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Found 17 results

  1. Wanted to post first actual thread by asking your opinions. If you’ve grown single or multiple strains using 2x2 scrog, how much you have harvested on average? Or how much I could expect. Quick backup info: - 3x Northern Lights (photoperioids), growing in soil Biobizz light mix and two of them in 4L (1gallon) Air pots and one of them in 6L (1.5gallon) air pot. - Lighting is 250w HPS + 100w LED panel with balanced spectrum. - CO2 bag hanging inside the tent and air venting/circulation should be OK. Temp range stays between 19-27C. So they should have had favorable environments. Only veg’d them for ~24 days, since decided to keep those air pots as a final containers. Managed to fill the entire net pretty well after the flowering stretch. Also the lighting distances are set so I benefit most lumens and everything is centered to the canopy. Only limiting or ”bottle necking” factors are small pots. Now as getting close to the harvest (todays 45th flowering day) Im slowly getting the picture what am I going to pull out from this growth. Not too satisfied or then my eyes are just lying.. Am I jokin much if hoping over 4-5oz or does UK’s prefer ”zips” of dry product? My first actual experiment using scrog, and Ive heard ppl managing to pull out +1lbs harvests using 4x4 nets. and to get better overall view whats going on inside the tent. Heres the pics of the canopy:
  2. Evening folks.. so the season is getting close now, the fingers are itching and I'm sure just like me you can't wait for it all to begin again.. wishing you all the very best for the season to come.. May the sun shine down on us all and hopefully the ganja gods will reward us for our efforts.. right enough of the waffle.. so im interested on getting some info on outdoor autos... fist hand experiences only as I dont want to chance my luck on hearsay.. so croptober is still a long way off and although the jars are still full and plenty my taste buds need a new treat ,only really have the 1 strain left so starting to get a lil bored of it , not completely but by the end of the year I will be sick of it im sure.. well after finding a cheeky lil spot that I'm sure can roll if I had some stealthy lil plants it got me thinking of trying 2 or 3 autos that could bring me some early bud in July.. have any of you guys got any good recommendations for something fast, tasty, and don't need much maintenance.. this spot as I said is a cheeky 1 plain sight of a public footpath so won't have the luxury of being able to fuss over them.. its a private bit of land that is being neglected.. sure I can sneak in there to get holes dug and dressed then a early morning sneak for plant out.. odor isn't an issue as its quite far from the path the space i have in mind.. looking for something that yields OK and has a great mould resistance.. hope 1 or 2 of you can point me in the right direction.. so far I've looked at sweet seeds black cream auto and there cream caramel auto.. dinafems kush n cheese looks quite good too.. well out of touch with autos never grown 1 so really not got a clue.. Have a great eve you lovely bunch.. peace
  3. Also any information on how stable these genetics are thanks
  4. Hi Can anyone recommend a Humboldt all rounder mostly indica, yields well Body stone type Heavy stone thanks
  5. Hi all, I'm seeing some central growth in the tent at week 5 and was thinking, I could do with a light mover to help spread some of the canopy growth. Would a 1.5m x 1.5m be a good example to use a light mover? I'm about to purchase a 1.5 x 3m tent and was thinking to have 2x 1000w on light movers. I know some people would advise to use 3x 600w. But I feel that would give a more even spread on the canopy but not reach down into the depths. Thought's welcome.
  6. Hey guys. My last crop I pulled out all the stops. I studied hard and researched everything I could to do with growing & Invested in good equipment: X8 XL Autopot system & air domes 100l Flexi Tank Water heater Bluelab guardian monitor X2 full spectrum sun master 600W 8” stealth hyperfan 6” stealth hyperfan G.A.S digital fan controller 8” mountain fresh carbon filter 16” oscillating fan Full Canna nutrient range X2 exhale CO2 bags Humidifier Dehumidifier Inkbird temp controller Inkbird humidity controller Oil heater Bat special mix H&G I trained my plants using lst, lollipoped and defoliated to help maximise yield. I dialed in the air temp to a stable 25c and 18c night temps. Humidity was below 45% during flower. I supplied air to the roots via air domes. Kept the PH between 5.8 - 6.2 in soil. Supplemented CO2 and supplied fresh air from outsided with good airflow from oscillating fan. I kept water temps around 19c with good e.c never above 1.5 not burning my plants. They looked healthy throughout the whole grow. The buds looked ok but not the best or biggest I’ve seen. I have a couple of days left drying and my yield looks minimal, will be really lucky to reach 0.5 gpw from my 1200W lighting. What else am I to do..to help improve my yield, get bigger denser buds? I’m at a loss when thinking what to do to get better yields and closer to a gpw?? Anyone help please share your knowledge.
  7. So a general question for those who've grown a few different crops in their time. What strain do you go to for BIG yields? I'm trying to maximize my grow space (as we all are) and I'm looking for a big flowerer. I've been out of the loop for a while so forgive me if there is a hands-down winner that everyone knows about. I'm partial to my indicas, I like the Big Bud or Nothern Lights for output, even a Big bid x NL cross. Just wondering what others are growing. Can I make one request about the answers? Can you answer out of experience, not 'according to this guy/website/seed pack/etc.' Let's keep it real! :-) Thanks in advance!!!!
  8. Hi all I have purchased a bundle of new gear to set up and wondering the best strain to grow to suit it. I've done a few single planters but not anything of this size, I'm looking for strains decent yield, take well to topping, With nice smell/flavour and obviously best for my setup. So here goes this is what I have purchased: Dr150 tent 1.5x1.5x2m 2x 600w hid dimmable with mantis reflectors...happy to use 1 or both 200mm fan Carbon filter Nft systems 424x 2 and the nft gt100... worth using or not? t5 starter lamp So what strain would you recommend and how many? Thanks in advance 邏
  9. From experience any strains especially not the norm's i.e frisian, highest yield from experience also done on time pref before mid october also do you think blue dream would finish on time p.s ive already had a look at the outdoor strain thread just seems to not to be very active.
  10. So im wondering, what strains out there can hit the 15+ Oz mark indoors ive already done the berry strains pulling over 20oz a plant with 6 week veg an 9 week flower from clone, im after a medicinal strain or something that will help decrease pain, all help will be appriciated,
  11. As title, s there any difference in yield or vigour in cuts from plants that have been through a full flowering cycle and then revegged? or will the cuts behave in the same way as if they were taken from the plant in its normal (virgin) pre-flower veg phase? the reason I ask is there is that due to an accident there is an army of hacks on the go ATM, - so many that some will have to go to friends, and there is no way we can take cuts of all of them. If there is no real difference in yield/vigour from cuts taken from revegged plants then we can just reveg the keepers which would save us a world full of hassle and grief and worry. I have run cuts from revegged mums years and years ago which seemed to do OK, maybe a bit less vigor but I cant remember if we even compared weights and it was far from scientific and memory fades. not looking for opinions or theories here, just growers with direct experience of the issue in question. Do they behave more or less the same as normal veg cuttings or is it plant dependant? Or does it produce weaker clones and only make sense if you want too keep a strain alive for breeding? really appreciate any feedback. MM
  12. Can anyone give me a rough estimate of Outdoor grown Purple maroc per plant ? Would be appreciated LXMVN HXZE ♡
  13. I am wondering what is the best way to make use of my 1.5 key ish of seeded shieet? I am considering RSO/cannabis oil at the mo. Is there a simple method to use on site even?
  14. I'm new to here so not sure if I am posting this in the right section but anyway I got 3 kalashnikova (greenhouse seeds) under a 125w cfl, gonna veg them for a month then start flower with a 400w hps I got decent ventilation too, how much around about do you think will be a good target for the harvest? Btw they are all 2 weeks old now, not very tall but I'de imagine in the next 2 weeks of veg they will grow alot
  15. Hi all at uk420.com. I have been out of the cultivating world for 4 years now. Family, work etc. But now I have a new grow going and it feels good to be back. We are moving in 8 months, so I have 2 rounds left before I go. The "boss" has said its OK to get a tent going at the new place, if it has an attic. ITS TIME TO UPGRADE ! I have always been a very keen soil or coco grower, having just very recently had the pleasure of doing my first clones I think its time to upgrade and catch up with the modern TEC. ( Don't panic im 30, not 60). Not to sound cocky but money isn't an issue, I am not a budget grower. I was hoping to get some real lenghy advice on what system to go with. I have spent hours over the last few weeks reading up on the various different systems. As usual there is so many conflicting opinions I'm a little stumped. The important factors for me are yield as me and pals are a canna community, and stealth. The 3 systems I am intersted in hearing about are WIlma', Hydro' & Aero. The wilma system sounds exciting to me but like I said I really want to hear from the people that use them all the time. Regardless of how old this topic is ( like i said I have 8 months), please leave your opinion on the grow system you use. Any replies, I will get round to thanking you, I only get a few hours in the evening to switch PC on. Cheers in advance. . GreenVision.
  16. Hi Guys and Girls Just popped my Strawberry Kush from RDG today and I'm planning on growing it in hydro dwc in a DR60 and use my two led panels, just wondering if anyone has experience with this strain and could give me any info on its likes/dislikes and if it responds well to scrog?
  17. Polysorbate 20 - Why you need this in your nute mix. Introduction: (feel free to skip this bit, the goodies are down a ways) A couple of days ago I was up all night with the flu, the aches of that through my nerves on top of the normal pain is beyond anything I've experienced prior to ten years ago. That includes acute peretonitis as a kid, and torsion of the testes as a youth (). Nut was like a grapefruit. Still, a mere tickle compared to what my super-nerves can feel. I was only semi lucid, not nearly stoned enough. I have to limit myself to an eighth every two days as I've been buying it. Growing has been too much work for a while, but I'd just made the decision to start again down in my engine room. The boat won't be moving for a while, until I can re-prop her, so I have a light-tight, blower-ventilated grow room sitting empty. The cops will never bother about seeing a heat bloom from a boats engine room. I asked a friend of mine who has been storing my grow gear to bring it over and he mentioned the air pump. A 150lpm monster for aerating Koi carp breeding ponds. 20 airstones, it'll run. Anyway, I digress. I was sitting there and these lucid gaps in the mental fog opened, and I could see a new setup that would give me healthy plants that didn't turn into trees and was low maintenance (vital nowadays). Instead of nutrients being pushed around the system by a diaphragm pump, I thought of using my hugeous air pump to push massively aerated nutrient solution round the system. Have it bubbling away in an enclosed cylinder with a funnel on top and a short as poss hose leading to the root zone of a freedom type bucket (netpot in the lid, drain in the bottom). If I had a plant-safe surfactant I could blow a stable FOAM of nutes to the roots. You can't get a thinner nutrient film to hit a root than a bubble, thinks I. Then, thinks I, the air injected into the system, still moist, will be forced through the clay pebbles to the surface, where any remaining foam will pop. All the nutes will stay in the system! Quite often with these night-time lucidity brainwaves they turn out to be utter shit by morning. This time by morning I was actually excited (not sexually!) about the idea, because I had first looked at the bottle of Ecover washing-up liquid on the draining board. Our sink waste goes straight overboard, so no chems that don't at least pretend to be safe-ish get put down there. Hmmm, a blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants. I didn't even know what a surfactant was, let alone a non-ionic one. I googled: non-ionic surfactant effects plant biology health. One of the first results was the study I shall be posting relevant sections of in this thread. Not only does it turn out to be safe, has been used in horticulture/agriculture for generations and without which our food would require far more water than it does currently to grow. Without further waffling ado, I proudly present the work of one Xiaomei Yang of Auburn Uni. Here is her intro: (lots of reading, full version here: http://etd.auburn.edu/etd/bitstream/handle/10415/1203/Yang_Xiaomei_2.pdf?sequence=1) More to come soon.