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yet another heat issue

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yes you can im running a 400w in a 600w now you cant go higher but you can go lower ...theres a few electricions on here whoo will put you right on technical jargon....

What I meant is, yes, you can put a lower wattage lamp in a more powerful ballast, like your 400 in the 600, but it won't work just like a proper 400W ballast/lamp would - it'll be burning just as much power (if not more) as with the 600W lamp - it'll be running really inefficiently. :stoned:

so if i lets say had a new 250 watt hps bulb its not gonna break if i put it in my 400 watt light system

Yes, but it won't be like having a 250W ballast/lamp running.


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if i were you id double your intake i am assuming its passive if so it should be around 4 times bigger than your extract also if its passive where is it drawing air from how warm is the air in there? just dont drop bulb size the bigger the better try the intake if that fails save for a 6" i use an rvk150 with speed controller and have never had to turn up past a 1/4 of the way up

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You need way more intake (Passive intakes should be 3-5times the size of exhaust hole. And if using 2 x 400hps in 6x6' box I'd recommend 125mm-XL RVK or even 160mm Fan. It is alot of air that need movement and you will also benefit from reducng the ambient rooms temps a little.

PS! If you prefer active inlets, then I'd go with either 125-XL/150-M/160-S - for hepa/bio filtered intake and a 160mm-xl with can-filter on the outtake.

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