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Hash making with the bubbleator.

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before we start the good stuff a few words...

ok so firstly my bubbleator is not the original one, mine is a camping washing machine.

my friends owns the origional and i can 100% confirm the only difference in the two machines is the sticker :stoned:

as for the pyramid bag it cost me £25 delivered off flea bay :eek:

heres the washer..

post-23799-1219786916_thumb.jpg and inside looks like.. post-23799-1219786925_thumb.jpg

first step.

get your pyramid work bag and fill with trim and air buds, im using bone dry trim for this run as ive only ever done it with frozen trim. ive got around 100 grams of trim.

post-23799-1219786615_thumb.jpg post-23799-1219786625_thumb.jpg

step two.

add trim to machine, throw in a kilo or two of ice and fill with cold water till trim is well covered. give a little stir/poke with a wooden spoon to make sure its all covered.

post-23799-1219786855_thumb.jpg post-23799-1219786871_thumb.jpg

switch on the washer for 15 minutes.


when 15 mins is up let it stand for a few mins :guitar:

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open it up and it should like this


im only using 3 bags for this run 25micron,73micron,90micron and obviously the work bag, all 1 gallon.


get the bags ready in the bucket and tip tube from side of washer into bags ,

post-23799-1219788360_thumb.jpg post-23799-1219788374_thumb.jpg

step 4,

remove bags 1 by 1 and scrape out using spoon onto drying cloth.

post-23799-1219788432_thumb.jpg post-23799-1219788445_thumb.jpg post-23799-1219788457_thumb.jpg


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Good job :applause:

I threw mine but kept the bubble bags.

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run through bags with fresh water an pool up the last bits and scrape out,


step7 :yinyang: bit stoned :applause:

repeat all over again.

im only running this trim twice as im drying it out and going to bho it in a few days an try an make some jelly hash so ill add that on when i do it.

this is the 73 but i only used this bag on the first run B)


next up is the 90 from 2 runs


and finally the lovely 25,



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ok a little close up,


my only problem was the size of the bubblebags (1 gallon) before i do another run ill be buying the 5 gallon set :yinyang:

keep tuned for the bho, jelly run in a few days,

any questions, comments or criticism please feel free to add :laser:

peace :applause:


cheers stealth,

im gonna take a few close ups of each grade now. B)

Edited by newbudda

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Good show Newbudda :applause:

how much did it cost you in total for the machine and the pyramid bag??


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well done new budda looking very good.

done a bubble run tonight myself but without the washing machine and only using a much smaller amount of trim :applause: . as it looks like you know what your doing ive got a couple of questions for ya if u dont mind?

1st run just gently stirred with wooden spoon

2nd run i battered the lot for ten mins witha electric whisk

2nd run produced about 2x the yeild as the 1st run but the end product is very green compared to the 1st.

i realise about bashing it to much will produce weaker hash but was just wondering if the green sludge will dry into some nice bubble or just unsmokable green matter?

cheers and enjoy ya rewards


Edited by windowsilllowryder?

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hi twullhc,

the best grade is the 25, its by far the cleanest :applause: , ive got the 45 bag but never use it :woot:

i just leave it in a cool dark place for a day or two then chong away, probably wrong but ive never been one to cure it for months :band:

and it still more than does the trick,

thanks for your comments bro :rofl:

hi there t1 :taz: thanks m8,

the washer again was of fleabay, £30 delivered and £25 delivered for the bag, i do believe argos are now stocking them (the washer machine) not sure of price though,

i might buy one and put mine in the box an take it right back :toot:

this is the 25 as close as i can get this stoned :yinyang:

post-23799-1219790602_thumb.jpg post-23799-1219790619_thumb.jpg post-23799-1219790632_thumb.jpg



hi windowsillowryder, hope your good B)

by bashing it about so much your more or less liquidising the plant matter :yes:

i done the same myself but i used an electric blender :punk:

absolutely nothing come through the bags :yep: , twas a total waste, i did end up with a little bit but it was too nasty to smoke :laser:

just leave yours too dry, it should be smokeable, have 1 j an test it out :rofl:

Edited by newbudda

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nice 1 cheers for the reply.

yep sounds just like what ive done as it was quite liquidised by the time it was finished.

will get toking on it once its dry and have a little test smoke. did get about 1 or 2 joints worth from the 1st run that should be nice as it looks the same color/texture as your 25.

next time will still do 2 runs but 2nd one will only go marginly harder with the wooden spoon rather than battering it 2 the max. or poss not bother with 2nd run but oil it to get any missed trich's

happy toking

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ive ran my trim threw up to 4 times and had as much from the first as the last :)

im only running threw twice so i can bho it, get some oil and make some jelly hash :rofl: hopefully :rofl:

i used to just use a cordless drill with a paint whisk attached much easier than a spoon an you can still control the speed,

slow speed is essential as you wanna keep the trichs intact :wink:

but defo in future run your trim more than twice :wink:

edited cause i read your post wrong, im stoned, its late and im up early :ouch:

peace and be well folks :wink:

Edited by newbudda

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thanks twullhc great stuff B)

im liking your thinking :ouch:

maybe im all wrong my 90/73 may be better :)

i just cant tell im stoned all the time :wink:

definitely food for thought bro ,

the main reason i don't use the 45 was it took ages for the water to pass over the screen :rofl: an i mean ages, if it was left there i reckon it'd take over 24

hours to get a few liters through the screen :rofl:

thats why i need the bigger bags, what size are yours ?

i bought my bags before i got the washer so at the time i only wanted small bags :wink:

thanks again m8, some nice info there an a few things to try with my hash :wink:

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:wink: yer been doing that, got a mouth full, still takes years though :) bloody 1 gallon set :rofl:

cheers for your comments m8, much appreciated :wink:

bed time for me now :wink:

peace folks,

newbudda :rofl:

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hi there t1 :yep: thanks m8,

the washer again was of fleabay, £30 delivered and £25 delivered for the bag, i do believe argos are now stocking them (the washer machine) not sure of price though,

i might buy one and put mine in the box an take it right back lol

Nice one, you've basically saved yourself £100

I fancy buying up some of those washers pyramid bags and proper bubble bags and selling them on calling them something like the bubbletron, see how bubbleator like that lol


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glad you like it lmb B)

hi t1, tis a good idea :) would be if you could make your own bags/pyramids :wink:

they are stupidly expensive though :ouch:

peace folks.


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hi folks, i was planning on doing this tonight but ive had some bad newz, yesterday was my last day in work, im now currently out of work ;)

to top it all off got home yesterday to a leaky boiler :(

im just waiting for my 3rd act of unluckyness now, i guess its not the best time to start a bho run :D but nevermind,

so today im gonna do all my trim again through bho :rofl:

ive got 1 cafetiere but im gonna grab another today an have 2 at the same time :guitar:

im attempting to make jelly hash :D

keep tuned folks, ill be back later will full details including pics :wink:


newbudda :)

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