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Nitrozyme - Can You Use It In Flowering?

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I have some plants 6 weeks into flower and periodically add a small amount of Nitrozyme when I water them. I have just read a book that states it should not be used during the flowering phase but does not state why - it may be you should not use it as a foliar feed. I have read some conflicting info on the web - from it will cause plants to stretch, to it only increases growth depending what cylcle the plant is in i.e. if it's rooting more roots, if its in veg bigger leaves and stem growth, if it's in flower bigger buds. Does anyone have any practical experience?

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I always have a bottle of nitrozyme to hand......I think it is an excellent product.

I would tend to agree with most of what you have read......I usually only use it during vegetative growth, it helps with provision of nitrogen and promotes fast, lush growth.

The only time I would consider using it in flowering is early on and only if the plants were looking hungry for nitrogen.

ATB :yep:

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