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Donkey Dick x Mighty Mite

This years outdoor grow will be a range of autos (AK47, Hindu Kush, Blueberry and some crosses) sown at 2 week intervals from April and 10 x Donkey Dick x Mighty Mite from West Coast Seeds, which is a semi-autoflower.

From what I understand, Donkey Dick x Mighty Mite will stay in veg under 24 hours light, and under natural light starts to flower after the 7th or 8th node (info is a bit sketchy). I'm not actually sure if these traits are mighty mite, and whether the cross has this feature.

Ideally I'd like to grow under 24 hours, take cuttings and sex them, then take more cuttings and plant out.

I was wondering if anyone has grown these before, and whether they have successfully kept a mother over the winter. Also, any info on flowering times would be appreciated.


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I tried to grow Mighty Mite last year, but I ran into too many problems

and ended up chucking them in favor of a more regular strain.

Mighty Mite is a tiny plant, everything about it is small, even the seeds

are about 1/3 the size of a regular seed. Take a normal plant and

downsize it about 70% and you have Mighty Mite! Under ideal conditions

It might get 2-3 feet tall.

Mine took about 4 days to germ in root riot cubes, and looked like needles

with leaves on them!. All showed sex within 30-35 days and started flowering

about 2 weeks later under 18/6

I tried to take cuts, (I only had 1 female) and the cuts rooted, threw out

a few single bladed leaves and went right back into flower. At that point

it was too late in the season to start over so I just chucked it.

From what little information I have been able to gather about Mighty Mite

and it's crosses is that keeping a mother is difficult if not impossible,

as they will happily start flowering under 24 hours light after about 8 or

9 weeks and the only way to keep one would be to serial clone it.

The big problem with taking cuts from Mighty Mite is that by the time it

gets big enough to take cuts from, it's already trying to flower!.

If I were to try it agian, I would veg them until they showed sex and

plant them out asap, and only in a spot where they would get sun from

dawn to dusk. In other words, treat it like any other autoflowering strain.

As far as when they would be done, I would say mid to late August easy,

If planted out mid May to early June.

Just a side note, I also grew Fast Manitoba and Island Bud from West Coast

Seeds, and every damn one of them started flowering under 18/6 !

Those Canadians are so impatient!

Hope that helps,


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Thanks very much for that reply. So the mighty mite crosses are a bit like the autoflower crosses, but maybe not as stable?

I'l try them but won't rely on the results too much.

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Im doing a mini drobe seed run of auto ak47 x hindu kush which with any luck will be ready by mid may for some outdoor experiments.

Ill keep you posted but so far they are fast growers!

they do like a light soil tho, already lost three to john innes not being diluted enough.

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