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Is 'Soap Bar' dangerous ?

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the whole situation is pretty fucked; you either buy off the streets and get a load of shit. Smuggle, at the risk of getting busted. Grow, again at the risk of getting busted. Or import, at the risk of being ripped off/your money getting lost in the post/your weed getting lost in the post.

The only safe, reliable and long term solution to the problem would be to LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!!!

so when the fuck is this long awaited dream going to come true?

...shit, imagine it; never having to worry about quality, the police, or your supplier... just grow yer own; legaly!

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After reading that i wont be smoking soapbar anymore. The big problem is that while there are alot of voices saying "cannabis isnt that bad for health" the arnet that many saying "Soapbar is bad for health" so the kids who are starting to smoke wont know the diference.

Ofcourse as alot of you have said the solution is simple:

Legalise it!!

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yeah i disagree about soap really. i don't know about other parts of the country but where we live you can't get hash for shit, even soap bar. this is mainly because we know reasonably high class dealers who supply your higher than average standard toker. i'm not being a snob or show off here but it does demonstrate the fact that if you don't demand soap, the dealers won't supply it, they have to get bud or go out of business. it is possible to get bud for dealers through any number of means. and yet despite this we see our skunk dealers becoming increasingly involved in harder drugs because the profits are higher and the quantities are smaller and therefore easier to hide. if we want to truly obliterate soap we cannot do it simply by forming stoner unions which demand sinsemilla, we must legalize and break the monopoly of criminals over this, the most beneficial substance on the planet.

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I never touch soapbar - dirty, polluted crap.  I'll only buy hash if it is from a source I can trust and it looks clean.

Checkout the UKCIA page on soapbar - it tells you at the bottom 'How to clean polluted hash'.

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I saw a post somewhere cant remember where...

anyway a guy uses a spanish soap-bar recipie and makes some soapbar in his kitchen, uses trim from his grow, henna, etc

Gives it to a mate who smokes soap as an experiment, and he couldnt tell the difference!

Now thats frightening.

The government figures are a good sign though, in '94 something like 18% of gear in the uk was home grown, last year 48% !

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I dont touch soapbar at all either.. when i think of some of the stuff i've made my lungs put up with.. *shudder*

It is a bitch living in out of the way places though, becasue having lived in these kinds of places, I know that people will buy it as most people who start buying weed are relatively uneducated about identifying good gear, and will hand over their cash just to get high. I was one of those people as a kid.

Once it's decriminalised, people will be much happier distributing the wealth and transferring the good stuff to all the out-of-the-way places in abundance.  one day, there'll be a cafe or dealer nearby where you can go and order whatever strain and type they want to, in a friendly environment, with no-one getting ripped off. hopefully. one day.

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Read all the above posts with great interest.

I remember about ten years ago in L'pool most dealers where tokers and took great pride in thier reputation.

Quite often the buyer would know when a big shipment was in because everyone would have a new hash. We lived on red leb from one ship for about two months then all of a sudden afghani appeared and lasted for a couple of months. Admittedly this was in a major port city but some of you out there must remember these times.

Now the importation is more fragmented and run by major gangsters who don't give a fuck about anything except profit.

The guy selling the soap may be a top stoner but if he decides to switch wholesaler, not only is he likely to be in trouble, but the new stuff he gets is probably from the same peice of shit importer.

All you guys out there growing big harvests get together and set up virtuall market and cut out the scum spoiling our plant.

:D  :oldtoker:  :oldtoker:

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The present production of high quality hash is very limited, its a supply and demand thing. Us brits are known to accept any garbage. Most of the really high quality hash like pucker Nepalese sticks or temple balls goes to Germany where it fetches up to 14k euros a kilo. On the street it is about 800 or 900 euros an oz [about £500]. Having a legal market here would not change this one tiny bit. Real hash is always going to cost as demand outstrips production many times over.

In the smoke, wholesale on import rubbish like Dutch white weed or Swiss polytunnel fetches £40 to £60 an oz, really good hydro is round £100 an oz and top quality organic  £120 to £160 an oz , all at the kilo rate. The prices for Dutch import doesn't change much until you get above 50 kilo lots. The most amazing thing is that there is a big export market of high quality weed to Holland, Germany and Belgium as they are willing to pay high prices for really good weed. Although Belgium is starting to export a bit since the law changes there. If weed becomes legal here it will still be a market driven thing, real quality will still cost but at least there should be some real choice.

Soap bar is not hash!  It was something created to be a more acceptable product ie: a new way of processing the rubbish leftovers that used to used to make slate. I have looked at countless samples of both soap bar and the so called higher quality squiggy black under a microscope and have been unable to find a single tricome and you can’t miss them at the macro level.. I can’t say what they are made out of, but hash is made from tricomes pressed together and neither of them are made of that. If you are getting high from smoking this rubbish its not from any cannabis in it. The answer is to grow your own then you will know just what goes into it. Don’t throw your trim leaves away, either scuff or bubble bag them and make yourself a bit of pure hash as an extra treat for yourself, its well worth it!

Most of the big warehouse growers [and there are some really big ones here] are using 50 kilowatt or more of lighting. They spray with torque and dose their reservoirs with systemic fungicides right through their grows, these people and the soap bar makers need to go, there is no excuse for them, they are the real crooks! Once again the answer is to get people growing their own, looks like this is going to start happening. I heard one north London grow shop has reported a 5 fold increase in trade since Blunket’s announcement to reclassify to class c. He has increased his staff from 2 to 5 to cope with all the newbies coming through the door buying kit. That at least gives me some hope for the future..

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Seems to me like we've got to stop the trade in soap bar. Its a bit worrying that people may be smoking it to improve the quality of their lives when they are in fact further harming themselves. It is, as several have already said, up to the government to legalise it so that we can supply our domestic market. We could cut out the gangsters and the impurities in one go.

Its sad, i enjoy smoking good hash, but you just dont see it very often. I remember getting some qulaity gear over the years, but it seems that it is difficult to come by these days.  :guitar:

We just gotta keep fighting

Chip :(

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man yall should stop smokin the weed and get back to your maths degree's at oxford, cuz every post confused me. i came on this place hoping there would be info for newbies like myself, but all i see is crazy experienced smokers who know of 200 diff types of weed.. anyway, anyone in manchester? i need some weed :oldtoker:

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soap is very evil. It has turpentine in it. Real hash isnt brown its kinda grey from what i have been told. All the brown is the crap (literally - soap has been known to be cut with dog crap as it helps texture) added.

Weed is a natural herb and should be smoked in as natural a form a possible.


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Hi all just registered and was surfing through when i saw this topic and was amazed that its taken people this long to realise that soap is nothing more than Brain Poison.

When i first started toking we always used to get the best imported afghan or red leb then over the space of 15 years big profit making criminals realised that there was a market for cheap low grade hash in this country as importing slowed down due to the governments policys and prohibition.The mark ups are huge and we united stoners should not put up with it Free the weed and stop the prison mentality we are not criminals   :rock:

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Hi all just registered and was surfing through when i saw this topic

Welcome bud,

With comments like that you should fit in well round here :P

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OK i have to first say that i will not smoke what you refer to as soap bar, not even in desperation, i won't buy this excuse for marijauna. Now i can't speak for all the "soap" that is going around the country but from what i have seen it is just exceptionally bad hash, it's not particulary adulterated.

Marijuana production in the Rif has taken over all the available space, they do not have much rain, and can't afford to fertilize their plants well...and water is not available to water all them plants. If you see what a maroccon plant looks like in the majority of the growing regions, they are very thin spindly dry....not the sort we been seeing in the members bud pictures  :thumbs:    

Making hashish from these plants is bound to make crap.... without quality marijuana, u can't really get quality hash.

Also the large scale production leaves not much room for the plants to be dryed, so they get put outside in the sun, this as you know is not good. They also use inconsisitent sieve sizes in their hash production becuase they use stretced scarves and such. I'm sure sometimes they may use a little binder in the hash (dry resin glands don't adhere too well) and also the dust in the Rif collects on the plants, this ends up in the hash.

Marocco does produce some excellent hashish also though, alot can be found in amsterdam, but they also have some porr quality there too. The best stuff is produced at a higher altitudes.

Another reason why alot of the hash is so poor is that they have started to use chemical fertilizers, i assume the best hash is from the ones still using manure fertilized plants.

Hope that cleared some things up...or maybe confused the subject more.... sowwy    :sarcasm:

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I'm just really confirming most of the above& to add it is of course prohibition that has created this and many other problems associated with all drugs.

As usual the good ol' USA are behind it all,

in the 1920's Texas made a law to ban cannabis as a means to control it mainly mexican migrant workforce who had used the plant for centuries, this was found to be useful to jail on demand migrants and other undesirables such as blacks, musicians,artists, writers or anyone else that strayed from the white collar straight & narrow path of political correctness.

This act caught on in other states as it really was a handy law for controlling these 'undesirable elements' .

On the back of this wave of cannabis prohibition came alcohol prohibition which as we all know simply handed alcohol production & supply over to gangsters who concocted cheap & often toxic brews to sell to the masses at HUGE profits,(you see the similarity with soap?) eventually of course after many thousands of deaths,gangsters,police,customers of these toxic brews etc etc,& after huge financial costs the american government had to repeal the alcohol prohibition law,

sadly the cannabis law remained.

America put enormous pressure on Europe to ban alcohol too believe it or not,needless to say europe was strong enough at that time to resist,( could you imagine banning booze in France!?) but only by bowing to America's insistance on signing their anti-drugs charter which we have been forced to adhere to ever since, God Bless the USA, it's been making gangsters rich since the 1920's!

There ends my 'potted' history on prohibition, hope i didn't bore you i just find it fascinating how the whims of one country affect all of us at some time, pass me a slice of mom's home made apple pie  :cool:

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