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Outdoor Strains Uk

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Strain/breeder: Frisian Dew / Dutch Passion (2 plants) (50/50 Sativa/indica)

Harvest time: One on the 15th October, One on the 22nd.

Latitude of grow: 52° 21' - Amsterdam

Location: 4th floor east facing balcony, direct sun from 14:30 until sunset. In 15L pots of Biobizz.

Average yield:

The first plant broke in heavy wind above the first 2 branches around day 60 and then suffered an attack from leaf-miners and finally caterpillars - it was basically two up-turned bottom branches but still yielded 20g. (You can see it in the background of pic 1)

The second plant grew to 190cm with some beautiful buds - there was a small amount of mould in the cola (which was disappointing as it was such a beauty) but the poor girl was drowned several times in heavy rain late September. 95g

Mold: < 2%

Potency: 7/10 - Not a day-to-day smoke, has a nice initial high and can be quite giggly at first but after a few I'm digging out something lighter. I prefer a Sativa dominant smoke but this has its place.

Year of grow: 2010

Grow again: Yes. Easy to grow, harvest, trim and smoke ;)




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Strain/breeder: royal queen easy bud (auto)

Harvest time: 12 weeks from seeds

Latitude of grow: 51


Average yield: half oz dry pp

Mold: no mold and not the best weather either.

Potency: 5/10

Year of grow: 2010

Grow again: dont known,cheap seeds,strong plant, do better in soil i used only 5 liter pots,but still not that im looking for.

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Strain/breeder: Dutch Passion Twilight (feminised)

Harvest time: Last week in Sept/ first week in October....Green pheno (end Oct/1st week November)

Latitude of grow: 53

Location: Nettle patches ideally

Average yield: 4-6oz, biggest 11oz (green pheno 1-2 oz)

Mold: <5% (green pheno much more due to much later harvest)

Potency: 6-7/10 (green pheno 4-5/10)

Year of grow: 2005 - 2010

Grow again: tough question (see footnote)

Footnote: Grew this strain for many years with some fantastic results. 2009 the green pheno started to appear, which is a much later, not as heavily producing or potent as the standard purple, really not worth the effort. 2010 the green pheno dominated this particular strain (prob about 90%). This was not good... If DP can return this strain to the bomb proof version of old, definitely worth a go. May try 10 again in 2011 because of previous results..



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Strain - Shaman, Dutch Passion

Harvest time - first week of October, I didn't want to risk any later because of frost or mould

Latitude - 52

Location - Pot on patio

Yield - 2.2 oz dry

Mould - didn't see any

Potency - 6.5/10...nice and uplifting, it's strength is as an aphrodisiac!

Year - 2003

Grow again - yes

Not counting my attempt at growing out brickweed seeds, this was my first grow where I looked after it...just a really nice and pleasant smoke, perfect destresser but won't make you nod off. Great for sex!

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Strain: Blue Hash (Feminised) Blueberry x California Hash; Indica

Breeder: Dinafem

Harvest Time: Mid-late October

Latitude of grow: <51

Location: 5L pot on balcony

Yield: approx 90g after 2 weeks of drying (Yield was probably restricted by the tiny pot)

Mould: No.

Potency: 7-8/10.

Year of grow: 2010

Grow again: Like a shot. It’s a very pretty plant, very hardy and with a gorgeous scent. I neglected it a bit and the pot was too small (but what could I do, in public?) and still it was a gorgeous plant that cropped very well. I intend to plant a few outside in the south of France, by a river bank, and let nature take its course this year. My guess is that I will grow a year’s supply from 3 plants. I only grew one plant last year, but a friend in Oxford grew 11, all of which survived to crop heavily and which suffered only a hint of mould. The plant’s colour is green to start but will go bright violet if the late frost caches it and fades to a dark purple. It’s pretty much invisible in any nettle patch.



Smoke: I nearly wiped myself out by smoking some dust from the bottom of a sample bag I had made for a friend’s dad, but generally it’s just a very swift smack on the head, leaving a full couch lock after 25 minutes or so. I sleep like a log after this. The smoke is sweet and fruity, and even the few leaves I left on (which are just encrusted with trichs) are pretty pleasant. Recently I shared with some German kids in the Champs de Mars, while walking my dog, and changed their attitude to home-grown in a single suck of the bong.

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Strain/breeder: ..AUTOMATIC SANTA/Flash Seeds

Harvest time: ....Day 77 .... 26june2011

Latitude of grow: 55.9 north .... east coast

Location: ........beside railway facing S-E

Average yield: ...5.4g

Mold: ............none

Potency: .........6/10

Year of grow: ....2011 :yahoo:

Grow again: ......yes, i had to chop this plant early due to the railway doing some repairs. the plant could of gone up to another 2 weeks, maybe more.


Copied from my diary

this plant grew to 12" tall & produced 5.4g of crystal covered buds. the buds were very leafy & airy, yet smells extremely strong, sweet fruit (grape :unsure: ) with a slight skunk tinge to it. the resin is very sticky and increases the aroma tenfold when touched. the bud burned quickly, yet evenly & the smoke was pure white (bong). the taste was very earthy, & musky with a tiny sweet fruit after taste.

the high is a nice social high at first, making you light headed and happy. after smoking 2 or 3 more then the buzz increases & begins to effect the eyes & head. it feels like i want to sleep, yet get the urge to do something (not too strenuiss). the high doesnt last very long, & leaves you very drowsey after just 1& a half hours. i had no trouble catching an hour & i woke up pretty fresh and energetic, with a clear head.






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Strain/breeder: Nepal x Royal Dane (Royal Nepal)

Harvest time: today

Latitude of grow: 52N

Average yield: 100g+

Mould: NO mould and not the best weather either.

Potency: 8/10

Year of grow: 2011

Grow again: Yes

This plant has impressed me a LOT.... it's an easy one to grow and the results are potent and sweet.

Check the date of this post, harvested this plant today :



Also this is one which went into flower, came out again, and then flowered to this stage. Tough little thing.

Other plants often can't do that, most take months to recover, this one just dealt with it.

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Strain/breeder: Old Famer Nepal x teheran devil\e-rocket\danish passion ("Nepiran")

Harvest time: 7th September, and last branches about a week later.

Latitude of grow: 52N

Yield: 144g (+ 36g of low-grade bud, much lower potency)

Mould: ~5 % dry-ish, brown mould, usually on lower side of drooping cola. Typically a single bud, not spreading, but began appearing more & more.....

Potency: 8/10 difficult to score, see below

Year of grow: 2011

Grow again: Yes, absolutely

Maybe the best pic to show how she grew is this, from August 29th :


Firstly : this might be a freak plant, it came from a tester seed.

Another Nepiran grow (with more than one plant) shows a later, more indica habit consistently - mine looks like the odd one out.

I don't know which habit/pheno is the one intended to be "Nepiran".

Secondly : This plant was 'slightly hermy' ie. a few male flowers hidden amongst the female buds and I've found 20 seeds. There might be 50 in total I reckon. So whether you think it's 'hermy' or 'handy' is a matter of personal opinion. I don't think it's a good idea to breed from 'slightly hermy' plants, or continue using their seed, but this one is close to being a tolerable low level with mostly sinsemilla outcome.

Thirdly : The buzz is really difficult to rate, it's a warm sativa.

The potency varies a lot from bud to air-bud as well.

It's very unlike most other weed strains I've been growing so it absolutely has an element of surprise about it.

The buzz is warm and long lasting, no headaches, not too much Chinese eye, but very satisfying, even before a cure - I expect it will get considerably more pokey before xmas.

Scared myself with it quite badly already, spent 2 hours hanging on by my fingernails, was surprised to find myself ok again when it wore off a bit, I'd expected the day to be written off but it totally lacks that 'super skunk fatigue'.

The smell/flavours are completely inoffensive.

My girlfriend didn't complain that I was airing a couple of ounces in final drying stages open in the living room. For at least an hour.

There's a slight biscuit mix scent, very subtle. Also minty and something herbal. I get the feeling that a long cure will bring out the mint and herbal smells nicely. There was a peppery smell to it when it was fresh - hopefully that'll return in the cure and it will sing, like a well made cup of tea.

I think that this is a lot like the (African?) weed we used to get in London during the 90s.

This plant is what I always hoped to get from bag seed, but never did, of course.

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strain: california Hash Plant

Breeder: Dinafem

Harvest time: 26th september

Latitude: 51

Location: nettle patch soil

Yield: no scales, i would say about 2 oz

Mold: None

Potency: gets me to sleep nice! a very nice High

Year of grow: 2011

Im not good at explaining taste but its a lovely taste, with the cure so far its like a realy nice hash and sweet too, seems to be getting better by the day

Grow again: yes

This plant has a flowering time of 45 to 50 days, early ones will be ripe 25th of september and the lastest will be done around the 5th of october so ive read

if you look you will see a mist of water on the leaves from the misty nights, yet still no mold


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strain: Big Bang

seedbank: Greenhouse

harvest time: no harvest at all, struggled very badly


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Strain: MI5 (Automatic)

Breeder: Short Stuff

Harvest Time: 1st of September

Latitude: 53

Yield: Small amount, very bad weather

Mould: Almost none

Potency: Good considering such bad weather

Year of grow: '11

Grow again: Yes definitely with some more care

Fruity taste, some very good buds considering it was such bad weather and didn't tend to it enough

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Strain/breeder: sweet105/dr greenthumb

Harvest time: 105 days

Latitude of grow:52

Location: garden

Average yield:30-40g per plant dry

Mold: none

Potency: 7/10

Year of grow: 2008

Grow again: yes , easy to grow , not to many males , no real smell issues

plants in picture 3 weeks off chopping


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Strain/breeder: Blue Cheese/Barney's Farm

Harvest time: Last week of Oct, could possibly have waited till 1st week in Nov

Latitude of grow:51

Location: garden

Average yield:Not sure, more than 1oz (it's still drying but have quick dried a little to test)

Mold: none

Potency: 7/10

Year of grow: 2011

Grow again: Probably, grew easily, decent crop despite very wet weather towards the end of the season. absolutely no mold at all and I harvested quite late. A nice smoke if you like your indica but I now realise I'm more of a sativa kind of guy! Will come back and edit when it's dried properly and has cured for a while.

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Arne's Hash Plant


Germination:April 16

Pre-grow:6weeks@18/6 with 2x36w fluoro tubes

Males showing:@7weeks

Sex ratio:6 germinated;4m 2f

Plant out:July 18[errrrr whoops!]in 5l pots

Phenotypes:1 compact,thin sativa leaves.2 vigorous more indica dominant

Harvest time:3 October[could have gone another week,but a new plot so took both as a banker]

Yield:around 2.25 oz each[plant 2 was snapped to 12 inches at planting out :headpain: so I recon that would have been a 4/5 ouncer]

Height:1 2ft at harvest,2 2.5ft at harvest

Smell at harvest:onions,sick and caramel[both plants]

Smell after month's cure:earthy,hashy,lemony

Taste on smoking:sherbert lemon hazey,earthy,woody

Overall smell in room:yep,that's dope alright

Effect:very fast-acting sativa high with energy.The first session on the tester buds graduated to borderline whitey territory resulting in the joint being left in the ashtray and resumed in the morning.A great joint to start your landscaping day!

Grow again?:need you ask?

Mould:absolutely none worth mentioning

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ever heard of a plant called the 2pounder ??? thinking of having some monster outdoar plants next year !!

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