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Guest dr rockster


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Hi Doc, she's looking nice and healthy mate :unsure: , hows the rest of them getting on?, peace, Baz :P

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Hi Baz,

if you are asking about my other Motavations there are'nt any as this babe was the only one that came up.

But my other strains,I do have a twee problem in that trying to be a good hippy I'd thought I'd reuse my compost and I've a blemish or 2 on some leaves and some are a tad pale.

So I've given a very mild N feed and will pot up with fresh compost on Tuesday.

So no worries! :wink:


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Hi Doc,

i never knew you could re use compost, thats great news because the place where i was getting my Westlands MP has stopped selling it due to the summer season ending, do you ever get problems with pests transfering from the compost into the new grow? :spliff:

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Hiya Baz,

Yes you can reuse it but I think it must be best to mix it in with fresh compost as I've found using it as it is,its pretty depleted.

My girls arent 3 weeks old but some have paling leaves so it was feedtime for them,just a tiny bit of N to see them through to a repot on Tuesday.

The pic is of a Clusterfuck that is showing up the problem.

But no worries as a repot will sort things nicely methinks and as they've been fed they should darken up.

You make a good point about possible bugs being transferred to this grow though as I've not done this before and didnt really think it through.

They are gonna get full SBPI treatment anyway,so no worries. :D


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Going to get a pot up tomorrow.


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She's a fine specimen doc,fair play to you.Mine are less developed than that..lush.

Good luck mate..Welly.

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All the best doc on yer test grow :nazi:

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Hi Dr.

She is looking great, just one huh?

What happened to the others, did you try to crack them open after a while or did you just toss them, and after how many days?

I know they could be hard/slow to crack, but only one out of five is very low.

I'm sorry for the disappointment and hope this single beauty can make up for that.


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Hi Gerrit,

yes just the one I'm afraid.I gave them 2 weeks and then removed them to see if they had split and gone rotten.

But they had'nt so I put them in water for 24 hours and into paper tissue but halas,none more showed.

It shows you that seeds do need to be conditioned for sure,as they were all nice fat beans.

But she's coming on great methinks and hopefully she'll make some good pot for a friend for sleep/medi purposes.


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Hey Doc,the Motavation looks like shes coming along nicely. ;) Do u think its better to just buy new compost that it is to reuse old stuff.When I used to use All-Mix at £12-£15 for 50L,I did try and reuse it due to the high price by mixing in some worm castings and new All-mix.

I did notice the reconditioned compost needed more feeding,could this have been because I didnt put enough new material thru the used compost or was the used compost in the mix depleted of nutrients,making the plants in them need more food?

Now Im using Westlands MP+JI which is much cheaper and i got 3 for 2 so can afford to use fresh compost each time.I just dont like the idea of using "spent" compost without it having been put thru a composter over time to regain nutrients and goodness.Theres also the bugs as well I spose.

When do ya reckon youl put the Mota into flower Doc?After the roots show out the bottom of the next pot up?

Whats this SBPI stuff u use for bugs n stuff m8?Is it similar to citrofresh?

All the Best with the grow m8 ;)

Hi Weed Warrior,

sorry,missed ya post first time around.

I've reused my compo for the first time and I didnt really think it through to be honest.Just used it as is,and am having to feed after only 3 weeks so its very depleted.But no worries as the girls seem fine and will repot in fresh stuff as they have 2 pot ups to go.If I do it again I'll mix it with fresh stuff.

As I say,didnt think it through and I may well get spidermite from eggs that have fallen into the soil.So I'll have to stay on my toes and use SBPI as a given and not wait for their signs.SB Plant Invigorator its called and its a plant tonic which actually kills the borg.So the plants love it and the bugs don't.What makes it a bit different is it can be applied in flower as so many times peeps report the borg in flower and are tearing their hair out,so its great for that.Cheap and in the shop.

I've got someone coming to check my windows in a months time though,and they'll see my growroom when they do it so I'll have to play musical 20 odd plants in flower which is a bit stressful.

I've done it before 2 grows ago where I had to bag them up 6 or 7 times,what a palaver.Actually had a spark IN my growroom fitting a new double socket at the time as well.

As regards flipping the Mota it will be when I think I can see a good 2 oz on her so I'm not going for a big plant as I'll have 20-24 in just over 2 sqm.But she sure is an indica chunky monkey! :bag:


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She's looking nice and healthy Doc :unsure: , how does she smell?, also like the sound of the SBPI you'll be using, i've never heard of it before, do you use it as a foliar spray or do you add it into the soil?, if it controls spider mites e.t.c i may get myself a bottle as it'll be handy to have it incase i ever need it, peace mate, Baz :smoke:

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