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Seed Collection....

1,173 posts in this topic
Powerplant - freebies

Daddies Girl - freebies

Cheese x Haze (Kiwi)

Little Hands (Underground Originals)

Oldtimes Bx (Underground Originals)

Oldtimes (Underground Originals)

Killerskunk (Underground Originals)

Smile (Underground Originals)

Smellyberry (Underground Originals)

And finally and to be popped in a fortnight - Blues and Noname (Underground Originals)

Warlock, Extreme Indica and Headband are due to be purchased soon too... :guitar:

liking the ugorg collection ive got all the same too...

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A few years of growing if you wanna mum up and get to know them :guitar:

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great lists guys :skin_up:

FG ;)

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lets see what i got


cannalope haze x ecsd

la x ecsd

la con x og kush

purple wreck


cali connection-

tahoe og kush

socal master kush x sfv og

chemdawg d x sfv og

purple sfv og

alien dog x pineapple

og raskal-

strawberry cough x the white

pre 98 bubba kush x the white

rezervoir- alpha diesel

flo x double purple doja

bubba kush x master kush

black rose x sour bubble

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Crotchless Cindy

Holy Desiel

Toothless Grin

White Rhino

& Medicine Man

Jack The Ripper

Ace mix 08

Ace mix 09

OT Haze 26x25 iirc..

Senegal Haze

Swazi Red


Guawi mix

3rd Dimention

Amnesia x White Widow

Cali Orange Bud x SSH


Hottie x Smile & mum Hottie.

Pineapple Punch x Smile


Sleekstack x Sk#1


Pineapple Express

Thai Tanic



LA Con x Sk#1


Orient Express

Kandy Kush x Sk#1


OG18 x Sk#1

Purple Wreck

Blue Widow

..Ive pretty much tried all mine and got probally between 4-6seeds left in each pack. I havent tried any of the freebies, except ones gifted from friends.

Edited by stickyblack

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Jesus some people have a arsenal on here all I have is.

Coca cola

bb cheese


sweet purple

killin garbaville

violator kush

8 ball kush.

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some great vars on display makes me wonder are we ever gonna get to pop all these flavours and highs :)

keep it comin 420...

FG ;)

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some great vars on display makes me wonder are we ever gonna get to pop all these flavours and highs ;)

keep it comin 420...

FG :huh:

:ranting: most my seed stock was bought from around 2years ago, when i started to find all the headshops.. havent bought seeds in about 2years or so.. well since i learnt what a seperate(sp?) veg room was and how to clone and keep mums lol

I only accept freebies now :):eek:

eta: exception ..Killerskunk.

Edited by stickyblack

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/me stands up ....

My names Sylar (coughs and lowers voice) and iam addicted to beans

Paradise Seeds - Fems

White berry


Ice Cream


Sensi Star

Jacky White




UGOG - Regs



Killer Skunk

Magus Genetics - Fems



Flying Dutchmen - Fems

Nepal Kush

Temple Haze

Sensi Seeds - Fem

Jack Flash

Reserva Privada - Fem

Purple Wreck

DNA Genetics - Fem

Lemon Skunk

Dutch Passion - Fem


GreenHouse Seeds - Fem

Super Lemon Haze

Female Seeds X-Line -

Black Widow

T H Seeds - Fem

Burmese Kush

ACE Seeds - Fem

Orient express

Sweet Seeds - Fem



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FG ;)

I only accept freebies now :skin_up:lol

eta: exception ..Killerskunk.


FG ;)

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Some very impressive seed collections on here, but I wondered do you just collect the seeds or actually grow them all?

From what I've been reading they can be stored for up to about three years in the fridge; although much longer if frozen.

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That was my thoughts how long do they stay fresh in fridges iv had a old hippy mate who said he's germinated 5 years old seeds from the fridge.one of my friends has a box full and keeps buying new strains but does one grow a year I think he thinks that they are gonna stop selling seeds in the future.

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I think he thinks that they are gonna stop selling seeds in the future.

Thats my concern as well, having just started growing, (after 30+ years of dealer crap) their aint no way iam stopping now, i havnt got room to house clones, so seeds are the only way forward for me. Iam not letting any arsehole politicans changing that with unforseen changes in the law, so by establishing my own seed bank in the Fridge i can guarantee my supply, FOR LIFE.

For safetys sake my beans are stored at a different location to my grow, so even if i do get busted they wouldnt get the beans, so life would carry on as normal ;)

As for the viability of storing beans long term, iam going to mention the following, for obvious reasons i cant go into too much detail lol but, near to where i live, hemp was grown legally and commerically (for the navy). This stopped something like 120 years ago, (in the fields where it was grown you can still see the iron frames they used to strip leaves and branchs from the stems, rember they were growing it for rope, not smoke lol.) anyway a "few" years ago a by-pass was bulit thru the corner of one of the former growing fields, obviously this entailed a lot of ground works, landscaping etc. Shortly after this was all finished one of the locals found a tall plant she didint recoginse, so took a leaf, and sent it to one of her "contacts" to identify for her, turns out its hemp (and i do mean HEMP, the rope kind) anyway this causes huge constination, plod turns up looking for gurliia growers etc, goes away very disappointed when all the test tell em its only HEMP not skunk :rofl: every since then a few HEMP plants grow every year along the new embankments. The seeds must have been lying dormant in the earth for over 120 years, but are growing, kinds puts a differnt perpespective on the long term viability of beans.

Ive oftern wondered how many of the kids living near to the fileds have taken some leaves, smoked em, and now reacon this canna stuff is rubbish to smoke lol

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In poppas fridge there are :

Mango Haze - Mr Nice (reg)

Mako Haze - Kiwi (reg)

NL5 x Haze - Sensi (reg)

NL X Haze - Vhulkania (fem)

Nevilles Haze - Female Seeds

Haze Mix - Seedsman (Indian Haze, G13 Haze, Original Haze, Skunk Haze,Columbian Red Haze & Sugar Haze)

Smellyberry - Ugorg

Killerskunk - Ugorg

Pinapple Express - G13 Labs

Bubblegummer - Female Seeds

Sour Cream - DNA

Sour Kush - DNA

Warlock - Magnus

Motavation - Magnus

Witches Brew - Blabs Funky Produce

Pink Panther - Blabs Funky Produce

Church - GHS

Bubbakush - GHS

Black Widow - Femaleseeds

DNA's Skunk Train Crosses

Ak47 - Femaleseeds

Iced Grapefruit - Female Seeds

Sensi Star - Pardise

Think thats it , although may of missed off some Attitude freebies . So lets say I aint gonna need to be buying anymore seeds unless something catches me eye of course :yahoo:

Edited by Poppa_Smurf

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Couldn't help but notice the AK47's. How do they work as an auto flower?

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