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Found 36 results

  1. Hey guys, first time guerrilla here. What a terrible season this year. Doesn't look like I picked the best season to give this a go. After losing 4 of the 6 that I started with to slugs (GRrrrr) I've ended up with two healthy looking ladies (or at least I thought so) albeit stunted due to the complete lack of sun for the majority of the summer (and probably some inexperience to boot). However upon my latest visit I noticed many yellow spots on the bigger of the two (in early stages of flowering), just effecting the leaves up top. Obviously got me worried. Had a little internet search and seems it's most likely either too much/little nutes or leaf septoria, which I haven't heard of until now. So if anyone could help me diagnose this and figure out if it's something I should be worried about and what I can do to try and stop it spreading if it is an infection. I admit I got these two plants mixed up at some stage but I'm 98% sure she's a Mighty Gold BX1 from RGSC which I believe is a Semi-Auto. I'm growing in a bramble patch which I understand can have drawbacks. I wonder if this could be the cause? Any help massively appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Can you help me with a bit of diagnosis please? I know I have introduced a lot of variables. It looks like a potassium deficiency to me but I am inexperienced and not certain. I am probably trying to do too much at once considering I have less than 10 grows under my belt, but hey, that's where I am at. If you can tell by the images what is likely to be wrong I would appreciate the help. I am watering / feeding again tomorrow and planning to give them a watering with the usual feed and supplemented with 1tbsp/Litre of bat guano tea to try to add some P & K in case that helps. I could alternately just increase the Biobizz Grow - which I am currently using at about 1/3rd strength to complement the supersoil / allmix in which the plants are growing. PLANTS 1 Chocolate Mint OG Auto with paler leaves than I am comfortable with, with more yellowing between lateral veins, quite stretched (very sparse seeming buds for 4 weeks). 1 Chocolate Mint OG Auto that is squat and forming reasonably chunky buds with some leaf tip yellowing and browning. 1 Sour Diesel Auto with pale leaves yellow tips and fringes and brown spots. WHERE WE ARE AT 4 weeks into flowering (after 4 weeks vegging) LIGHTING 20/4 Schedule (as recommended by HSO who produced the Chocolate Mint OG Auto Seeds) Kingbrite 320W 3000K dimmed 65% at 60cm from Canopy 2/22 UVA 60W at 60cm (1 hour start of day, 1 hour @4 hours before lights off) 1/23 Far red 60W (last hour of illumination) ENVIRONMENT 26C Air / 25C Leaf / 50% RH Air SUBSTRATE 2/3 Biobizz All-Mix mainly at the top of the pot : 1/3 Ecothrive with Charge mainly at the bottom of the Air Pots WATER / FEEDING Alternate days (when dried to top 3 cm soil) Water PH before additions ~7.5pH after additions ~6.5pH Total per plant: 1.75L Water with 1ml Biobizz Grow (Molasses & N), 1ml Biobizz Bloom (PK), 1ml CalMag (soft-water area - seems to help) Any clues would be appreciated.
  3. 26ED6CDE-501F-472F-9002-1894AF12CCE0.jpeg

    From the album Sick dying seedlings

    Weird yellow fungus spore stuff growing on side of fibre pots along with mushrooms coming out the side of pots too
  4. From the album Microgrow Sick Plants

    My sick plants in a microgrow environment.
  5. Hi I need some advice on harvest please I grow in Coco using Canna nutes wich I stopped feeding a couple weeks ago, The two plants have been in flower for 8 weeks now and are really looking good. They where on 2ml A+B, 2ml Rhizo, 2ml Zym, 2ml Boost, all per 1L they did have some pk through weeks 5 and 6 with week 5 being a slow build up and 6 a full 1ml feed. I have started flushing my two plants Special Kush(SK) and Royal Domina(RD) around 11 days ago now and the leaves dont seem to be going that yellow at all. My two plants had a bigger flush 5 days ago in the bathtub where I put a bunch of ph water through each pot till the runoff was clear. Only a handful of leaves have started to yellow up and I am not sure if I should continue flushing for some more time or if its okay to harvest. I know for sure SK needs a week or so extra as I can physcially tell with the swelling the pistils and the trichomes are more clear on SK so not as mature. As for RD she is looking ready, buds look very full and swolen even the lower ones have swolen pretty nice the pistils seem mature and most importantly the trichomes are a really good cloudy covering across the plant with 10-15% amber. Is it okay to chop RD based on her being very filled out and her trichomes being a good cloudy coverage with amber mix or would it be adviseable to flush more allowing the leaves to yellow up ? Here is Royal Domina(RD) The one im looking to chop now, you can see near the back of the plant only the one small leaf starting to yellow. Here is Special Kush(SK) I am looking to give her a bit longer anyway due to her trichomes not yet being milky or amber they are mostly still clear but you can see the nug I have my hand behind the tips of the fan leaves are the only signs of yellowing on this plant.
  6. Hi, I grown this plant (gods gift) in soil partly outside then brought it in to veg a bit, now its three weeks into flowering and it's starting to get yellowing of the leaves. I have been only feeding a tiny amount of nutes as I overfed the last plant and got nute lockout. From googling it looks like a potassium deficiency. My tap water is soft and around 6-7ph. I have started feeding now with a veg stage feed.
  7. Can anyone suggest what is wrong with these plants pls? There's 2x Blue Gelato 41 and 2x CBD Blue Shark. Started under T5 but have been under 220w LED since last week at 50%. Have I possibly got the light on too high setting too soon? Turn it down? In a 60x60x90, 5" bathroom extractor fan (4" RVK & Rhino Pro, AllMix & nootes arriving tomorrow). Thanks in advance
  8. Hey Recently transplanted outdoor dutch passion Frisian Duck into better soil, the yellow has only affected a few plants and it's only affecting new growth. They're in 22L fabric pots, with between 5-6 pH, soil around 30% washed perlite also watered around 6pH. Only feeding cal-mag to the affected plants, There's also some discolored dots on older growth which I don't know if I should be worried about. Also if anybody has tips on Frisian Duck or any Duckfoot plants I'd really appreciate it, thank you. My others are doing okay with decent growth now they've settled in transplanted. Seedling stage was bumpy with hot soil but they recovered fine. Please don't be too harsh on me as this is my first real try and I started a tad late in season
  9. Hi guys could you help me out identifying whats wrong with my grow ? I have yellow leaves mainly at the top of the plants, some have tip burn others dont. Im thinking its a Nitrogen deficiency but not sure if its nutrient burn/lockout ? I am growing in AutoPots and have been easy on the feeding, the strain is Blue Dream Auto from FastBuds
  10. Hi all. Was just looking for some input. Two plants here, possibly the same strain just two different phenos. But that said, they do look like they could have maybe had different fathers due to cross pollination. (Bagseed) Day 51 of flower, and both are showing signs of Nitrogen deficiency. Now, I understand that this is normal, in fact I am pleased. However, could anyone maybe provide input on what they would do about the lightest green plant, as this I suspect to be a heavier sativa strain, thus meaning it will take longer to flower, ergo my question...Has it faded too early? I’d say the purple variety with more indica traits will be done in a week or 2 max. But the light green plant seems like it is only halfway done!!! Could I throw some EWC on top for a nitrogen boost? Or is it far enough along to leave be. Thanks for any input. Happy growin
  11. Hi everyone, A couple of seedlings have started to droop the leaves and turn yellow. I have them sitting above a res of EC 0.5 and ph 5.8-6. I must admit, when these seedlings where only in the rockwool, I let them dry out too much and they completely collapsed, but I caught them just in time and they came back to life, with just water. Not sure if this kind of abuse would have a long term impact on the plants chances, but they seemed fine afterwards. Since putting them above the res, I've been watering them with the liquid from the res instead of plain water. The leaves started to become a bit droopy and turn yellow. I think it could be either: - A problem manifesting itself out of the fact that I let them dry out completely, and just managed to resuscitate them. - Maybe I shouldn't be watering them with res nutes. Maybe I should be using just plain RO water? - Something else.... I would be grateful if someone more experienced than me (not hard!:) would be able to comment as to why these might be like this? In particular, why would the baby leaves have turned completely yellow? I fear if I don't act now, these ones will die. (Killed 4 already due to silly mistakes, like letting dry out). Live and learn... Thanks in advance
  12. Hello everyone, I have been having an "issue" lately. Last few weeks some of my lower leaves (mostly the ones that don't get too much light) start to turn brown/yellow and fall on their own. What can this be? ( N or P problem? ) I might be over-watering: 3L of water with organic nutes in 15L pots. I am getting around 30% runoff instead of 20%. Should i water with less water for starters? Also some red/purple stems are present.
  13. These are RGSC babies of various ages, all in 1/2L peat pots John Innes seed sowing compost with Perlite. I've sometimes been feeding them very diluted organic tomato fertiliser w/ seaweed. Otherwise just water. They are under cheap shit Chinese eBay LEDs (2 x "50W" + 1 x "100W") in a cupboard with pretty poor ventilation. I open the door when I can and usually have a fan going in there. But I have considered that the ventilation and humidity are probably far from optimal. I'm told these first ones, whitening at the edges, might be cold nights? What do you think? Then these brown bits, I've read both over and under feeding can cause. Finally, this guy just looks unwell. Yellowed leaves with sort of crispy brown detail. This photo looked good on my phone, if I get responses to this I could take some clearer and better-lit photos. If you have any advice I'd really appreciate it! Cheers guys
  14. Hi guys, This is the 3rd run for me with new seeds. The plants started off fine but have all developed a lime green appearance with some leaves whithering and browning. I use RO water and grow organically so only use molasses, and liquid seaweed currently. My pH when watered is around 6.5 and the run off is closer to 7 but nothing crazy high. The bottom leaves seem to be dying off and i cannot think of why this is happening. Ive been trying to solve this problem but I am really stuck and i don't want to leave it too late since the seeds were expensive! Any and all help is appreciated and I can provide any more information is necessary. I have attached a few pictures below to show you what i mean. Thanks PurpleReign
  15. Hi people I really need some advice. My plants have started to go this annoying yellow colour. I'm growing in coco with lil worm castings and feeding rarely on 1/4 strength canna bio Vega and have also fed them rhizotonic like 5 times during their 1st few weeks. They are early girl strain. Ph of water is 6.7. I never over water. I'm just gutted at minute and would love to turn them around. They must be 2months old since sprouting. Great weather and has always been here in South UK. They feel weak to touch. Not woody. PLZ SOMEBODY HELP ME also how can upload the pics???
  16. Sick Plant - Autoflower

    Very unhappy girl, over 2 weeks from germ and under 300w dual spec CFL
  17. Hi, I have four cuttings of Elvis - very robust and problem free grow - and all four are showing yellowing new growth. Problem in more detail: - Yellowing from the stem, outward to the tips - New nodes growing tight together (stunting) - Central leaf viens and stems sowing purple - Some leaf tip burn Background: - The cuttings were held small for around 8weeks. - Potted up into 3lt pots 10 days ago - problems showed in the last 2 days. - Feed is ec1.2 - 10ml Ionic grow and 1ml calmag (mum was on ec2). - Pots are 22.4c at base lights on and no less than 20c lights off - I have not been able to probe into the middle of the medium. Ambient temps are nice. - Water ph is a little alkaline, but Elvis mum showed no issues at all - perhaps the water supply has changed?? I have some ideas - nute lockout causing iron def - or possibly mag def (doesn't really look like mag def to me though) - but hope someone can confirm or shed light on the problem... Their mum grew out in an 11lt pot (so better resistance to temp shifts) and had no issues whatsoever throughout the whole grow - water and feed are the same for the mum as for the cuttings. I lieu of a better one, my plan is to flush tomorrow and start them back on a 0.7ec feed... Many thanks for any thoughts!
  18. Hello from the South-West! This is my first grow. I could really use a second pair of eyes to see what the problem may be, and any help would be amazing! After researching and looking at diagnostic photos my guess is that it could be a... Nitrogen Deficiency? My Indoor setup: 2 x Skunk No.1 plants. 11ltr pots. 3rd week into Flowering. (Had 2 months of vegetive growth) Secret Jardin DR60 tent (60x60x170cm). Mars Hydro 400w LED Light. Can Rk Fan 100A with filter. Feeding with Plant Magic Soil Grow and Bloom. Problems: Losing bottom leaves. Usually older ones. A hand full every 3/4 days. Older lower leaves getting brown spots, becoming crispy, thin, droopy and weak. New growths at the bottom end are a very pale green. Some almost yellow. Weak. Droopy and curling inwards. Top leaves are suffering few brown spots and tips. White bubbly patches I cant identify? 5% of pistils getting brown tips now too. This is a very recent thing though. Everything seemed to be going very well until the last 2 weeks of vegetive growth. Few brown spots appeared and some leaves getting crispy. Assumed I over fertilised and eased off it for a couple weeks. (originally doing water,water,feed.) Problem seemed to be getting worse and I realised I could of been too careful and under fertilised. As the plants have started the flowering period the problem seems to be escalating. Since i've done a few soil slurry's and tried to fertilise more frequently. Between 14th and 20th I fed 3 times on half strength bloom (2ml per ltr. Watering each plant just over ltr water every 3 days) Slurry Results: 1st Jan: PH: 6.10, EC: 0814 us/cm, PPM 0407. 17th Jan: PH: 6.2, EC: 0880 us/cm, PPM 0444. 23rd Jan: PH: 6.6, EC: 0710 us/cm, PPM 355. (I did water plants first then take the slurry on this one.. would this of fudged the results?) Im not sure what I should do. From the slurry results I feel like I should keep feeding every time I water until I get higher results..making me think its a deficiency (Nitrogen?). But I'm also worried I may be burning them at the same time. A flush is something I've considered too. Thanks for any help, Cheers everyone!
  19. Hi guys, Hope someone can shed some light on this for me. I've got 8 plants in a 2.4x1.2, this week is approaching end of week 8, so I'm in mid flush on all, aside from the jack herrer in title. (rest are psychosis, northern lights & Star Dawg). I've not started to flush the JH yet, as it's not showing any real signs of ripeness, trichomes are showing minimal development, and the hairs still look somewhat immature. Note, this is only my 2nd grow, so I could be missing something, hence this post. Now, my issue is that while the jack herrer is not in flush, it's started to yellow up like it is, so I figure it's either yellowing up in sympathy of the plants that are getting flushed, or I has something amiss. Grown in Canna tera pro soil House & Garden base nutes House & Garden Bud XL Sumo PK & Boost I've taken some photo's to hopefully explain what I see. So, here is how the pkant was, you can see the two main cola's rear left: My thought was is the plant getting too hot, so I pinned the cola's back to the edge of the netting, like so: Here is a better shot of the bud, you can see the yellowing more clearly: (the bud to the left/foreground is psychosis, you can see it looks healthier) Here's a couple of closer shots, (both of same bud) hoping to show what I meant by the hair development: Note: this is Jack Herrer from seedsman, not the more well-known Jack Herer. I have read that the latter of these two is a strain that can go up to 12 weeks, but I think this plant will last two more at this rate. hope you guys can advise what I should do / try? Am I in the right area thinking too close to light?
  20. Hi there, pretty new to growing, but I know how to, but usually I just stick to autos. I am growing this Purple Bud strain from SensiSeeds and I am having a few problems with it. I have noticed my leaves looked kind of krinkled and shiny just in the krinkled bits. They are canoeing (this has got better over the days as I started flushing) and I have notices these yellow marks on the leaves (In pictures) and I have seen 3 tiny holes in 3 of my leaves. Also the plant is 4 weeks old and it's quite short and very very bush and stubby with the thickest stem I've ever seen on a plant this old. I was just wondering whether the stubbiness size, bushiness and thickness of this strain is normal? How can I treat the leaves? And also, When should I switch to 12/12? I'll try and upload some photos via another website and enter the URL here. Thank you.
  21. Hi guys, Started nutes 2 weeks ago on my first ever 4 plants. Mid to late Veg. But im having a hard time telling what is wrong here, wether it is nute, burn, nitrogen difficency, ph regularities etc. They are due a water through today(no nutes) Can anyone give me some pointers on what may be wrong? I used 1ml/pl BIO BIZZ grow for the last feed but surely thats not enough to burn them ? Any help would be great, does anyone know of a decent Biobizz feedinging chart as I feel that this probably isnt helping me not having one.
  22. First "real" grow, using NFT in a small tent. Two plants from seed in rockwool, both Dinafem Diesel. I can only tend to them at weekends, being away from home during the week, so I'm not giving them the day-by-day care that would be ideal, just doing my best to balance the PH with roughly-measured, but deliberately low, dosage canna nutrients. Started with canna rhizone and grow-start, just switched to canna veg 2 part. Have some pk13/14 for later, and only just realised that's not a "base nute", so will need to get something else as well I guess. They're under a 400w HPS for 2 or 3 weeks now, after being under a weak fluorescent tube for a couple of weeks from seed. 20/4 throughout. Temps go from 22ish at "night", up to 25ish at day, as the screenshot below shows. The plants look good, compared to my feeble windowsill soil efforts previously, but they definitely aren't perfectly happy, as the title of this post might suggest. Can any experienced growers give an opinion please? Thanks in advance!
  23. Can some wise person please advise what is wrong here, thanks.
  24. Day 56 10 AKR

    From the album First Grow

  25. Day 56 9 AKR

    From the album First Grow