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Hey guys,

Im new to Hydro and so i thought i would start out using one of these (well actually mines called a Turbo Tank) although it is identical to one of those NFT40(sumthin).

Question is, when ive got my babes up and runnin and there all nice and bushy, how would i go about changing the nutes in the tank....?

It'll be a real pain having to lift off the top tray wot with the pump connected and flowerin plants to contend with....have any of you peeps got any suggestions :smoke:

Thx for any advice. Rudebwoy :smug:

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Raise it up on something and set up a syphon.....If you feel confident enough you can get hold of tubes and fittings from a hydro supplier, even BandQ homebase, to make a tiny outlet tap for the bottom corner of the tank...don't blame me if it drips though.... :smoke:

You can scoop most the nutes out and syphon the last few drops....

Make sure you get it all though...good thorough cleansing between tank changes is crucial in NFT growing.....


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hi rude,

or you could use the pump to empty the tank,

attach some piping to it...................


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Hi Rudebwoy,

Lay the pump in the nute tank , let it stir the water , then with the sediment nicely mixed, fix a garden hose on the pump.Put the other end of the hosepipe in the sink or bath, switch on & pump out the tank .

To get all the water out you may need a piece of wood (or similar ) to wedge under the tank far end ( away from the pump ). You'll soon realise whether this is practical ( or not ) for your grow setup !

To fill the tank, attach the hose to a tap .The other end's in the nutetank ( of course )!

If you're right upstairs, ahem, the water tank can be used as the water supply. Place a pump attached to hose in the watertank & pump the water to your nutetank. Easy ! And thats the work done for you !

Just don't forget what your doing ! And everything'll be sweet :stoned:

enjoy & stay safe

- - - frozensun - - -

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Why do you have sediment in your tank??

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get a drill powered water pump

you can get them on ebay for a fiver

then all you need is a drill, a bucket and some hose pipe ;)


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