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water culture

Hi after my firast attempt failed at week 3 I started and put it down to experience. So I have germinated another 10 - 20 seedlings - 1 week into water culture setup (See previous attempt pics below) meaning they are about 2 weeks old. Notices different seed tyes & the first two leaves (cotyledons) that sprout from a seed are out.

I have the temperature in the water & nute resevoiur constant at 24-25 deg celcus curculating on a all on time during night 18/6 and sarodic warter pump on/off for non lighting times durinfg the mornings and early avo's.(day). My choice on this cycle was in as i live in Austalia we are in winter now and the temps are lower 8 - 12 & below overnight and 14-20 during day.

While initialy I had problems with PH levels and believe I locked out nutes from accessing the plant - the all turned a yellow leaves and then week stems and keeled over.

Well I am back on track and hoping all goes well to he point that I can get cloning & identifying the females. Keeping data records and pics so will keep informed on boards.

My question is "is there any one out here in hydro land who is using the pure water culture method?"

I got some organic s going too - just in case disarster striks


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I havent tried this method of growing m8, but you said:

I have the temperature in the water & nute resevoiur constant at 24-25 deg celcus

This is probably a little high, the maximum you want to have the water / nute solution at is 20deg, though maybe living in a hot climate you have no choice...


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I know of deep (and shallow) water culture, (aka bubblers,) nutrient film technique, (NFT) flood 'n drain (aka ebb 'n flo) aeroponics, drain to waste, and the Gericke system.

Never heard of "water culture". What is it?

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Spider - best way to describe 'water culture is to view the post of my set up above - simple - pvc pipes with holes drilled in and plants stuck in fed by nutes no growing mdium - firs lot in pic failed and now tring again into week 2.5 all ok so far

Cheers man ;)


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Having no medium sounds like aeroponics, (but without the microsprayers,)and the feed system sounds like drip emitter only theres no medium to stop the roots drying out, but hey, if it's working...

How come you chose that system?

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isn't the ideal temp 22 deg ?


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here's what i know, for the worth it has... :(

aquaponics? i think that's the name and it basically, like said, submerses the roots in nutrient solution... it's not aquaponics, and shockingly that's not something i made up, it's breeding fish and using their shit to grow plants. a marriage made in heaven, i'm sure. it's called deep water culture:

Deep Water Culture is another form of aeroponics. The root system of a plant grown in Deep Water Culture is immersed in water with a bubbling aerator keeping the roots oxygenated.

easy, that was more for myself than you lot. :yinyang:

BUT! haha. you have to have a goodly oxygen level in the nutrient solution, or your roots will drown, suffocate, your plants will die.

my tip for the day is oxygen levels - are they high enough for the roots to be submerged?

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B) Thanks cali-trap for the help and yes it was an insparation - the basics of the setup - which i must aclknwledge is a 'practical bloke' - my dear 'brother' Peterapple seed whose access he has given me to his username and after all he is my brother.

well not worried now about the outer rims of the first 3 prong out and the stress of transfering them over the new veg it going for it.

I think I am out of the "germiatins phase" and now is day 12 (trying to get pics) & roots r white clear and no signs of any 'Pythium' - so I am now siting back for them to mature to Flower stage (Is that another 6, or 8 or 10 weeks away?).

Next identifying Males and females but I have some otdoor experience there.

since no photo yet , but sure to have worked it out by tomorrow/in datlight

Some info - They are ranging from 3-4 cm in height and is due to their 1 -3 day difference in transfer to HSP (wich trough them into shock) 2 days to recover keeping close watch on PH (set at 5.2/3 - max 5.5) . res temp set to constant 22 deg cel & no 'Truncheon' EC meter yet (hopefully next week or 2.) Until then the idea is to use "Growth Technology's Grow A & B". I feel I have about 2-3 weeks before I am running out of cupboard space - but I am prepared with second area set aside.


Yor time is what I think is sufficing right now using like a single aquatic air with a fizzer outlet seems to moving (affitating) res quite well - at least for now.

But yes I have sought out info on pythium and Oldtimer1 assisted me there - good reserve knowlege and it is so easy to entally lift up plants up to view root system - pics soon i hope & may b some other means of increasing oxygen to resiviour (more chems - hope not_

Cheeers B)

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The apparatuses used in hydroponic growing are many and varied. There are two basic divisions between systems: media-based and water culture. Also, systems can be either active or passive. Active systems use pumps and usually timers and other electronic gadgets to run and monitor the operation. Passive systems may also incorporate any number of gadgets. However, they to not use pumps and may rely on the use of a wicking agent to draw nutrient to the roots.

Taken from The Growing Edge

cys cruse time

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Thanks m8 - yeh oxygen - seems fine for now not sure about when get more veging done though. I am just using a small res (12-20 lt) - heater if needed but doing a 48 hr trial to compare and take a look at other posts.

got the info on 'pythium' from oldtimer1 - so far if I have resized jpeg properly i should be able to add my reply pic I've been hangin to post.

in pic root system look good and clean and white as. some 'dual tapping' - appears that they have 2 main root systems and many fine hairs too off them

See: like one in photo (I hope it gets uploaded)

what u recon about res temp >20, 22, or 24 max 25 deg cel ??????


uploading pic I hope !


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Just a pic ! B)


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