems to be a halfway house with coir based composts or does coir count as soil?

I wouldn't count coir as soil, i would count it as coir :D.

Soil is as it states, dirt. With, as you stated, the included vegetable matter. Some people refer to coir as a soil grow, and even organic in some instances lol, i am sure it can be with the use of organic nutes, however I am of the opinion that soil growing is indeed that, soil, dirt, even compost, bet deffo not coir. Imo anyways :D

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Sorry I’ve hit a really busy patch and won’t have any time for a week or so, at the mo not even enough to read all the comments, so as dopy in the seven dwarfs said after a sneaky number, you guy go on ahead, I’ll catch up later.

A quick comment, I’m not flat earth, I support any method of growing that gives you good weed to smoke no matter what system or nutrient type, if thats what it takes to get you growing your own. My comments, observations and tests relate to what I have produced myself or had a hand in.

I will also have a go at doing a few plants in coco a future grow alongside my normal medium out of interest and to see what it takes, I just don’t have the time or space to do it right now.

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A quick comment, I’m not flat earth, I support any method of growing that gives you good weed to smoke no matter what system or nutrient type, if thats what it takes to get you growing your own. My comments, observations and tests relate to what I have produced myself or had a hand in.

EDIT: as long as its in soil cause it tastes and smokes better :g: - only joking.

That point sums it up in a nutshell, and one shared by many more mature growers i think. Dial out the dealer, grow your own, you wont look back :rofl: Whether it be hydro or soil.


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organic is better

and if you smoke with baccy the taste test is probably useless

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I have sampled the same strains grown both hydro and 'organically' and I prefer the 'organic' soil grown every time.

It's all down to taste, and taste by its very nature is entirely subjective.

One man's meat is another man's poison.

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Bump. :guitar:

Interesting stuff, the old hydro v organic debate.

Any chance of getting this pinned.

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I used to think I could tell organic from Hydro.

Then I smoked some Hydro weed that owderb had grown.

I silently shoved my organic under the table, for the fact of the matter was simple, Owderb's hydro pissed all over my Organic. That said, I have improved since then and its time for a rematch :yinyang: When you're ready, mate! :unsure:

There are so many variables, I find it hard to believe folks who come out with definitive statements like "Organic always tastes better". It does NOT. Bad organic growing is just as common as bad hydro growing and both produce evil tasting, poorly combustible, rank tasting kakka!

If I lived in the right place, all my weed would be wild outdoor weed. But I don't so it isn't. Just wish it was. <Sigh> Ah well, <Rolls another one> Hey-di-ho.....

I don't mean to critisize your methods, arnie, as you're a better grower than I, however, do you think it could have been partly because you use John Innes-type composts which have synthetic mineral salt fertilizers? Do you think the taste would have been better if you had gone completely organic right the way through?

I do agree with the point you're making though, by the way.

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I'm not sure. As I don't feed until around week 3 of 12/12, which is 4 or 5 weeks after the final pot up, I feel most of the chemical nutes are long gone. Perhaps?


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Looks like now I've got a whole 6' x 8' greenhouse free (or will have when it's constructed) I'll have to use the soil you use to grow one clone, using Oldtimers bloom in flower and a fully organic compost like Fertile Fibre with organic fertilizers right the way through with another genetically identical clone, to see what difference it actually makes then.

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On 11/08/2010 at 6:26 PM, Guest Shairiley said:

if grown with dedication,ie no jus throwing nutes at yer plants hydro if flushed properly and cured will taste every bit as good as organic .


I would disagree, the nutrients for hydro are salt based, because there is not an impactual meduim - water/coco/pebbles are all inate, they give nothing, but take calcuim away. In soil and organically based youre getting the chemical reduction of all the things in the soil that wouldnt be present in a dedicated hydro nute. Coco is hydro. The plant takes on characteristices of its feed...example; I used to use banana as a potassuim hit when flowering in soil. Composted skins and fruit. I could smell banana when I harvested and when I ground it. No flavour transference, but smell from the flowers... I use blackstrap molasses in coco as a carb booster. I never smell that anywhere near my hydro weed, in fact I have tried 'enhancers', terpene and flavonid and never noticed any diuference from the bog standard A & B...


I grew 25 yers organically,and still do, as you can see in my signature. There is a big difference in the weed texture, depth of smoke, flavinoid and terpene realisation. The weed is just fuller. The secret is to vape it, dont combust it.


I grow in coco at the moment as I have to be quick and clean. No social time as my attandance has to be tightly scheduled...I say no more. The weed is plentiful, quicker, still gets you high and is pleasurable and fast to grow. But its a bit like a pub sunday roast vs your own home love affair with all the trimmings...you feel me?

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Posted (edited)

If banana skins make weed smell like banana, why doesn't shit make weed smell like shit? 




The answer is the banana smell is in your head unless your suggesting the smell from the banana is still present after its has been processed by first, soil fauna, then through the plants. Last time I checked my shit never smells like what I ate after its been through my digestive system. 

It isn't like your plants are munching banana  skins. They are munching things like bacterial secretions or are we suggesting bacterial , microbial secretions etc fed bananas still smell like banana?  



Reminds me of the guy feeding OJ hoping for orange smelling plants. 



I challenge you to find me ANYTHING that retains its smell after being composted into a readily available plant food. 


By the same logic your telling me that whatever I put in my compost heap, the smell will carry through to the plants. 


What a load of horse shit. 


What you feed your plants has an effect on taste but certainly not in the way being purported here.

My worm bin is full of stuff like banana skins and other fruit but believe me, wormcasts don't smell like a fruit salad lol



Edited by blackpoolbouncer
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17 minutes ago, blackpoolbouncer said:

Last time I checked my shit never smells like what I ate after its been through my digestive system.


Stuffing being the exception. :fart: 


On topic, I saw a bubbleman video a while ago and it was mentioned that organic vs mineral based feeds produced more of different terpene than the other.


If I find the video again I'll link it here!

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On 11/08/2010 at 6:19 PM, Artificial Emotion said:

Really? So many people say organic weed tastes better (I can't say personally as I've not grown hydroponically yet).

I agree that after a long cure you probably wouldn't taste the difference but unless this is done the organic weed does taste better AFAIK. I wanted to know why this is.


People also say GMOs give you cancer. People say any number of things with no scientific backing. If you tell people you are giving them a placebo they still feel better in studies.  :D

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So your organic weed doesn’t smell

sweeter than your hydro no? that’s bollox if you believe that. 


and so what if it is in my head, I know it’s not but hey ho...By the way...you’re shit does smell of the food you eat, remember to stick your head in your toilet after a curry lol...Ask your wife to use the toilet after you’ve had a skin full of white lightening on the street corner lol eat a beetroot your shit goes red...are you a bit daft? Of course your shit smells of the food you eat...what do you think it smells of? Fucking roses? You just can’t smell it easily over the hydrochloride acid that decomposes along with the bacteria in your intestine...


I’ve heard some horse shit too lol. Starting here this morning. 



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