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Arnold Layne

The new "Commercial Cannabis" thread.

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Don't think it's anywhere near the problem it was Arnie but it's very rare I buy any. I haven't even seen soapbar since coming out of prison. Home grown weed, oh sorry killer skunk, is pushing the majority of the crap out of the market imo. Yay.

Still a hell of a lot of crap about mate formula black, sprayed import, chemical "viet" grows, in a few years time when the hospitals are full with people with all manner off respitory problems, i would hope they would be saying "why didn't they legalise it sooner", but i fear it will still be being put down to the "killer skunk" and not prohibition.

Best regards


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Its right too, noone is looking at the effects of chemical ferts and pesticides in cannabis from shitty growing practices, they just blame skunk.


Skunk ate my hamster.

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