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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to clear up that Scuff/Pollum/Bubble is all the same things ??

If they are diffrent, can someone tell me what they are and how they are produced ?


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skuff comes from a skuffing machine.

Imagine a slow tumble dryer made from monofilament mesh full of bud and a plate at the bottom collecting the 'knocked off' resin glands.

Polm/Pollem is just another dry seive method of resin gland extraction.

Bubble Hash is the no1#

Method is: 'Frosty' trim is mixed with water and LOTS of ice and seived through monofillament mesh bags of selected micron sizes to get a near pure hash.

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Morning ladies,

What part of the plant can you keep & roughly how much bubblehasd do you get / plant.


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Any leaf that sparkles is worth keeping, anything else is not worth it IMHO although i do know that some people dont waste a single bit of the plant.

If you run sugar leaf (resin covered leaf) through bags you should expect about a 10% return on the original dry weight of trim.

ie: 100g of trim will give 10ish g of bubble hash.

Very pure and potent :nuke:

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Hey everyone,

Scuff and pollum/polm/pollen are words used to describe the results of a dry sieve. In dutch coffeshops they use the Pollinator (see www.pollinator.nl) to make any of they polm/pollen/scuff/nederhash and pollum. As you use the trimmings and not the buds...it is super efficient... It is definitely the easier way to make hash (as it does not involve water and ice). You can press your scuff to make hash, either with a proffesional press or some other methods that incolve heat and pressure. You need to break the crystal cell walls to make them stick together and make hash.

Bubble just means that when you light the lump of hash it starts to bubble. This is nealy always the case when you have Pollinator hash or Ice-o-lator hash, which is available in some of the better coffeeshops like the Bushdoctor, De Tweede Kamer, Dutch Flowers, Blue Bird etc.

Have fun trying all the different sorts. Don't forget, from every strain of weed, you can make hash! Though obviously some are better than others. But it is pretty strong...don't have a whitey!

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