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Coffeeshop Rip-offs, Part 1: Bait & Switch!

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Three very good reasons to stay at home and grow your own 

What a fasinating read, and having worked in them... Yes, it's difficult to know whats what, this is why I am still nieve to the industry as a cannabusiness...

We can all be ripped off, and hard work, when you've no legal protection.....

But given good ethos, and education, and contols, we could do with a few Coffeeshops in this country, as I need some time in places, where the drug alcohol is not pushed in my face ......lets get them soon ,so we can weed the good from, the bad, stupid ,and ugly........

so lets just do it!!!!

Winstoned and convinced to start growing his own now!!!! :yinyang:

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there a great shop across the road from richer sound


would that be the brum one mate? shud be needin to go to richer sounds soon, wudnt mind a visit :bag:

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That was an awesome post,

Never realised the behind the scenes in Dam.

I am gonna be so carefull when I go back at Christmas :ninja:

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another good reason not to go is the amount of tramps and dealers on the streets :unsure:

Greenhouse White Widdow was very VERY nice tho :ninja:

made sure i didnt get into any toursit traps tho just do some research ask to see what ur getting

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Spot on post Bongme!

nice 2know there still is good people lookin out 4us Blazerz!


only got back from Amsterdam 4days ago!!

didnt have any probz out there myself!! (Was a hell of a high)

had some Misty & White widow from the BullDog

might have been lucky! but it was a Perfect Smoke

full with Thc!!

and they let me look at all the top Skunk b4 i bought any!!

seemed popular with locals 2!!!! (little Tip)

Happy Blazin every1!!

Peace. :stoned:

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lol hurah needed saying, last time i went to holland i left my chese at home expecting to find something amazing..

spent three days smoking medioka weed wishing i wasnt spending over the odds when i had a great bag at home, first time i have been to holland and wished i'd just stayed at home for three days, would have saved a fortune, aint things pricey now its euros.... lol

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Bongme lol

what would you pay for say 2grams nowdays over there.

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;) hurah needed saying, last time i went to holland i left my chese at home expecting to find something amazing..

spent three days smoking medioka weed wishing i wasnt spending over the odds when i had a great bag at home, first time i have been to holland and wished i'd just stayed at home for three days, would have saved a fortune, aint things pricey now its euros.... lol


do you know what,your not the first to say they been out there and the stuff aint as good as there own....wierd.

i always thought holland spawned the good weed...

why do you think its gone downhill there with the quality?

or is it us brits took a leaf from there book and were doing it better than them?

ive had a few mateys bring a bit back for us to sample and i gotta agree to a certain extent....ive had weed grown here from mateys that stuck me up something chronic!!!

maybe all them sex shops out there with birds showing there bits for all to see in the windows is diverting em from what they should be doing...............

growing good weed. lol

theres still quality out there though....like everywhere nowadays....if you look hard enough and got the eye/nose for it......youll find a good bit. lol

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Bongme :)

what would you pay for say 2grams nowdays over there.


Respect people

i was payin 12.50 euros 4a 1.9bag of the best they had!

i think thats about 8-9£! tell me if im wrong!

works out about half price!


but yeh if ur growin good bud, just stay at home

unless ur goin over 4 the ladys 2!! :wassnnme:

nice place 2get high thou!

Peace :yinyang:

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i got this pic of a menu a few years back , aparently its not allowed anymore :wassnnme:


Edited by sonicgrow

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Ah the central menu the b52 is yummm i always go straight there and have a pure 5g fatty :wassnnme:

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Ive just read this interesting thread. Ive been going to the Dam for about 15 years now. When I first went there the grass was so sticky you couldnt get it out of the baggies. It was so fresh and powerful, you feared the first joint cause you knew you would be mangled in 5 minutes. Over the years the quality has definetly reduced and the strength is dropped substantially. The bush now is dry and all looks alike. Sometimes it smells a bit moldy as well. I dont know if its down to poor technique or being ripped off. My suspicion is that with the recent (5 years) attempts by the Dutch govt. to stop the coffeeshop trade, they have come to a compromise with the producers/dealers to produce less powerful bush. This way there are less zombies wandering about the town falling in canals, less coma's, blackouts, sick cases and whiteys. I dont know but I have suspected this for some time.

I just got back from Dam in January and, again, I was disappointed with the strength and quality of the bush. Its far inferior to my homegrown and the generic skunk I get locally. We were going to go to Rotterdam where Ive heard good reports about the quality there, less comercial.

Anyway, there are some decent coffeeshops still. I found the Katsu shop up past Leidseplein on Albert Kuyp Straat was a favourite with the dutch locals, had some fine produce for sale and also some very nice nederhash. If there are locals predominantly in the shop then this is a good sign of a quality seller.

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sorry to hear the bad reports...

I was well stoned last time I was over Holland, my only rip off, was after a few mushies down my throat, - pure experimentation of course- hawaiian..yet on the come down, I went into a coffeshop, and bought a ready rolled Joint, and it was the worst spliff I have ever had lol, sickly and was shit.... I nearly took it back, I moaned loud enough... always roll your own, then you know what in it, is the lesson I learnt then

On a good note the Amnesia Haze, and NYCD was expensive as in 11 euro a gram, but very very good..

This time I was in Haarlem though, Willy Wortals and this didn't seem as commersial as the Dam...

:wassnnme: winnie

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Coffeeshop Rip-offs, Part 2: Shake & Sell!

It seems making a huge markup on marijuana isn't enough for the poor coffeeshop owners. Go ahead and ask to see a few varieties next time you're in a coffeeshop. Look for those big buds dripping with white resin. Did you find them? If not, you're the next victim in the big Coffeeshop rip-off - Shake & Sell!

Most growers and coffeeshop personnel nowadays have discovered the wonders of pollinator and isolator hash, which is the concentrated resin from the cannabis flower. It's extremely pure and potent, and goes for a very high price, usually double or triple the price of imported hashish. The demand for this has grown as the Dutch preference for these forms of cannabis becomes more widespread.

Unfortunately to get enough to meet their own in-house demand and for those willing to pay the price, most of the marijuana being sold in Coffeeshops now gets "shaken" not once but twice or three times. What does that mean? It means that you no longer get what you pay for. Instead the best part of the cannabis plant, the THC bearing tricomes get skimmed off by "shaking" or dragging them over a screen, or using a pollinator which tumbles the precious buds. Doing this causes the biggest, juiciest resin glands to fall from the bud and thru the screen. This is collected and made into hashish which is then either sold separately or consumed by those supposedly selling you intact buds.

But really this process is akin to "stepping on" the drug, where you dilute it with another substance to make it go further and increase your profits. But rather than adding something, the thing you most want and the substance that gets you high (THC), is being STOLEN from you. You are paying for buds without getting the full amount of THC that was present on that bud when harvested. The cream has been siphoned off leaving you with far less potent marijuana. Just a shadow of what it was.

Do you remember a time when they had microscopes on the dealer counter for you to view those tricomes close-up? Try to find one now. Yup, Amsterdam's coffeeshops once had pride in the products they sold. Now it's just another business trying to maximize profits. At your expense.

Some might see some logic in this. After all by "diluting" the THC content, they are selling a less potent product, which is probably a good idea since most tourists who purchase marijuana in Amsterdam aren't used to the "heavy" stuff. Thus it's like insurance against tourists overdoing it. Also some might say by allowing the coffeeshops to skim off the best and make more expensive hashish, it keeps down the price of the grass. Sort of a subsidy. For an inferior product. I wonder what the EU Agricultural commission would think about that.

But I say it's an insult to those who bred the strains to sell a "brand" of cannabis that is anything less than advertised. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about. Or is there? What if when you go to the dealer's counter to make your next purchase, you ask if the pot has been "shaken". Look them in the eyes. Note their response. Check out the buds. Can you see sticky resin on the outside? I don't mean small tricomes here and there (there's always some that doesn't fall off). I mean big beautiful buds covered by tricomes that stick to your fingers.

Are you getting large dense buds? Or somewhat smaller broken up pieces? That's a sure sign the pot has been well-shaken, and much of the THC has been removed. If it isn't to you liking, ask to see what they have that hasn't been shaken. If they don't have anything else that hasn't been molested to offer you, then take your business to another coffeeshop. Repeat as often as necessary.

I know there are some coffeeshops and growers who still take pride in what they sell, and want you to experience the full effect of their products. However it's getting much more difficult to find a fair deal anywhere. So unless you, as a consumer, demand unshaken buds, you will continue to get ripped off.

Part 3 next

Ok, I see what you mean. I have notice quality declining a bit. Me & the Mrs of to the dam in a couple of days. Gonna branch out a bit this time and head to Haarlem & Zandoorf. I'll do a comparison and let you know. Might even take a few picci's if i can.

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