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vision weaver

lighting advise needed

B) yo guys & girls how's it growing??

the vision weaver needs that sound advise from you pro in-house gardeners . I have just taken delivery of a 600w grow light

from those customer friendly people at GROWLIGHT.CO.UK i found the product of high standard and at a competative price ie cheap as chips

there aftercare is excellant take a look at there prices for lights and kits anyway . i have this set up in my grow room now and i would appreciate some of that pro advise that i get from you all here at 420 .com so here are my questions : I HAVE 5 ICE BABIES IN THE GREENHOUSE THAT ARE A WEEK OLD CAN I BRING THEM IN NOW AND PUT UNDER THIS 600W GROWLUX LIGHT


thanks all help gratefully received :ouch:

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Hi Vision,

I normally leave my girls under a fluro for a couple of weeks then put them into my Hydro unit.

The reason for the fluros is you can have the light much closer to the seedlings and that way they dont stretch so much.

Yes you can have then under your light now but it will need to be at leat 12-18inches away from the seedlings.

As your seedlings are already in soil then leave them alone for now no food required, they will get all they need form the compost/soil.

You can start to feed them after 2 weeks just start off with weak amounts not sure what your going to be using for ferts.

Water them as they need it,check the soil daily t start of with then you can relax a little :-)

If your seedling are in large pots be careful not to overwater them tyhere is tendency to water the whole pot and then poor seedling dies due to too much water.

anywas keep us posted

All the best


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B) yo stoned skunk i knew a pro would give me devine inspiration unfortunately i do not have a fluro but it will be on order what wattage do you use ?

for now i will put them under the 600 and hope for the best .

hear you load and clear on the watering front i think that is what i did with me best plant that was about 4 weeks old and coming on fine i repoted her amd gave her a good drink next day wilted and probably deaad

not to worry you learn by your mistakes at least i have a few more to go at as this is my first grow i am probably over doing things a bit with the watering side of things

i have been giving them miracle grow one a week

what fert do you give them


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Hi vision weaver, I would keep a 600 at least 2 ft from your seedlings, its no problem you can raise seedlings under a sodium right from the start, its just cheaper on electric cost using a fluorescent, not better.

You could have bought your 600w lamp from uk420’s affiliate store for £120. That way we would have got a little towards the running cost of this bulletin board from them and you would have been giving something back.

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HI ot1

And the url for the affiliate store is:


Might be usefull next time for those who dont know to put the url in:-)

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Hi VW,

Ok mate well lets hope these ones dont drown ok bud?


i also used to use miracle grow but then went to pure organics instead of the chemical ferts which work very well and iam not saying they dont.

I have one 30watt tube which does me fine as i only have 4 plants on the go at any one time.

Ok mate well you you have any questions feel free to ask away thats what we are here for to help everyone to overgrow and overthrow their dealers and smoke some top bud ;)

All the best

SS :ninja:

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B) thanks guys for all your imput and sound advise as well as the url for the affiliate etc

should have guest there was another supplier

o well at the moment its working ok but lost another new light something keeps blowing these things

its anew unit as well .

all the plants are under the lamp and i am going to keep it on 24 hours is this ok until they flower then if i have this right 12/12 till harvesting ummmm cant wait for my first harvest .

ill keep you all posted and sometime when i get a camera i will down load some picture .so untill then stay cool and

grow man grow :smoke:

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vision weaver, you only want your plants under continouse low light levels if they are mums or rooting cuttings.

As a newcomer to growing you would be best to stick with 18/6 for fast growth and vegging under intense HID lighting.

Once you have some growing experance 20/4 can produce faster growth, but every thing needs to be right ie air exchange, water, fert, etc etc have to be finely tuned to get the best out of it. Get it wrong and the results can be worse..

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B) once again you have come to the resue and given me some sound advise better go and put the timer to good use just a quick one what is the differance between sodium growlight and halide as a newbie to this growing lark i am at a loss but learning shit loads from you guys

when you talk about vegging is this the period of growth from seedling to the pre bud stage and beyond ?

when you talk about mums is this then the female of the species has given bud and then brought on for next year ? i will be taking cuttings and having ago around the 8 week period is this the correct time to take these clones your advise as always is greatfully received


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talk about vegging is this the period of growth from seedling to the pre bud stage

mums is this then the female of the species has given bud and then brought on for next year ?
:smoke: A mother is a female plant that is kept in the veg stage to produce clones you dont bud this plant just use it for reperdution
8 week period is this the correct time

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B) many thanx saldo i do believe the vision weaver is getting it !! i have about 25 plants on the grow

so i have a few to play with , they are all at vareing stages of growth and as a first time grower am very keen to learn and to see the results as i go a long

old timer has given me sound advise as you all do many thanks .

how long will a mum last ? :ouch:

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