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Ecolizer Nutrients

i'm about to do my first hydro grow. ang have ordered my nutes (ecolizer starter pack). just wanted to give summit different a go no one who i know who grows uses it. thought i'd be different.

just wondered does anyone on here use it? and has the starter kit got all the tack i'll need? and what sort of results you get using it?

any info on ecolizer would be welcome.

atb cropman Edited by cropman

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Ecolizer Basics A+B is developed by Ecoplanet as an optimal biomineral nutrient. The needs of the germinating plant follow a fascinating pattern, whereby absorption of various elements changes rapidly from phase to phase. Ecolizer Basics A+B is a combined biological nutrient, built on a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in perfect proportions. This stable basic nutrient contains raw materials of food grade quality. Ecolizer Basics A+B is balanced in such a way that it doesn't contain any superfluous materials. In principle, it is not necessary to rinse and drain the substrate. However, Ecoplanet advises you to do so every two weeks in order to keep your soil healthy. Ecolizer Basics A+B is very stable and can be used in small doses. Naturally, Ecolizer Basics A+B is ecologically sound and fit for all substrates and plants.

Ecolizer Basics A+B can be bought in packages of five, ten or twenty litre sets.

The growth table emanates from the fact that tap water has an EC of 0,5. In some areas the EC may vary considerably. If the EC has got a lower value as noted in the growth table, the procedure may be continued. Should the EC of the tap water have a higher level (f.e. 0,8), upgrade the level of the EC in the growth table with 0,3. The higher the tap waters EC , the higher the amount of parts the plant doesn't like (chloride / sodium). In this case rinsing the substrate on a regular basis is a necessity. (each 7 or 8 days).

When growing on hydro systems, wet your mats in the first week with a nutrient solution with an EC of 0,8 to 1,0 and adjust the pH value to 5.8. By measuring the pH -value of your drainwater regularly, you can collect a large amount of useful information about the substrate. With a healthy root environment the pH may rise, whereas a bad root environment may cause a reduction of the pH-value in your substrate. In the after case, this is because the roots are producing organic acids, so keep an eye out for this. Using Ecolizer Basics on heavily fertilized soil is not recommended.

Just copied and pasted this to get you going ! :photo: Edited by Stealth67

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fuck me stealth your like dog shit you get everywhere. nice one cheers

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[quote name='cropman' post='1187610' date='Jan 2 2008, 03:55 PM']fuck me stealth your like dog shit you get everywhere. nice one cheers[/quote]

I just had a bath, so i cant smell that bad :photo:

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will you do me some photos stealth so i can do a diary (i'd love to be able to do a diary) of my first small hydro grow bubbleberry and kali mist.

atb cropman

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[quote name='cropman' post='1187807' date='Jan 2 2008, 07:07 PM']will you do me some photos stealth so i can do a diary (i'd love to be able to do a diary) of my first small hydro grow bubbleberry and kali mist.

atb cropman[/quote]


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hi just thought id butt into this topic on my 1st grow at moment 2 weeks in but doing well , hopefully stay well the amount of money ive invested so far , ive had a shed build to measure insulated ia all through 3 to 4 times thick with foil bulbble insulation boarded the lined with silver foil tape then diamond milar over that , got 1 400w sodium & 1 200w invirolite just ordered 3 more sodium because you can see the growth difference between plants also waitng for a fan temp controller to arrive coase i feel the room may be getting too warm believe me spend a bit in there you sweat well also i get no reception on my phones in there which i hope is a good sign , im using the recirculating bubbler system the rooms 1.5m x 1.5m & also using the Ecolizer nutrients kit with the other option they gave for the bigger heavier buds that was bloody expensive but ive had the same no1 has heard of this make
are they anygood
also how should i run my system, what should i have, from beginning to end if poss
complete beginner just bluffing my way through it at mo not too badly though
how much nutes
how often change reseviour
anything you can think of basicly
do i need anything else ive spent this much why stop now
babies are 4 white widow 4 hog plan is to hopefully cross 1 of each watch this space(hogwidow)
using co2 tabs + got regulator & soleniode just waiting for gas but not too stressed at mo
sorry for going on a bit but just want to make sure im not missing anything
any help appreciated
photos soon
thanks again

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