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What's the difference............

Hiya all,

I'll be putting my plants into flowering in approx 3-4 weeks time, so I've got plenty of time to do lots of research :nazi:

One thing that I can't get to grips with is which type of light do I use, a metal halide or a HPS? I've noticed that most of you on here use HPS, why is this?

Your comments are greatly appreciated


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Hey webby,

Most people use HPS for the following reasons:

1) Longer bulb life

2) Almost perfect spectrum for growing

3) Not too high energy power consuption (running costs)

Metal Halide and Mercury Vapour (an older slightly less useful type) are similar to HPS but can use more power and also don't give off as many lumens (what light is measured in). They also don't use as good a spectrum for growing as HPS.

If you need any more info then just ask.

Or you can visit the Overgrow Lighting FAQ for more info.

Also if you're looking for cheap HPS lamps then try Cannabis Closet which has a 400w HPS + ballast etc. for £50 (that's including VAT and P&P) which in my opinion is an amazing deal.

You'll have to e-mail them for the product code, then you can order with PayPal.


- BD :)

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N1 blackdeath,

Your info has been really helpful, cheers bud :)

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Hi Webby

MH bulbs give off a blue light which is used for vegetative growth, and an HPS gives off a red light which is used for flowering.

You can use either for both stages. HPS increases yield and MH increases potency.



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That's some ill graph wilbur. Been looking for a decent one lately :) .


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Excellent graph Wilbur,

It explains it perfectly ;)

Cheers bud ;)

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