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Aquafarm Recirculating Resevoir

hi ive been thinking about making a recirulating resevoir to feed 2 aquafarms has any body done this or got any details?? or has any body modded the ghe resevoir in to a reciruclating rez? any input would be great thnks lol

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as with most things made for grow rooms GHE top up tank is well over priced, I personally find the drip system of the aqua farm unfit for purpose (gets blocked at the bottom, Y piece can fall off my, and the racket from the air pumps)

I recommend linking the pots with speed fit tank connectors 15mm also connect a 100L plumbing header tank get a £10 water pump from any major national pet supplies store squeeze 15 plastic plumbing pipe on to the pump, 15mm speed fit tees and squeeze a 13mm irrigation tee into 15mm pipe and make your own drip ring

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I understand Heath Robinson modded the aqua/water farms in to a recirculating system & the results were impressive Im currently in the process of planing out the same system using 4 aqua farms but trying to figure out how to attach waste pipes onto the sloping containers. If you PM me I can send you some pics of Heaths grows.

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Hi ppl I’m currently linking 15 aqua farms up to make a recirculating system I was wondering if I use a chiller 500A haleia .can I pump from the last aqua farm back into the brain and so on any advice welcome thanks 

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