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Found 335 results

  1. Hi guys new on here am using a 8 pot Wilma system 18 litre 2 inch of clay pebbles and coco. I keep reading about having run off ( I have no run off) I’ve got my timer set at 2x 15 minutes a day using the black drippers. My baby’s are 3 weeks in veg. Shall I up the feed till I get run off or let the plant tell me. Any advice be great cheers guys
  2. Can someone recommend a circulation fan? I have a black orchid 1x1x2 grow tent with a wilma system and three seedlings. There is also a VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series V450 450W LED Grow Light. Thanks!
  3. Hi all,,, please see pics below and a full description half way down!!! Thanks in advance for any advice. Hi all, So i'm having some issues with using the Advanced Nutrients Grow range, used them before with no problems but this time ive got leafs that aint lookin too good! Lemonade OG from @panik Week 5 (laggin a little behind schedule due to some school boy errors whilst seedlings) Topped 10 days ago. Res temp is 19-20 Air temps 21-26 Wilma 50ltr with circulation pump and Haliea Chiller, 11ltr pots with pebbles, internal small clip fan, intake and extraction RVK Vegging with 325w of CFL Advanced Neuts Sensi Grow A&B + Hydroguard EC 0.9 PH is 7,, but as im sure ya'all know its not meant to be a factor with AN neuts as they are have a much larger working range due to being chelated. Here are some pics,,, My suspicion is a Mag deficiency tho im really not sure! Any other AN users out there that have had the same problem??? @stu914 any ideas mate as i know your a AN grower!?! Have you experienced anything similar?? Mag deficiency mayb??? Mr Panik says it looks like a PH issue!
  4. Hi all,, a couple of quick questions for you? 1, Does your EC have an effect on the temp of you res water? What i mean by this is, does the water in your res warm quicker/easier if the EC in your water is higher? 2, What temp is ideal for a res? Ive modded my wilma so the roots dont go into the res in the thought that i may be able to get away with slightly higher res temps if the roots are in it. Lights off im at 19c and lights on it climbs upto 22c. Ive tried everything to bring res temps down and really dont wanna have to buy a chiller. Thanks in advance...
  5. Hi all, Thought i would document my 4th grow Feedback & criticism more than welcome as i am still leaning! Equipment 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m Secret Jardin DR Tent 6" Carboair carbon filter 1350 m3/hr 6" RVK Fan 720 m3/h Wilma 4 pot large 18 litre pots Cleaned and reused Just clay pebbles for medium Lighting Maxibright T5 Lightwave (seeds) 400w MH (veg) 600w Dual Spectrum HPS (veg/flower) Seeds 4 x Critical+ 2.0 fems Nutrients Vitalink Max A+B Silver Bullet Roots Grow Room Built a partitioned wall in my internal garage. Decent size room with a radiator (central heating) Vented straight to outside Setup: They are currently 8 days into flower, still stretching strong. Apologies for pictures with lights on, will update diary with some better quality pictures. They seem to be heavy feeders, Background EC of water is 0.2EC Current feed mixed is 2.0EC and EC is still dropping daily Think ive been underfeeding, so monitoring daily to keep on top of it. Will keep diary updated until harvest. Cant come quick enough for the Mrs as her jars are nearly empty Thanks for reading!
  6. Hi,,, please scroll on through,, all advice welcome! Hi all, newbie still making newbie error's!! Ive been doing abit of reading up on this but yet to find a definitive answer and was hoping some of you on here might be able to help! Im 4 weeks and 4 days from flipping my Original glue ladies in a Wilma, 600hps, running advanced neuts. Temps are good and so is humidity, EC is 1.5. Has been up at 1.6 but ive dropped it down as i found after they finished stretching the ec has been rising after 48hrs or so. The bottoms of my ladies are going very light green,, Nitrogen dif? or somthing more? Something dont look right!?!? A few of the lower leafs have just fallen off when brushed past, the steams seam brittle, and as you can see in the pic there is a massive diference in their colour. This has happend over the last 72hrs or so. Ive had some issues lately with some suspected root rot (last week or two) and so the ladies have been stressed recently with an initial "farmer grade tonic" treatment and full scrub down of the wilma with 12% paroxide and then a full strength treatment with silver bullet the following week. I had been adding the BigBud Advanced neut additive as-well before but have dropped it as i think it was giving me to much calcium, i had some clear like snot in my res and read that this can be caused by hard water (which i have! + a high background ec of 0.3.) and or may have been connected to the rot!?! So here we are, more pics below,, thoughts please?? Do i add some grow neuts in next top up to try and get some more nitrogen in the mix? Thanks in advance... The bo
  7. First post on this forum, so here goes! I've done a fair few grows using compost and while the results have been good, I'm looking for a new challenge and something a bit more efficient that can churn out a bit more bud for the grow space with less electric cost. I'm currently growing in soil a 1.2m tent with a pair of 400w HPS alongside a 0.75m tent with a 250w MH. I'm vegging 4 plants in the 0.75m tent until it's full in 18l pots, then moving the plants to the 1.2m tent to veg for another couple of weeks to fill out the space before flowering, turning around about 300-350g every 65 days. I then dry the bud in the 0.75m tent for a week before vegging four new plants in there. Works well but now I want to expand a bit and try something new... What I want to do now is a SOG style grow using the WILMA clay pebbles system either using the XXL 16 or 20 plant system. Ideally I'd like to be able to keep my trusty 1.2m tent in use for vegging (BudBox pro so a really nice piece of kit) and then get a 2.4*1.2m or even a 3*1.5 if it can fill out for flowering. I could veg the plants for half a flowering cycle in the 1.2m square tent constantly so it could serve the 2.4*1.2m tent (with two WILMA XXL trays) with a full WILMA XXL tray of plants ready to flower every four weeks or a little less so get a nice 1.4m squared worth of bud every four weeks or less once it's up and running. Has anyone done this? Is there something that I'm missing here? Ideally I'd like to go for the WILMA 16 pot XXL and do a trial run in my 1.2m tent before buying too much new gear just to get the hang of it. So this is my plan can anyone give me a bit more guidance? I've got lots more to ask but don't want to end up writing an essay and would rather start a good old fashioned dialogue with the seasoned experts!
  8. Hi all,, so i have 5 Original Glue girls in a wilma/1.2 tent with 600w hps just about to finish their 3rd week since i flipped them to 12/12. Id say they have finished their stretch and are showing all their early bud sites in the last 3 days. I cleared up the bottom 3rd of them pretty well after about 10 days of stretch but left the canopy alone pretty much. Now tho the canopy is pretty damn dense and i was wondering weather its too late for me to de-foil the top two thirds to allow more light penetration? Im also a little worried as i'm getting quit a few "sweaty" leafs due to the density and i'm running Original Glue beans that ive heard can be prone to bud rot later down the line if things are too damp/cramped. So do i de-foil now? and if so how heavy and which leafs to aim for? Cheers in advance...
  9. I am going to transplant 3 Jack Herer which currently grow in a R-DWC into a Wilma system. The plants are in their vegetative state and growing happily and the medium I am using in both cases is clay pebbles. So my concerns here are: 1. How bad will this be for the roots? Going from being submmerged in a oxygenated solution to being irrigated from the top at different intervals. 2. What is the best way to proceed? I'm afraid the long roots will be compressed by the weight of the pebbles resulting in damage. Is there any other preventive measures I should take to make the process as painless as possible? Thanks in advance, buds.
  10. unnamed.png

    From the album Wilma Ring Design

    Watering ring conversion for a Wilma 4 pot
  11. Hello UK 420, new to this forum. Interested in advice from other growers as this is all new to me and fed up of having to rely on the black market. Me and also a friend have decide to do a setup up each and grow our own strains. All very exciting but also very daunting. A friend that grows recommended a x2 4 pot 25L wilma pot system. With x6 600w omega sunblaster dual spectrum bulbs. with a 5" rhino incline fan and 10" rhino pro carbon filter. with various nutrients. Originally was going to convert a room, but have decide to go with a tent suits me better to keep it out the way of the family. After looking across the forum. Overwhelmed with various things to go for. The Green tube tent for instance looks great. Would really appreciate, If you could help me through the list of things i need to begin before i go purchase the stuff as I'm unsure of the list I've been giving and is a big investment for me. Heres what I've got down so far. Greenlab grow tent unsure of what size needed for 8 plants. x2 4 Pot 25L wilmasystem ( also seen auto pots they look good ) x6 Omega Digi-pro euro digital grow light kit is has ballet and euro reflector. ( this seems like a lot ) 5" twin speed Rhino incline fan 10" Rhino pro carbon filter with ducting and clips Plant magic bloom 5L Box of shooting powders 500g ton of bud Rhizotonic 5l PK/13/14 1L Canna coco A+B 5L ( any changes and advice will be really appreciated. what tent to go for, are the wilma system worth while or should i use another. x6 lights seems loads swell as the nutrients. I'm sure theres things i haven't got on the list i need aswell. look forward to the feedback can't wait to get the ball rolling a big 420 thank you
  12. Hi all, so ive been stumbling my way through my first grow fairly well (or at least i thought i had!) reading massive amounts from this forum which has been invaluable so far but i seam to have hit a bit of a wall! All was going well until the last two weeks or so, after some bad advice on my lamp height/power and watering schedules aka i was advised that i could water them for 15mins every hr as i had switched from a 125w CFL to a 600w HPS! When i had only been watering them for 15mins 6 times a day before hand with the CFL. So as you may have guessed over watering ensued and by the time i cottoned onto it it was really prevalent with droopy leafs, stunted growth being the most obvious and then the onset of burnt tips and then the signs of Nitrogen deficiency with the bottom leaves turning yellow and dropping off followed by the next leaf ect ect. Suffice to say i've lowered the feeds back down to 6 per day and raised the lamp up so temps aren't so high, that was 4 days ago and things don't seem to be turning around too quick, still getting more yellow leafs,,, making me questions is my diagnosis correct!?! So i guess i have a few questions that i'm hoping you guys will be able to help me out with. 1, How long should it take for the N deficiency to clear up? 2, is there something else at play that i have over looked? 3, what else can i do to help them recover? 4, Any other Ferro use'ers out there have any tips on using the range? or have a diary i could read? 5, My fans seam to be running full chat most of the time and yet my temps are still a fair bit higher then what ive set on the controller? i.e my controller is set to 24 degrees and yet temps are topping out at 28! Im guessing the 2nd hand controller i got wasn't such a bargain eh! =( 6, Is 6 feeds a day still too much? Any wilma use'ers out there have timing advice in regards to feeds? My set up is as follows,,, Female Seeds Lemon Kush, planted from seed 7weeks ago, topped at the 4th node and attempting to scrog. Wilma 4 Pot with 5ltr pots & clay pebbles and x4 air stones. 1.2x1.2 tent with a 600w hps aprox 3 feet above canopy on a 18/6 cycle. Ventilation ect is controlled by SMS Com 2amp Hybrid controller With RVK 100e2 in take and RVK 150e2 out through a massive Rino filter, 700w Oil heater with circulation clip fan above. PH is a steady 5.8 and my EC is at 1.5 with a background of 0.2 Air Temps are between 28 and 20 at lights off, with humidity around 40%, Water temps are naturally between 23-25 Im using the West Sussex Ferro range of neuts, using the GROW at the mo along with the Enzyme +, Bio Crop & Bio Roots,,, all at the recommended amounts as per Ferro. Any help, advice, criticism is welcome and massively appreciated! Not sure how to post pics on here, could anyone share a how to link? Cheers...
  13. Hi all ! My 10th grow, with the aid of the forum, my 6th with Sweet Seeds goodies. I have upgraded my setup a little. There are now two lights in the tent, squeezed in with the carbon filter, the fan is now outside the tent, the air cooled hoods are identical and I have hooked it all up in one long line across the tent with jubilee clips and 6" ducting, I am also using yo-yos for easy rising and lowering of the lot. New bulbs also, identical, got two blue omega bulbs 600w and two red for flowering later. New airstone in each Wilma 4 pot and hooked up to a timer to blast out for 15m every 6h. Currently the plan is to grow just 8 plants, 4 Crystal Candy on the left Wilma, then 2 Killer Kush and one of both Green Poison and Sweet Cheese in the other Wilma. I am hoping to find a mother I can clone and keep for a few runs - we will see ! Almost all of the plants rose on Easter Monday, putting the plants at two weeks old tomorrow. They have just been rooting up in their little root riots and then in some coco in a small plant pot - Today I put them in their Wilma's, and the ones I am not going to keep are potted into fabric pots and in soil, destined for elsewhere later. Currently reservoirs have the following nutes in : 100ml Canna start 100ml A + B Canna Vega 100ml Atazyme Lights are on 20/4 cycle, water pump is on 24h.
  14. few pics of grow just asking for any tips or advise really Wilma is drip feeding 30mins every 3 hours from seed should i do them for 1 hour every 4 hours now as its been about 3-4weeks from seed putting 1ml per liter of canna a+b should i try to up it a bit aswell ? 28/09/16 30/09/16
  15. Hi guys, Its my first grow with a Wilma system. I germinated my autoflowrring seeds last tuesday and then put them straight into root cubes in my propogator. Things have gone well so far, all 4 seeds are up and roots are just starting to show through sides of cubes. I gave them a very light water and root juice mix a couple of days ago. I am just wondering is it now time to put them in the wilma pots and if so what level of nutes (1/8 or 1/4 strength) and how often should i feed them? They are going into clay pebbles. Any tips or advise greatly appreciated.Thanks guys Tonbar
  16. This project is intended for 18L square pots - if using round pots or alternative sizes then be aware this will affect dimensions and /or instructions - do your research first. I have found that fixed, one piece scrog nets spanning your entire grow space or tent can be quite limiting - this thread is therefore my own DIY attempt to improve my set up and to give me a more sturdy and accessible "scrog per pot". For each scrog pot you will need:- 18L square pot - this should have a rim (see photos) and be sturdy. 56cm x 56cm (22x22") mesh - stainless or galvanised steel to prevent rusting. I went for mesh with 5cm (2") square holes with a wire thickness of 2.5mm - very sturdy!! 4 lengths of 4.75mm thick galvanised / stainless steel rods each at 76cm (30") length 4 x rubber bungs with pre-drilled 4mm holes 4 x rubber end caps - black preferred - because you definitly dont wanna have you eye out on these rods! You will also need a drill with a 5mm bit suitable for drilling plastic. Ok, so here is the pot I am using - it's an 18L square pot (which came with my Wilma big 4) Firstly, you want to drill a hole in each corner of the pot, through the rim - make sure it's exactly in the corner as much as you can - repeat for all 4 corners:- Next, flip the pot over.... you now need to drill a hole through each corner on the underside of the pot - the hole should be drilled diagonally and emerge at the bottom side in the corner - repeat for each corner and see the picture for what I mean:- Now, take one of your 30 inch rods and insert it through one of the holes you just made..... it should go through the underside first and out the side of the pot as you drilled it:- Feed the rod all the way up and through the hole you made in the top rim - like so:- You want to ensure you pull it all the way through so it is flush or better still, slightly recessed with the bottom of your pot - as pictured - this will ensure any sharp edges wont snag up your tent or floor covering:- Now, repeat the above steps for each corner and you should end up with a pot with 4 long rods very firmly attached like so:- Right, thats the end of part one.... stay tuned for part two (when some bits arrive from flea bay in a few days)! Thanks for tuning in!
  17. Its come to the point now, where I can't really continue using compost and manual watering. Physically, its getting to be too much. Not only is all the lifting and humping stuff around too much (feeling the heft of a pot to determine if it needs watering is way out of reach now), but now I have a tremor that makes watering more like taking a shower! My right hand is so weak I can't even lift a cup of coffee with it some days. As a result my GR is a dirty and untidy mess. And my plants are suffering with minimal yield and maximum distress. So I need a simpler system. But which is best? Wilma? NFT (I'd probably find this too technical)? Autopots? Airo-whatzzits? Which......? Any wisdom, 420 peeps? I will be starting my next grow in about 5 weeks. So I need to get something lined up smartish, like.
  18. Welcome to my new diary. I have started early instead of in the New Year. I have nuked the grow room and setup everything so making an early start ! The four Sweet Seeds plants will be sharing the tent with some subbie seeds I got from these forums, Oldtimes bx, so one 4 pot wilma for the Bigfoot & Cream47, and subbie seeds in the 2nd wilma. I have two seeds of each gifted to me by Sweet Seeds Tommy earlier this year at the festival in Peterborough. The Green Poison which were part of the gift pack will need to wait for the next grow, I may even add them to my guerilla project, we will see. Canna Start & Atazyme will be the nutes to begin with and will move onto Canna Aqua Vega/Flores in due course. The 1100w dimmable ballast is ready with its blue bulb at 400w, with the rhino pro 6" fan and carbon filter inside the tent (170cm long, 60cm deep, 180cm high), plus I have an 8" Fan and Filter in the room outside the tent I run - no smell is the goal. The seeds have opened, hence the start of the diary. I have been soaking the rockwool cubes in ph6 water with the tiniest drop of Canna Start, the seeds are now in the rockwool - These will be transplanted into the clay pebbles later. Updates as things happen. Quick pic, note how the Sweet Seeds are moving whilst the subbie seeds are still working out they are gonna need to open :
  19. Hey! I am a total newbie when it comes to hydro but I want to give it a try. I am growing for some time, organic in soil, but there is just so many problems such as bugs, over/under watering etc. My budget is limited for now and those "Wilma" systems caught my eye. In principle, they look perfect for my 120x60cm growing space, either the 8x11L pot system or the 10x6L pot system. HOWEVER - now my major concern....it is about the requirement to empty and replace the nutrient solution in the tank every week. This would be a MAJOR problem as far as I can imagine, although I might possible be able to put a 5M draining hose down from my balcony where there is a drain downstairs. Otherwise I have no idea how to do this since there is no drain or water connection on my balcony. * My question is whether it's possible not needing to fill the tank to max. (which is 85L) and then run the system that way that after a week there is only very little water left, for easier disposing off the water. Say, instead of running the system with 85L of solution, run it with 40 or so liters? (On the other hand, I understand that over time, the plants take nutes from the water, so the LESS water in the tank, the more the ph will change over time??) How would I go about draining and replacing the water in the tank anyway? My idea to get into Hydro is that at first it looked very easy and convenient, like fill the tank, add nutes, ph it...but now I imagine I have to carry 8 buckets of water on the balcony every week and replace the entire tank filling...which means that ULTIMATELY such a system *seems* a lot more hassles than hand watering?? Any other ideas? ** My other question is about the right system, the 10x6L pot system or the 8x11L pot system? My space under the light right now is 120x60cm and I am not sure what size of pots I should get. ** Do the Wilma systems have like openings for draining the tank? Thanks!
  20. Hi and welcome. Since the seeds are popping up to say hello it is time to get the diary started. I have two Wilma systems, identical ones, 4 pot 11 litres using clay pebbles - side by side. Total of 8 pots. Each pot is covered with a see through plastic dome propagator I got from Homebase, 3 for £6.99. There are 4 Killer Kush, 4 Sweet Trainwreck and then 2 Sweet Cheese I have just added into the pots of the two smallest/latest germinating Killer Kush seedlings. Lighting is a 125w CFL 6400k Blue light for the first 2 days and I have now put them in their own big pots in the main tent so added in my dimmable ballast which is set to 400w, shall up this in a week or two when the seedlings are bigger. Nutrients in the 30 litre tank is as follows : 50mil A and 50 Mil B Canna Veg, 60 mil ATA Root Stim, 30mil ATAZYME. Same nutrients in each tank. My cheapo pH pen seems to have failed so should have delivered in 2 days a proper BlueLab pH Pen, it has set me back £75 so it better be good ! In the meantime I am unsure what the pH of the nutrient solution is. A couple of pics, today is day 3. The Setup Killer Kush & Sweet Cheese Day 3 Lazy Killer Kush (day zero for her still) & Sweet Cheese Day 3
  21. I'm starting a grow in my wilma big 4 again... Cracked a dynachem, white widow and 3 big red... Typical only 1 big red has Germed leaving me just 3 plants so I'm cracking a hippie killer also. Going to be growing in the V1 wilma big 4 using a coco, clay pebs and perlite mix. Last grow I used chempak with reasonable results but very open to some suggestions for any easy peasy all in one nutes that won't break the bank. I'll try and keep a diary once vegging in the wilma and hope to get some followers and great advice along the way - this will be my second grow and looking to beat 3oz per plant which is all I managed last time due to temp and ph issues. Thanks for your replies
  22. First posting on here Got a wilma system but not producing anything good. First batch died cos I put in system to earlier, second batch is slow growing, very slow. so can you guy help me with some advice. Have a 400 hps rigged to a cool tube, as in attic and it gets hot, hot, hot up there. Good distance away so not burning/frightening plants. Go a measure stick so ppm is on 300 for some growth. Changed dippers from black to purple flood ones, growing in clay pebbles in one pot and that recycle glass stuff (forgot name) in another pot. Only got two pots running after first disaster. Growth started in grodan and then moved after about 6 inches tall. when should you moved from progration to wilma? will roots rot in grodan if over watered? where is the best place to place the flood dippers in pot? If using a timer what is the best time interval to use? (worried about over watering)