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Petition To Legalise Cannabis And Other Similar Petitions

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another poorly worded waste of time

Indeed! If you are trying to make a serious point write it down first, reread it, ask a make to check it over. Otherwise you look like a sad arse who can't spell or articulate themselves, reinforcing the drugs are bad m'kay argument.

Or better still step away from the petitions page completely, it won't work.

The pressure needs to come from the medical angle, all the success has come via medical first. Get people to embrace cannabis as a medicine first, and if we are honest with ourselves that should be everyone in the knows priority, getting the medicine legal and ceasing the prosecution and persecution of ill people! If recreational comes via a more educated public once the propaganda has been proven to be lies then so be it, but medical is more important

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Not sure if this has been posted yet;

https://pet ition.parliament.uk/petitions/105708

We demand the British Government Reschedule Cannabis.

Currently Cannabis is in Schedule 1 - meaning that there is no known therapeutic use - Not only is this notion scientifically incorrect, it also puts patients that rely on Cannabis to survive in immediate danger i.e. no regulation/poor quality medicine, criminal activity to acquire medication.

More details

Our demand does not require any change in law.

It is vital that raw Cannabis be recognised as having therapeutic value, and that patients in the UK are allowed immediate access to this medicine. There are tens of thousands of patients living within the UK that do and more could benefit from the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis to survive and to treat their condition(s), whom all are currently risking up to 14 years imprisonment for their medical use.

I don't understand why they have used the word 'therapeutic' so many times, but its another 10,000 signatures that the government has to respond too with something.

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@@Greenfinger53 Therapeutic: a treatment, therapy, or drug.

I'm waiting to see what they respond with

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Gov response to that latest petition..

Government responded

Herbal cannabis is listed in Schedule 1 as a drug with no recognised medicinal uses outside research. A substantial body of scientific evidence shows it is harmful and can damage human health.

Read the response in full

The Government will not encourage the use of a Schedule 1 controlled drug based on anecdotal evidence. It is important that a medicine is very thoroughly trialled to ensure it meets rigorous standards before being licensed and placed on the market so that doctors and patients are sure of its efficacy and safety.

Cannabis in its raw form (herbal cannabis) is not recognised as having any medicinal purposes in the UK. There is already a clear regime in place to enable medicines (including those containing controlled drugs) to be developed and subsequently prescribed and supplied to patients via healthcare professionals. This regime is administered by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which issues Marketing Authorisations for drugs that have been tried and tested for their safety and efficacy as medicines in the UK.

It is up to organisations to apply for Marketing Authorisation for products that they believe have potential medicinal purposes so that these can be subject to the same stringent regime and requirements that all medicines in the UK are subjected to.

Since 2010 UK patients can use the cannabis-based medicine ‘Sativex’ for the treatment of spasticity due to multiple sclerosis. ‘Sativex’ can also be prescribed for other conditions at the prescribing doctor’s risk. ‘Sativex’ was rigorously tested for its safety and efficacy before receiving approval, and is distinguished from cannabis in its raw form. It is a spray which is standardised in composition, formulation and dose and developed to provide medicinal benefits without a psychoactive effect. Due to its low psychoactive profile ‘Sativex’ was rescheduled from Schedule 1 and placed in Schedule 4 Part 1 to enable its availability for use in healthcare in the UK.

The MHRA is open to considering marketing approval applications for other medicinal cannabis products should a product be developed. As happened in the case of ‘Sativex’, the Home Office will also consider issuing a licence to enable trials of new medicines to take place under the appropriate ethical approvals.

In view of the potential harms associated with the use of cannabis in its raw form and the availability of avenues for medicinal development, the Government does not consider it appropriate to make changes to the control status of raw or herbal cannabis.

The Government’s view is that the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and regulations made under the Act continue to facilitate the development of medicines which are made from Schedule 1 controlled drugs. The legislation is aimed at protecting the public from the potential harms of drugs and is not an impediment to research into these drugs or development of medicines.

In 2013 the Home Office undertook a scoping exercise targeted at a cross-section of the scientific community, including the main research bodies, in response to concerns from a limited number of research professionals that Schedule 1 status was generally impeding research into new drugs.

Our analysis of the responses confirmed a high level of interest, both generally and at institution level, in Schedule 1 research. However, the responses did not support the view that Schedule 1 controlled drug status impedes research in this area. While the responses confirmed Home Office licensing costs and requirements form part of a number of issues which influence decisions to undertake research in this area, ethics approval was identified as the key consideration, while the next most important consideration was the availability of funding.

Home Office.


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The MHRA is open to considering marketing approval applications for other medicinal cannabis products should a product be developed.

This looks like a good excuse to try if you get caught with any "I'm developing a medical cannabis product" how else are you going to develop it without possessing it lol

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We haven't figured out how to have total control is what that really means..... :bad:

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so they say cannabis has no "recognised" medical use, then they go on to say sativex has been "rigorously" tested for safety and efficiently, they cant the even make a simple statement without either tying themsels in knots or looking like complete fucking idiot! lol


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