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Guest Red Dragon

Bio-bizz Schedule

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Ok here goes;

I am a complete noob when it comes to this organic growing and whilst I still intend to grow using NFT, I believe there is "more than one way to skin a cat"!

So, with my NFT table tied up for (up to) another 8 weeks, I intend to do a soil grow in the meantime.

She who must be obeyed has talked me into the organic route so I would really appreciate some advice from the "wise elders" of UK420!

Right, my growing ingredients are going to be all-mix, fed with the boyo-bizz (welsh version) nutes.

I have spent some time looking at the bio-bizz gro-schedule but, being the thick truck driver that I am I don't really understand the "sliding scale" feed regime published in a recent post by OT1, (bio-bizz gro-schedule poster).

So here's my plan;

Seedlings will be germed in paper-towels, and then planted in All-mix. Question 1; is All-mix ok for young seedlings or will I need to buy light-mix as well.

I plan to plant the seedlings in 3 inch square pots for a couple of weeks then move them up to 6 inch square pots, at which time a feeding regime will begin. Finally the plants will be transplanted into 11 litre square pots for the "home-leg". Question 2; using All-mix, is it also necessary to use fish mix and alga-mic or is the all-mix/bio-bizz combination sufficient!

Using the Bio-Bizz schedule as my guide, I am having trouble understanding where grow ends, and bloom begins, (I'm reading grow for 2 weeks then bloom for 8+, but somehow that just doesn't sound enough "veg" time). If I am aways off base, please let me know!

I realise these questions have been answered time and again, so flame away if you will, but I know someone will answer this post so if you are he or she....many thanks from a "water-baby" who has decided to try one of the other grow methods!



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y_ddraig_goch You use grow throughout the cycle along with the bloom and topmax 1ml per litre

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nice to see you - very fetching wellies! :notworthy:

The biobizz feeding chart is designed for clones, so they go on 2 weeks vegging, and eight weeks flowering! I've found it remarkably accurate if you stick vaguely to the recommendations - use your eyes and noddle to guage if the plants look and feel right.

I reckon get allmix, grow and bloom, perhaps if you want to try them, Fish mix, topmax and rootjuice, but avoid algamic - OT has reported problems when using it.

I reckon you'd do fine with just grow and bloom, but if you fancy a tinker.............

Most people find light mix a bit of a waste, just mix some perlite into allmix to weaken it down for young plants and cuttings. Apart from the biobizz bits, all you should need is some epsom salts, and a hammock.................to collapse in and enjoy all the free time you'll have by going organic! :woot:

As I say to everyone growing in pots- just use eau de tap, forget ph, cfs and all that tosh - just leave nature to it! ;)

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Cheers chaps;

Your advice is appreciated muchly.

Vlad....my "eau de tap" is currently "off the scale" at 7.6. Would you envisage any problems with this?

Apart from this I will follow your advice "to the letter". Many thanks again!



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blimey, that is hard! (as the actress said to the bishop!) :notworthy:

As Biobizz is made by a Dutch company, I'd guess that it should work fine, as they have hard water too - my ph is somewhere around 7, and have never had any problems - doubtless ot will soon tell us if your water will need any special treatment ;)

I admire your openmindedness in giving mudgrowing a twirl, and I'll be very happy to help all I can :woot:

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Hi RD,

Did'nt take you long to get started hey :notworthy:

Not gonna be any help to your thread as I nothing about organis nutes :) , will be reading with interest as it's defiaintly in my future plans. No need to PH ;) sounds great!

Good luck with the grow.

SB :woot:

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Cheers Vlad;

Your advice is appreciated and if it helps get anywhere near the fantastic budz you created then I will be a happy man indeed, (cuz EO says I will lol ). Even going to get a pair of enviro's and a reflector, so we can do our bit for the environment!

Can't wait to get going, so be prepared for "expectant father" paranoia setting in if summat don't look right! ;)

Hey SB!

Yeah didn't take long. Trouble is I'm still not sure what to go with, (so much to choose from), but I fancy trying some NL/BBXAfghani.....or maybe some PPP, (oh gawd, I will have a think during tonights long 12 hour drive).

Thanks again fella :)



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ok, this is where I enter true frootloop territory - I used canna terra flores to begin with, then went over to biobizz - the difference in the plants is so noticeable - they LOOK so much better, somehow not stressed, and have this wonderful healthy glow -sort of mellow is the only way to describe it! :bush: (just off to rearrange my crystals lol )

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I still have some "Terra Flores" left but that will end up on the garden somewhere, (we will be the house with the monster cucumbers and the sunflowers & lelandi(??) causing a minor eclipse in Wales).

Would you recommend 2 "blue" enviros or one of each for the vegging phase?? I'm just waiting for Togs to get back to me before I place an order. (so much to learn, so little time to do it in).

Doubtless I will flower under my HPS, (I know I know...but one step at a time huh lol ).

Thanks again.


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if you're getting some enviros, I'd go for two blue ones, ideal for vegging, then you can always use them to supplement the spectrum of your big hps if needs be! lol

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Cheers for that Vlad,

great advice that I can benefit from too, thanks.....

(you have no idea what I had to go through to get him around to my way of thinking....... lol ...oooeerrr doesn't bear thinking about!!)


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my "eau de tap" is currently "off the scale" at 7.6. Would you envisage any problems with this?

Ay up Red,

my water out the tap is about the same as yours (7 - 7.6). I use it straight away, rather than left standing for over 24 hours as the ph shoots up to at least 8.5!

I've had no probs using Allmix & Bizz feeds - but some strains have struggled from serious Mg & Fe deficiencies - so as was said be ready with the epsom salts & Maxi crop + Fe lol

Welcome to the world of mud bud :)

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Hey RD whats up buddy ?

So your going soil eh ?

I use Bio-bizz grow and bloom but made the mistake of feeding to early, remember you have about 2 weeks after repotting without the need to add the nutes.

Also get yourself some citric acid and cheap Ph test kit. You can get the citric acid from Wilkinsons in the brewers section, its about 60p.

Use about half a teaspoon into 5 litres of water, buy yourself one of those cheap 5 litre bottles of diluted orange, thats what I use and a half level teaspoon of that will bring your PH down to about 5-5 - 6.

I've read from OT that All-Mix depending on strain maybe to rich on its own, I use B and Q seedling compost and that does nicely. If you are going to use All-Mix try using 30% perlite.

All the best with it you two :)

Respect and Later

S.A. lol

As for the bio-bizz chart I think it maybe a little to much, I woulnt worry about which week is which, just keep adding the 1ml per litre of bb grow to your 3-4 ml of bloom when you start flowering.

Edited by Stonedagain

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Right, my growing ingredients are going to be all-mix, fed with the boyo-bizz (welsh version) nutes.

lmao lol

I don't think you'll be disappointed RD :)

Biobizz gets my seal of approval, its dead easy to use and gives stunning results.

My tomatoes have never looked so good ;)

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The BioBizz chart is for rooted cuttings not seedlings.

The optimum ph of the compost for maintaining health and growth is 6 to 6.8. It is much harder for the compost to buffer up than to buffer down.

I don't know how many time I have to say this, if you do ph down not below 6! You will mess up the micro flora and if not very careful ruin the compost..

In answer to your Q's Mr Dragon your programme vis 3 inch to 6 inch to 11 litre is fine. But for the 3 inch pots use half and half allmix and perlite.

As soon as the rootball is netted with fine roots move them to your 6 inch pots and neat allmix.

Same story for the move to the final pots. Once in the final pots let them root out the soil ball before flowering, as a general rule of thumb once all the plants are showing roots at the drainage holes. Go to 12/12.

You should not need any feed right through these stages. Once you are on 12/12 start feeding 1 ml of both grow and bloom to a litre of water.

At about week 2 of flowering change the mix to 1 ml grow and 2 ml bloom per litre.

At week 3 [21 days] a one off feed of a heaped table spoon of epsom salts per 10 litres add to that 1 ml of grow and 2 ml of bloom.

Round the 4 week mark, the mix is 1ml gr and 3 ml bl.

Once you start to see browning of pistils change to 2 ml gr and 1 ml bl keep with that till the end.

All you really need is grow and bloom + a little epsom salts.

Does this make sense?

An added point, if you see the tissue between the veins on the lower leaves turning a lighter green at any point its likly the first signs of Mg shortage starting an addition of a little epsom salts to the next feed should keep things right. Don’t over do this or else you can lock out other nutrients.

Being a puter man you will love this, I just spent an hr or more trying to find out why my new fire wire drive just would not mount on the desk top. I reinstalled all the extentions/drivers nadt. Then it occored to me it might work if I plugged the firewire cable in. Ot "good with plants shit with computers"

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