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Found 5 results

  1. Right guys I got a 2m x 2m x 2m tent 2x 600w dimable balast/lights 6inch carbon filter and fan 2x oscilating fans Temps 24-27c Humidity 50-65% Was thinking 8 plants under a scrog net Veg 7 weeks flower 7 weeks Enough space u think guys ? Co2 increase yeilds ? Coco or soild ? Any reccommended strains ? Cheers guys aorry for all question firat scrog want to get it right
  2. so i was lsting my autos and snapped the middle stem when they where young woops! but turns out topping them makes a difffrence pics here ! this one is topped this one isnt
  3. hey guys currently have 4 autos in wilma 4 pot doing good very bushy is there any harm in tying down branches to get more light to the buds seen a video saying it also increases yeild thanks in advance pics below
  4. Evening all, After a bit of advice if I can please! I always thought the key to getting a decent crop was a nice level canopy, which I suppose it is! But something that I have appeared to lack in my last couple of grows was a decent length cola. The Iced Grapefruit did have nice long colas but half was under the canopy so the buds weren't as solid as they could be half way down. I always tend to under trim after a couple of weeks in flower which I swear I'll alwalys correct next grow but never seem to take enough off! I really feel I'm not quite getting the best penetration from my 1000w, which is why I'm probably just missing out on a gram per watt, not by much, 4 or 5 Ozs but that adds up to a lot of bud over a few grows Just a general chit chat really, pictures in my diary if anyone's interested Thanks I love you all