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Seed Collection....

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One of my final orders got lost in transit for over a month, so I cheated and bought a few more packs while I was waiting for it to arrive. There are still a couple of strains I would like to add if I ever see them available but, other than those, my seed buying ban now starts in earnest.

This collection, and the seeds i make from it, should hopefully last me the rest of my life. There are some half packs on the list, but at least 95% are full packs or multiple packs. I also have a tub full of singles and other random freebies, but those will be donated to a friend who's more likely to use them than I am.

Ace Seeds - Violeta
Antenna - Head Games 3
Antenna - Jackalope Kush
Antenna - Purple Headgames
Antenna - Purple Lazerlite
Apex High Collective - JuJu
Archive - Face Off OG BX2
Archive - Hazmat OG
Archive - Heavenly OG
Archive - Kirkwood OG

Archive - Memory Loss
Bad Dawg - Atonic x 3 Headed Dragon
Bad Dawg - Blackberry Banana Kush x Longbottom Leaf
Bad Dawg - BK30 x Longbottom Leaf
Bad Dawg - Brown Sugar x Longbottom Leaf
Bad Dawg - Dead Head x 3 Headed Dragon
Bad Dawg - GG#4 x Longbottom Leaf
Bad Dawg - Pre 98 Bubba x Longbottom Leaf
Bad Dawg - SoCal Master Kush x Longbottom Leaf
Bad Dawg - White Dawg x Longbottom Leaf
Bad Dawg - White Skunk x Longbottom Leaf
Baked Beanz - Baked Beanz Mix
Baked Beanz - GG#4 x Mendo Breath F2
Baked Beanz - Marauder
Baked Beanz - Port Wine Cheese
Baked Beanz - Purple Poison Cookies
Baked Beanz - Purple Sour Bubble
Big Buddy - Lemon Larry Lavender x Wookie
Bill Cooper - Sweet Tooth x Smile
Bodhi - Black Triangle
Bodhi - Chem D x SSDD
Bodhi - Goji OG
Bodhi - Silver Mountain
Bodhi - Solo's Stash
Bodhi - Strange Brew
Bodhi - Sunshine Daydream
Bred By 42 - Leviathan OG
Brothers Grimm - Apollo 11
Brothers Grimm - Green Avenger
Brothers Grimm - Queen of Soul
Coastal Seeds - Panama Red
Crockett's Family Farms - Tangie
CSI Humboldt - Bubba Kush S1
CSI Humboldt- Purple Dogbud
Devil's Harvest - Strawberry Sour Diesel
DNA - Fuego
DNA - Pure Afghan
Eel Helmet - Guerrilla Gold #3 Repro
Elite Kings - Chem 91 Skunk VA Bx1
Elite Kings - Super VA
Ethos - Forum Cookies S1
Ethos - Gold Cookies
Ethos - Mandarin Cookies
Female Seeds - C99
Franchise - Alien Tarantula
Good Seed Company - Chemfucker
Good Seed Company - Chemstomper
Good Seed Company - Killer Glue
Green Beanz - Blueberry BX
Green Beanz - Chem DD F3
Green Beanz - Dogon
Hazeman - 88 G13 HP
Hazeman - Fugu Kush
Hazeman - L.A. Pure Kush
Hazeman - P.O.W.
Hazeman - Strawberry Cough
Hazeman - The White × 88 G13 HP
Home Growers Choice - Divine Purple
Home Growers Choice - Double Grape Stomper
Home Growers Choice - Orange Cookie Monster
Home Growers Choice - Tangerine Sherbet
In House Genetics - OGKB v2.1
Insane Seed Posse - 91 Dragons
Insane Seed Posse - Insane Chem 91
Insane Seed Posse - SR-91
Jaws - 88 Skunkbud
Jaws - Fruity Pebble OG F2
Jaws - Fruity Pebble OG S1
Jaws - Green Crack OG
Jaws - Jane's OG
Karma - Biker Kush
Karma - Headbanger
Karma - Josh D OG
Karma - Road Dawg
Kratos - Otto X Harlot
Madd Farmer- Purple Jackie F2
Madd Farmer - Purple Rarity
Madd Farmer - Wicked Clementine BX
Mediterranean Style Seeds - Chasing The Rainbow
Mediterranean Style Seeds - Yellow Scouts
Melvanetics - Buckeye Purple F2BX1
Motarebel - Rebel OG
Motarebel - Strawberry OG
Motarebel - Strawberry Queen
Mr Chang - Bodhi Head Trip F2
Oldtimer - B-Line
Oldtimer - Oldtimes
Pantagruelion Seed Company - Bubba Hotep
Pirates of the Emerald Triangle - Purple Urkle F1
Rare Dankness - Ghost Train Haze #1
Rare Dankness - Lee Roy
Ratdog - Psychosis BX2
Sannie's - Sannie's Jack F8
Seedsman - Sugar Haze
Sick Meds - William's Wonder
StitchLip Seedz - CBD Buckus 
StitchLip Seedz - Grandpa Buckus F2
StitchLip Seedz - Purple Lemonade F2
Swamp Donkey - Blood Diamonds
Thug Pug - Cherry Hills
Thug Pug - Meat Breath
Thug Pug - Peanut Butter Breath
Thug Pug - Pug's Breath
Thunderfudge - Sour Larry Pebbles F2
Thunderfudge - Ultimate Chem 08 F2
Tonygreen's Tortured Beans  - Blue Gorilla Bubble
Tonygreen's Tortured Beans - Gorilla Bubble BX1F1
Tonygreen's Tortured Beans - Gorilla Bubble BX2
Tonygreen's Tortured Beans - Gorilla Bubble BX4
Tonygreen's Tortured Beans - Ruby Red Gorilla Bubble
Trichome Jungle - Mandarina
Trichome Jungle - Mantis F3
True Canna Genetics - The Truth
Twin Peaks - Double Cookies
UGORG - Blues
UGORG - Discobiscuit
UGORG - Honeybadger
UGORG - Killerskunk
UGORG - Noname
UGORG - Premier Sweet
UGORG - Psychosister


Now it's time to get popping and find my own elites. :hippy:

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hurry up- mate or you will run out of time.

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42 minutes ago, catfish said:

hurry up- mate or you will run out of time.

It'll take a lot of work to get through them all before they get too old, and I've almost certainly bitten off more than i can chew, but i am definitely motivated to try! I didn't have any other plans for the next decade of my life anyway...


I've recently added a small dedicated test tent to my room which I'm aiming to keep full of new strains SOG style. Then I have my main tent to run potential keepers head to head. 


Just popped 4 packs of OGs to start hunting through. The rest of the packs have also been split into groups of similar strains, so i can look to fill specific needs along the way.



Edited by Bubbles Depot
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happy hunting mate. i recently went through a clean out .


i gave away lots of seeds locally to friends, and friends of friends who grow.


i only have around 40 packets of seeds. that i will grow . i have 30 packets of seeds i may grow .


so i still have 70 + packs of seeds t get through . this does not include my rare sats stash at my sisters.


some of them were a gift from an old friend who is no longer with us . the vials are numbered not named .


there are around 100 packs of various numbers inside . if only we could live for longer then i could grow more.

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Considering I'd put myself on a seed buying ban, I'm a little concerned about the amount of things I've added to the list this year... Definitely a dirty seed ho.. :eat:



Black Lime reserve f3

Agent Orange x Dosido

White Urkle x Tres Kush

Long Valley Royal Kush f10

Agent Orange x LVRK

Berry White x LVRK

Sourrine x LVRK

Sensi Star x LVRK

Ghash #4, #6, & #8

Headbanger x Bulldog

Giesel x Waltz

Ghost OG x OG2

Garden Spyder #1 (auto)

JH Spyder (auto)

Candy Spyder (auto)

Fruity Pebble OG (fem)

Terpenado (Strawberry Milk x Wookie)

Eskimo Pie x Long Bottom Leaf

Almond Cookies x Platinum Delight

Chronic 47

Sunshine Daydream x Cherry AK

BBB f2 x Growman

Aruba f2

LA Kush Cake (Kush Mints x Wedding Cake) (fem)



(OG x SD) x Durban


Chocolate Thai x Gas Chamber

Gas Chamber x Blue Amnesia

Sensi Star x Death By Chocolate






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On 2/27/2018 at 1:22 PM, catfish said:

hurry up- mate or you will run out of time.


Thats the downside to collecting seeds ! lol 


Again some awesome collections that you guys have, mine are diminishing but thats a good thing that means i am sowing them instead of storing them lol 


Good to see the thread still popping 8 years later :) 



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@FARMER G I couldn't be happier it's still going today, its in my top 10 threads on the site! I keep thinking about updating my own but i must've cracked 200 seeds in the past 12 months lol 

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@Golden Syrup - Hey mate :) yea man i know you churn through them seeds man prob one of the most prolific on the boards but its all great too i mean we can all spend hundreds and thousands on seeds but its about getting them into soil right :) when you gracing us with a new strain diary then :wassnnme:



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I've been popping some of my older seeds because the germination rates have been soul crushing. Tried a few different methods but just not having it. 

Slowly trying to pop more, rather keep them as clones if going to have issues in future. Guess I need to store them better. They have all been in sealed tubs in the back of fridge. :wallbash:


Just added to the collection anyway.. 


Headband x zkittlez bx3 

Michelotto x zkittlez bx3 

Jack herer 10k x rks
Buddha tahoe
Alienfire master
Sundae driver x the mac
9lb hammer
Platinum og
White urkel
Chocolate thai x haze brothers kush
Gelato 33 x strawberry banana cream
Puck yeah
Romulan x NL#1
Sour Diesel x Strawberry Creme x Afghani
Romulan x hawaiian skunk


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some mad collections here! got these stashed away for mothers and hacks :chef:
am looking out for some lemon genetics, and plan to add ugorg blues and ocean grow alien rift to the list!


Psychosis BX - KGB

'Suicide' Cheese x Psychosis - KGB
Smottie RMX - Budelaire UK420

Discobiscuit - UGORG
Stardawg IX - Top Dawg

Sour Dubb x SFV OG - Motarebel

Bubblegum IBL - Serious

NL5 x Sweet Tooth - Bill Cooper UK420

Urkle BX - Madd Farmer

Amnesia Core S1 - RGS


i found germination is much slower with the old seeds, sometimes over a week. i let them sit in a dark drawer for a day to get them back to room temperature, then just put them straight into damp warm soil and let nature do its thing!


i've kept them in seed vials, in a sealed tub with silica gel packets inside, in a sealy bag, in another bag, in the back of the fridge, changing the silica gel every few months.


they probably won't see life for at least another year so hopefully this method keeps them safe! how do you lot store your seeds for the long term?



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Most of the stuff in my tin is less than two years old. I have a large collection, but a very quick turnover.


However I have had stuff sit for years, and not all the beans I acquire are 'fresh'. For example recently I popped my last two Pineapple Fields form the original release, those were a good few years old. I have some Oldtimer stuff that's getting on a bit now, but haven't had any issues with germination yet. The Chronic 47 I've just got are 20 years old, the seeds are tiny and the rice that's in with them looks as old as the seeds! I may have to use the following technique with these!


This is from the OG forums by Steve Tuck. I haven't had to resort to these kinds of measures, but have kept the info handy in case I ever do.

"Also here's a free bone for all you old schoolers, while in collage me and a buddy developed a pressure bomb to open/germinate really old seeds. I have taught this trick to a few friends who were amazed at how well it works but neccesity is the mother of invention, here's how it works at home.

Take an old mayonaise jar and punch a hole in the top a little bit bigger than an aquarium bubbler hose, and run one through it, silicone all around hose on both sides and allow to dry overnight. Now put a little bubbler air blower in it with a stone on end. Now fill with water and 10 drops of superthrive or similar concentrated b1 solution. Next use 10 drops of DMSO per 8 oz.'s of water, float old seeds on top and screw lid on tight, run motor [aquarium air pump] for 24-48 hours to build a little pressure to imbibe fluid in seeds then place on 90 degree F wet dirt and they will usually get a good percentage of those with a spark left in them, let stay at that temp for 3-4 weeks in dirt as some may be slow to respond. You should be able to get DMSO from a pharmacy. And personally I like to add a little sugar water as old seed loses it's carbohydrates over time. If you cannot find B1, a kelp based mixture will work as well."

The nutrient solution he stated can, obviously, be replaced by the natural banquet of hormones in kelp (like 3LB & VC stated). This 'germination bomb' essentially covers each mode of seed scarification in heat, pressure, and water. The air pump provides constant agitation which in turns creates oxygen which is the most abundant element needing in root formation. I have improved mygermination by easily 80% since using this technique. I grow solely landrace and heirloom cultivars so needless to say most seeds I posses are old and require special attention.

What's great about it is, that if the seeds sink - they're viable. And as I stated, this germination bomb covers all forms of scarification. In my mind, it is the ONLY way to germinate seeds.

And oh yea, DONT USE PAPER TOWELS! Yes, they may work and get the job done(for freshly produced hybrids). But it is an artifical medium and devoid of the microbes necessary to break down (tough, old) seed coats.

For a germination medium I use worm castings and mychorrizal innoculated perlite."


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On 26/05/2012 at 3:19 PM, TripleBeam said:

Some serious bean stashers in here....some amazing collections guys

I have a bit of a landrace fetish.....I see my fridge as a cannabis genetic time capsule that just happens to have milk and butter and such in there aswell :P

Mostly from The Real Seed Co and Afropips and a few others....

Golden Triangle Akka


Highland Lao

Garhwali Jungli


Sheberghan hash plant




Nanda Devi


Highland Nepalese








Congolese Red

Durban Dagga

Afghan Kush

Brazil Amazonia





Wild Thai

Pakistan Valley

Vietnemese Black


Pokhara Nepalese



North Indian

I have collected these over the last few years, buying em when i can afford it, ready for when i move next year with plenty of room to breed.

The only others i have are....

90`s NL5 x Haze (Sensi)

SAGE n Sour (TH Seeds)

Amnesia Haze(Soma)

Cali Orange (DP)

And a bag of about 2000 f1`s from a hobby breeder friend who had an unintentional `incident` a few years back with pollen from a jack flash male and a large room of DP Oasis and Brainstorm and GH Super Silver Haze. Pheno Frenzy!! I`m lookin forward to having space to see what wierd and wonderful girls are in some of them!!

Happy collecting all u Bean Freaks!


That's a great collection  you have a few that I don't have your missing Turkish landrace from your collection 

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Was gifted these last week to give them a run amongst a few others :yinyang:




The MAC F1 where very popular this year in the community its a alien cookies meets Columbian x starfighter so looking for something interesting with these !


The Topdawg Sour Z is pretty self explanatory hoping for something nice and terp rich from these ones ! i have just done some plants actually that have been dubbed Skittles and Orange Skittles respectively by friends and has nothing to do with Zkittlez in the genetics so looking forward to seeing which way these turn!  


A few other bits and pieces have been added to the stash too ill get a full list later :yep:



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@wotnwhy just noticed you have some Black Lime Reserve f3s any idea as to when you will be popping them in the list ?


Smoked the clone only BLR and its a beautiful plant indeed :yep:



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On 26/08/2018 at 7:31 AM, FARMER G said:

@wotnwhy just noticed you have some Black Lime Reserve f3s any idea as to when you will be popping them in the list ?


Smoked the clone only BLR and its a beautiful plant indeed :yep:




I'd like to say soon but in all honesty, probably not for a while... I'm having to move house again and will be going somewhere in town. I wont have the space and freedom to indulge in seed soaking like I do out here in the middle of nowhere so not going to get through things at anywhere near the pace I have been... :( 




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