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Guest Baron von stink

Can the gorilers be seen with N.f.t


I have always used the standered 1m trays and a simple flood and drain method with no growing medium. The water comes on for 15minute every hour and drains through the over flows down hose pipe into the a 90 liter tank> This system is completly silent and only uses one water tank.

Am i right in thinking that the water from the N.F.T system just flows out of the end

into a tank and that each N.f.t tray has its own tank?

If so dosent this make alot of noise?

Please help this stoned and usless gardener

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NFT is virtually silent my friend!

Each NFT system has its own res tank.

Yes the nutes are pumped from the res up to the tray, yes they then trickle over the tray via "drainage" channels and then they end up dripping / flowing through a slit / opening at the other end of the tray back into the tank below. A super mini waterfall effect i suppose could describe the re-entry of the nutes - but trust me -you cannot hear it (especially when you have fans blowing etc)



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