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Reusing Compost

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i cant honestly see why people would want to re...use  compost when 120 litres of decent stuff is only £6 :wassnnme:

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Because some folks aint got any money perhaps :wassnnme: 

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Well insomnia is a bitch im still awake so here i am lol 


well @mrs obsolete biobizz lightmix  is £6.95 for 20L and thats not even as much as canna's one so its not as cheap as what you said but yes its cheap enough to buy every grow but why do that when you can re-use it a few times with no issue and save £? its a no brainer imo and the fact that it will have an already abundant micro-herd present from the start as its used already along with the old plants roots shredded in gives good results(been reading any of my threads?,Im getting the best results and no deficiencies on the plant with a full pot of 2nd run compost vs the rest which has newer compost)


I dont know how you grow or in what but im growing as organic as i can and trying to use as little bottled nutes as possible and so far its not to bad apart from afew issues of my own causing,i may end up no till eventually as ive only used bottled nutes 3 times this grow so far


maybe its a personal thing but i like recycling and re-purposing wherever i can its good for the pocket and environment.



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