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Is 'Soap Bar' dangerous ?

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is there an online petition for the abstention of smoking 'soapbar'? if not, someone should set one up.

Learning about soapbar has seriously put me off. I've finally came round to the 'if i can't trust it, i'd rather go without' brigade.

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If anyone wants to set up a petition, go to www.petitionthem.com and set one up. Its that simple.

And free :woot:

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here in the uk the shit that gets soid for soapbar is pure canser forming dirt! its cheap, nasty and leaves you feeling bad.....on the other hand good hash -pollen or temple is the shit! if you get me..

that just what im sayin


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ok i know no1 here is likely to agree with me, but soap aint that bad. i dont think. i mean if theres nothing else around it is damn cheap. i mean dont get me wrong, id far rather get bud, but say if i only have a fiver or am very very poor it'l do. i dunno y but it always seems so much better smoked outta either a bong or a pipe rather than ina spliff. makes me feel ill ina spliff.

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Just incase you missed this che guevara -

RED EYE EXPRESS magazine highlighted the DANGERS of smoking bad quality hash, some of which contains very little cannabis at all. We refer to both "Soap" and the soft black gunk often referred to as "Squiggy Black", "Affy Black" or "Pakki Black". The article explained that even the better soap bars weighing about 250 grams contain less than 10 grams of cannabis pollen (resin glands) and up to 200 grams of ground-up shade leaf, along with various noxious substances like glue to bind it, and colouring agents.

Here are some of the other substances found in this bad quality cannabis sold by rip-off dealers:

beeswax, boot polish, animal turds, turpentine, henna, ground coffee, milk powder, pine resin, barbiturates, Ketamine, aspirin, glues & dyes, Carcinogenic solvents such as Toluene and Benzene and many other unidentified and possibly DEADLY chemicals.

These SOAP bars are not available from coffee shops in Holland or from farms in Morocco. They are often made in Spain or England.

SOAP bar costs about £1,500 a kilo in the UK, that's £1.50 a gram: that's £5.25 an EIGHTH

If you buy it you are allowing yourself to be RIPPED OFF by unscrupulous dealers who either do not know or do not care about you and your health and may be interested only in the HUGE PROFITS they make.

SOAP is poisonous - it is a danger to health and it gives real cannabis a bad name. It should always remain illegal.

The ONLY way to stop this is to tell your dealer and REFUSE TO BUY BAD QUALITY

Anthropology and forensic science combine in a long overdue research project to uncover the hidden horrors of 'Soap'.

Neil Montgomery a Social Anthropologist doing doctoral research at Edinburgh University has teamed up with GW Pharmaceuticals to survey and analyse the numerous impurities that permeate the poor quality cannabis resin that is the most commonly available form of cannabis used in the UK. Known as "Soap Bar", due to the shape of the quarter-kilo bars it is formed into, this notorious 'hash' has for a long time had the reputation among cannabis users of being little more than poison; a noxious substance that has been tolerated because nothing else was available.

Anecdotes speak of the stuff being mixed with rubber, plastic, wax, diesel, soil, molasses, ghee, even boot polish, and the list goes on. While investigating potential sources of 'soap' samples, CRISP (Cannabis Resin Impurities Survey Project) has started to collect 'soap' stories; anecdotes about suspected contaminants and unpleasant side-effects. The end result of CRISP will be a rigorous forensic analysis of the chemical constituents of 'soap' woven through an appreciation of notions, perceptions and recollections of 'soap' drawn from Montgomery's broader ethnography on the use of cannabis. This crucial research hopes to illuminate the health hazards associated with what has become the staple in the diet of UK cannabis consumption and link the gradually developing awareness of the quality of 'soap' with the recent increase in the home cultivation of cannabis plants.

Neil Montgomery, a recognised expert on the cultural aspects of cannabis use, is the Consultant Anthropologist to the UK Medicinal Cannabis Project, which is being conducted by GW Pharmaceuticals under license from the Home Office.

If you would like to submit 'soap' stories or offer any form of knowledge about 'Soap Bar'

please contact Neil via e-mail at Neil.Montgomery@ed.ac.uk


via standard mail to:

The Department of Social Anthropology, The University of Edinburgh, Adam Ferguson Building, George Square, Edinburgh. EH8 9LL.



Neil M. Montgomery MSc FRSA FRAI

Consultant Anthropologist to the UK Medicinal Cannabis Project

0789 968 2223 (m)

0131 651 1529 (w)


Medicinal Cannabis.org

The following is taken from RED EYE EXPRESS issue NINE

Many other and more dangerous substances can be added during the preparation of this so-called hash. The reason why it is made and why it is sold is profit. Those who pollute and destroy real cannabis in this way are turning a highly beneficial and natural plant product into a health-destroying bad substance. You may get a 'hit' out of it, but it is not cannabis.

Those who sell such substances are either ignorant of real cannabis and its effects or they guilty of selling you poisons, ripping you off, and giving cannabis a bad name. Those people should be avoided - it is better to smoke nothing than to smoke the bad soap bars. After legalisation, those people will be prosecuted and may be put out of business in the same way as a publican who sells beer with dog's urine added to it.

In the meantime it is up to the customers to avoid these unscrupulous and ignorant suppliers



While reading Robert Connell Clarke's excellent book, Hashish, we came across a section on low-grade export quality Moroccan hash, known in the UK as Soap Bar. It seems that soap is made from only a very small percentage of resin glands (referred to as pollen), and up to 90% non-resin cannabis plant material which is bound together with bee's wax or pine resin and condensed milk as the mixture is too dry and powdery to be bound any other way. As the mixture is very green due to the high percentage of plant material, it is then coloured with instant coffee or henna to give it that sandy brown colour! In order to give it a slightly resinous look, turpentine is then added, which also disguises the taste!

Well, as growers with an abundance of leaf material left over from a crop, we couldn't help ourselves. We had to give it a try!

We sieved off 10 grams of resin glands (pollen), crushed up 200 grams of dried leaf and ran it through a sieve to reduce it to a very fine powder. We then heated this mixture in a bowl over boiling water and added 5 grams of bee's wax, five teaspoons of condensed milk powder, one teaspoon of turpentine, and a couple of pinches of instant coffee powder for colour. We continued to knead the heated mixture into a dough-like form, then pressed it under pressure and allowed it to cool. It bonded well into rock hard lumps, just like Soap Bar! To our delight, when we tested it with a flame, immediately we were treated with that old familiar smell of grade 'A' genuine Soap Bar! Crumpled like it too! Although there was virtually no resin glands in this so-called hash, we gave some to a friend and he had no complaints!!

By T. & K.


We have heard of many other substances that have been added to boost profits, help the bonding, increase the 'effect'. Change the colour etc, and most are far worse than those added above. They include ground up aspirin, tranquillisers and other pills, glues, benzene, toluene and other carcinogenic solvents, boot polish, dye, ketamine and other dangerous drugs, animal excrement, other vegetable matter - a nightmare of dangerous compounds.

The soft so-called Pakistani or Afghanis hash ("Squidgy black", "Affy", "Pakki Black") can be even worse.

These versions of cannabis do not appear on the markets of Holland or Switzerland, where there is plenty of good quality grass and bud, or in Germany or Scandinavia where people pay more for better quality.

Think about it - "SOAP" is now cheaper than it has been since the seventies, at least in kilo prices - it is available in bulk for less that £1.5 a gram (less than £3 a teenth). So not only are buyers being ripped off in terms if quality but also the dealers must be doubling their money!

The solution to this situation, brought about by GREEDY DEALERS under PROHIBITION, is to spread this message and stop buying it.

Nuff said!

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ok i know no1 here is likely to agree with me, but soap aint that bad




Che, you've really missed the point ere ain't ya....?

Read what bish says.....

Look around this site....


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Yes it IS bloody serious.....this is why I'm doing research on it for my year 3 dissertation. I want the lol off the streets and our Herb made completely legal. Please fill in my questionnaire at


If I can get the big guys to take my statistical results seriously and hopefully published something might be done at last, not only for the ordinary guy but for those using it for medicinal purposes. People are getting dependent on this lol - the only studies being done are those in the lab with pure THC which say that cannabis is harmless (no surprise there) which I believe it is. Then there are studies conducted with people off the street that say that 'cannabis' is addictive and causes all kinds of problems from schizophrenia to impotence. The list is too long but basically there is arguments to say this is a load of crap. The herb is safe....which is what I'm out to try and show in my research. It's the adulterants and additives which are not. We should be entitled to grow our own herbs surely? Also in the safe knowledge that it's safe......Anyway - the only person so far to publish research on this is Neil Montgomery, he's also got some clout with the government too. He's an anthropologist who got seized resin forensically analysed and found a heap of shit in it (literally) along with bootpolish, turpentine, KETAMINE, and other such noxious substances....it is THESE that are harmful. Is this some kind of conspiracy dare I say to continue to purpurtrate the idea that pot is harmful...I wouldn't doubt it.

Keep on tokin' (the herbal that is)

Bel x

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hey guys,twinkle's been smoking all the above described crap for approx 5 years!!! today i sneaked a doobie from the mazar i harvested this week[i know its not mature yet] and i had the best high i've ever experienced,i'm no expert on m/j but if this stuff gets better with a few weeks curing it'll put me on my fuvking back :bush: :cowboy::guitar: thank you everyone on these forums who have given me so much help advice etc,wooooweeee man,twinkle :smoke:

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Here are some really interesting links:

House of Lords report by Neil Montgomery on purity


This is soooo sad to treat him like a criminal – this will really put the kybosh on his studies dammit


Attention UK


More on soapbar


Good site


Good advice


The Philosophers stone by Neil Montgomery


GW pharmaceuticals – the only place to legally grow cannabis in the UK – doing research into medicinal benefits


NIDA – sole administrator of contract to grow cannabis in USA http://www.drugabuse.gov/about/organizatio...aStatement.html

This is quite good by Joy et al @ the Institute of Medicine




Dependency - A Myth?


Diagnostic criteria


Home Office drug seizures 2002


DOH therapeutic uses


User surveys results – you just might recognize some of the reasons for using cannabis at the bottom of the page!


A lot of good authentic links to genuine resources


prohibition & legalization around the globe


More stats from the CIA


More info from the CIA

Some good views….I think the French guy means pollen..


People seeking services


You’ll find some good reading here


You probably know about this one




Australian study


Yet more propaganda on it being a gateway drug on the premise that heroin users smoke pot. However most pot smokers have never used heroin. It’s like saying most shandy drinkers will go on to become alcoholics. http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v03/n1876/a04.html

More on dependence - again adulterants haven’t been taken into account


More debates


Well it must be genetic then (??!!**)


A bit of truth maybe


See the bit that says “For a long time it was considered that cannabis did not produce tolerance” ….and WHY is that?


Finally – the cannabis debate – this one’s good cos it gives you loads of cross references.


NOW will ya fill in me questionnaire at http://www.my3q.com/home2/32/bel/84223.phtml

Lets get the :guitar: off the streets

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This thread is brilliant - soap fucked me up for 6 years :spliff:

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Hi Bel,

Would love to fill out ya questionnaire but the link is busted :spliff:


Chunkz :)

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When I used to smoke soapbar it made me ill in the head like a hangover.

I remember in the eighties and early ninties that there was real soapbar and it smell really good, like flowers. Can anyone remember that?

I also think that the reason "hash" has become so cheap is that the gangsters or dealers if you prefer, are more into selling smack and that is sadly becoming the drug of choice in the estates of Scotland.

I have notice this too btw, it must be th shit and the hash seperating.

Yeah I remember it so very well. In the late 60s and 70s it was all beautiful......it smelled gorgeous. Contaminants and adulterants were unheard of then.

lets keep it green


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Hi Bel,

Would love to fill out ya questionnaire but the link is busted lol


Chunkz :)

Oh well thank you for the thought chunkz. Yeah, the trial period for the site was for a week - thought it was a month and they cut me right off. Think I'll try again if anyone else is interested. I'm was well pissed as I lost 15 questionnaires that I didn't print out. Would be nice to put it on here but I haven't a clue how.


PS - yeah, I'll put it up again and get back

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ok i know no1 here is likely to agree with me, but soap aint that bad. i dont think. i mean if theres nothing else around it is damn cheap. i mean dont get me wrong, id far rather get bud, but say if i only have a fiver or am very very poor it'l do. i dunno y but it always seems so much better smoked outta either a bong or a pipe rather than ina spliff. makes me feel ill ina spliff.

Not that bad????? lol - well if you wanna smoke animal turds among other :) 'sup to you. I abstain now till I get decent herb. You could legitimately now call soap 'killer weed' like the prohibitionists did in the 30s


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