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Found 9 results

  1. A few pics of this years Sweet Seeds Greenhouse offerings Just did a bit of re-potting and bug hunting, no feed just a home brew soil and later feeding will be Richard Jacksons Flower Power as always, had great results, not had a bad plant yet and with me working away so often i cant keep a regular feeding schedule so the RJ stuff is great as it is great for just watering on. All will be placed outside very shortly to make way for a late run of Sweet Seeds fems when they arrive. A mixture of fems & autos - Cream Caramel, Wild Rose, Cream Mandarin, S.A.D. A pic of one of the buds from a Somme Anniversary Rose , stunning and smells divine.
  2. Thanks for running such a great competition Jayyp,Tommy and all the sweet seeds family. Hello and welcome to my Sweet seeds competition diary. I thought I would kick things off with a drawing (since i’m an artist) as a way of introduction. As you can see I went for Psicodelicia, Wild Rose and Sweet Afgani Delicious. My choices were easy as i’ve wanted to grow wild rose for years, Psicodelicia is in a book i’ve got and Sweet Afgani Delicious just sounds excellent I love growing in water so whatever system I use it will be water based, nft,dwc, r-dwc or waterfarm. I’ve got a few options maybe try 3 girls one cup again... ... This is the setup for this grow. No1 a mop of course ; ) Small veg tent 60x60x80cm Light: 300w CFL euro shade Heated propagator Small Desk fan for air movment Flower Tent 1.2m (GreenQube) Environmental Controller G SE set at 25c, 70% humidity lowering to 50% late in grow 600w Hps with a 5” air-cool shade 2 5” inline fans (one for filter, one for shade) 2 6” desk fans (one high, one low) 1m scrog net Nutrients are simple GHE 3 part formula Grow, Micro, Bloom Cal-mag Superthrive Silicon (ph up) Lemon juice (ph down) I’ve got H2O2 for if I see any root rot and TaNiLin for if I see any fungus gnats. I will be using EC truncheon and PH meter to keep everything in happy zone for hydroponics Lets get growing, the seeds and lovely catalogue got here really fast (within two days) Fantastic! I put them straight in some room temperature water over night then transfer directly into Jiffy pots and put them in the heated propagator with the lid on just to stop the coco pots drying out. Keeping a close eye on how heavy the coco pots are and keep them wet but not soaking. You get a feeling for it I used the paper towel method for years, then tried this way and its just as good so far Within one day the seedlings are starting to show Over the next few days all the seedlings made it the to surface This was the 1st seed to show S.A.D S1 won that round I’ll see how much they stretch and decide if they are going into grodan block or into clay pebbles Sorry this is such a big first post I just wanted to cover how I start out in detail I got six weeks to wait until the flower tent is empty , then the fun will really start. I’ll do another update soon as anything is happening. Bye for now : )
  3. Sweetseeds102.jpg

    From the album Sweet Seeds Comp Pictures

    Wild Rose

    © rabthegrower

  4. 2011/2012 ice cool joining the party late. all will be grown under hps and in soil with just water and bloom. select ice cool as i done it in the past and really enjoy her. also had a lot of seeds from sweet seeds so i just crack the lot. no messing about ... strait in nice warm and moist compost and a lot of them were out of the ground in less than 72h. but there is a few missing which i will give time as some off them seeds are more than 4yo. double white and a sweet cheese both single seeds. a no show so far sweet skunk auto sweet special auto sweet cheese auto photo of the day
  5. I thought I'd start a diary for these sweet Sweet Seeds. I've just started a few seeds for now, I might start some more later on but I need to make sure I don't run out of my very limited space. Here they all are - Wild Rosie Ice Cool Princess SADs1 Sharon SADs1 Samantha The plan is there is no plan , I'm going to grow them, chop them , dry them and then smoke them and eat them. At the moment they're under a 2ft 4 bar T5 in potting and seedling compost, I have some fishmix, some ot grow and bloom, some micro-fungi stuff and some seaweed. When it's time they'll go under some kind of HID setup. That's about it for now, keep it sweet.