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Found 115 results

  1. widow clone

    From the album Seedsman

    one white root at moment

    © bluntz27

  2. Hi everyone and welcome along to my very first attempt at growing....anything....ever! ive been lurking in this site for a couple of years but have finally went out and bought myself everything (I think) I need to grow my own bush. KIT 75x75x200 budbox tent 4” td extract fan, acoustic ducting and rhino hobby cf 660w dimmable ballast + 250w mh (veg) 600w hps (flower) 6” clip fan and 9” floor fan STRAINS GROWING 2 x Dinafem White Widow 2 x Dinafem Blue Cheese im going to be attempting to follow Nebula’s Manifold technique from the GWE site as I’ve been reading up on this for years and it seems like the way for me. I had my gear running for a few days before my seeds arrived just to make sure I could control the temp and humidity and after some hammering and sawing I got it sitting steady at 24c and 30% with the 600w lamp in and ballast cranked up to 660w. Those td fans are pretty good! My seeds arrived yesterday and I immediately planted them in little biodegradable pots 3/4 filled with coco and pre-soaked with plain tap water. Once the standing water had run out the pots I placed each seed in pointy side down and covered loosely with a 1/2” layer of coco. I then popped them into my propagator and into the airing cupboard covered with a towel to keep it dark. Temps are ranging from 18c when the heating goes off and 24c when it’s on. Humidity steady around 55-60%. They’ll be staying in there until they’ve cracked the surface then it’s out of the airing cupboard and into the tent under 250w mh with the extract running. I’m using ionic nutes but will be starting them off with some formulex until probably the second set of fan leaves then switch to 1/4 strength nutes Once they're 6 nodes high it will be time for the first top and clean up then tie the branches down to begin forming my manifold. Let them grow another couple of nodes each side then it’s one last top and clean up. They’ll be vegged until just below 1/2 my desired finishing height then it’ll be in with the 600w HPS, ballast down to 400w and increase it up to 660w week by week Ill be posting pics as I go so feel free to jump in with any pointers, criticism (good and bad) or just for a blether. Below are a couple of pics of my tent and ventilation. Next photos will be when they pop their heads through to say hello cheers for reading Tent is in the en-suite of my bedroom with the shower ripped out. Kept the sink and toilet in case I spend too much time up here with the girls ha extract rigged up to an existing, unused extractor fan which vents out through the roof
  3. Afternoon All, What do you guys think so far, Im 5 weeks into my first grow, in a tent, inside a shipping container, 5 white widow and 1 critical 2.0, gowing in coco.....
  4. White Widow Feminised White Widow is a classic marijuana strain. Aptly named for it's bright white trichomes, white widow is "frosty" or "crystally" in appearance. This potent strain is a beautiful representation of the indica-dominant hybrid originating from quality cannabis breeding in Amsterdam. White Widow originated by crossing a "Brazilian sativa land-race" with a "resin-heavy south Indian indica". This is the mastery of cannabis breeding and genetics in the direction of potency, not flavor. These two genetic traits, landrace sativa, and heavy-resin indica were chosen primarily for their abilities to get a user "high". For this reason, White Widow is without a doubt one of the most successful commercialized cannabis strains on the market. Buy White Widow seeds from Seedsman today and experience the very best in strain potency and cultivation efficiency. GENETICS: Indian/Brazilian VARIETY: Indica / Sativa FLOWERING TYPE: Photoperiod SEX: Feminised THC CONTENT: High GROWS: Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors FLOWERING TIME: 8 Weeks HARVEST MONTH: End of October http://www.seedsman.com/white-widow-feminised-seeds Feel free to share your photos of this strain in this same thread.
  5. As the title, just about to get some of these Dinafem White Widow XXL Autos for a hilltop plot. Also considering some of the white widow auto (not XXL). Anyone tried them outside? Always got to hope we'll have a better summer this year, but if it's anything like last year, even my early autos need a bit of mould resistance. It's taken me months – MONTHS! I tell you – to decide what to buy; it's amazing to have so much choice, but it does my head in thinking of all the lovely options! Still, if you people have some better suggestions, I'm open to ideas... Thankfully, don't need to worry about photoperiods, cos I've got a few seeds left from last year
  6. white widow novice indoor grow

    From the album in the tent

    Just finished building the tent.
  7. IMG-0009.JPG

    From the album Popping my cherry

    Sprouted 2605/11/17
  8. Hi guys.. My first post, 1st indoor tent set up and 1st attempt with auto Basically here is white widow auto already 13 days after popping out from soil and not showing much of growth. As far as I have read thru forums, autos start flowering at specific time not when veg period is done. My question is wether it is just slow growth or it looks like there is something wrong and I should start over with new bean and not waste my time as I want to smokkkeeeeee germinated in wet paper tissue in dark (2 days) put in soil for 2 days, popped out very beautiful then put it in the tent under 60w CFL (second day maybe too close as small small end of first fan leaves tips very bit yellow then i moved it 1 or 2 cm away and next day they were fine) first set of fan leaves stayed small and never really got bigger altho next leaves already coming out after day 8 I replanted in bigger pot and fresh soil and turned on 360w double chip LED at about 28inch distance the plant started showing little response so from day 6 to day 13 fist fan leaves have not change their size much but the new leaves in the middle are coming out no watering since repoting does pH play huge role in this growth process for autos as main was 6.8-7.0 or could this be because roots dont get air as I didnt put perlite in the soil and also yesterday white powder appeared on top the soil which I assume is mould, but i havent watered after repotting which I did on day 8 humiduty between 50 to 60 and temp day 28 - 30 night 23 - 25 soil is organic with no nutes and I use 360w LED I hope you understand all factors and I havent missed one for the best judgement of what is happening here. Thanks guys
  9. WWandL27xES27.jpg

    From the album Gorilla grow 2017

  10. In the Night Garden... Rollup folks, here we go again, Dinafem's back in my night garden ...first and foremost big ups to @Dinafem-Mark and Dinafem themselves for putting up the Early Amnesia and Dinamed CBD pips for this run, (this won't be the only diary I do on them either as I've got plans for another with them and those will be grown in a completely different way/system for a comparison between that and this due to how I'm currently running my garden) Right so, as eluded to above I've been umming and arring about how to go about this here diary for the Dinamed CBD and Early Amnesia CBD and well see, things have altered a little in the system since the last Dinafem run and those being that I've been using pre used mix for the medium and well happy with it tbh, producing decent crops but is more involved with the feeding formulas and a sharper eye etc also I've reduced my numbers of plants. I used to run 6 x 5l pots but found that it was too cramped so decided on my last run to run in my 7.5's with four plants and have found it the better way forward, so in turn I'm running four plants again this time. The Beans Then Now another thing I've been doing of late is to run multistrain grows in order to have as much variation in my smoke for different occasions according to mood/vibe and time of day and have also found this great for me, so this run is again a four way strain grow. 1. White Widow 2. Moby Dick 3. Dinamed CBD 4. Early Amnesia CBD The CBD plants are new Dinafem strains of course and following these and to be started when these are flipped is the brand spanking new Remo Chemo with nutrients test run (that run will be a single strain grow for a more fuller test). I'm really looking forward to those as it's something extra having to go into new nutrient territory and following a chart for me, so should be good learning all around this current run however will be done with my usual nutrients and methods of growing. I dropped a bean of each of those above into some mix (reused Jack's Magic/Westland MP/Verve boosted with Fish, Blood & Bone) and 3" starter pots some time ago, however the EA CBD came up, stopped and died almost instantly, the Dinamed was slow and so I thought she also was a dud, I had a poke around and she also stopped but earlier from the seed the Widow and Moby Dick however were fine, thus two new replacements for the duds were started and thus they are a week younger (working it out earlier and I'm counting it in at 25 days for the WW and MD and 18 for the EA CBD and Dinamed) They were a bit long in the starters though tbh as the Dinamed is REALLY slow to get going, but yesterday I had to go for the pot up into my 6" pots as I need to get these moving along and also the cabinet was free for the halide to be used (up to this point they've been grown under sunlight via a velux window) Root systems were ok enough with the MD and WW and also the EA CBD (just with her) but the Dinamed needed more time in her starter and the ball broke up on the pot up...she went in the new pot fine though and has not been bothered by the disturbance by looks of her earlier The photos above are a few days in for three of them but the Dinamed is just after breaking the surface as I liked the seed casing still being there and that unfolding, 'new life' look I haven't bothered with anymore though until these taken today after their pot up yesterday (we've all seen seedlings and at least that early stage is now over and can get on with show now they're into their mid pots) The White Widow above and in her new boots, little bit overwatered as my usual MO I can see but I'm not worried, she'll be fine when she dries out a bit, which shouldn't be long as the cab's running at 29 C with the Halide on. The Moby Dick, looking a little better, bit pale but she's ok and needs a little more food which I'll balance out with what the FBB does for her in the medium. The Early Amnesia CBD and well happy with her and how she's getting on with it, shiny leaves, happy enough and droops after a watering and picks up afterwards. And last off the Dinamed CBD, you can see what I mean about her being slow because this plant came up around same time as the EA CBD (within a day), I don't think she's been the happiest, possibly a little cold perhaps from the window at night and affecting her a little but confident she'll ramp up now in the cabinet under the lamp. Got a group pic below to finish up the update today folks, all in the cleaned out night garden with Cartman watching over them so happy dayz, will update in a week or if things happen sooner etc Until next time, thanks for watching
  11. Plant 2 - Pic 1 - 2 weeks

    From the album Mediterranean Outdoor Grow Auto W.W.

    Second Plant. Growing well. Week 2.
  12. WWLST.jpg

    From the album Random photos

  13. WW.jpg

    From the album Gorilla grow 2017

  14. Hey everyone "I'm back". Well the stroke didn't kill me, although it did put a serious crimp in my style. Everything has to happen slowly now so bear with me. I tried taking pics last week and I got all confused but I'll re-learn that in time as well. My last journal included OG Kush CBD and we now have my neighbors Fibromyalgia pain under control so a huge thumbs up to Dinafem Mark and Dinafem for making that success possible. I have to confess I didn't get much of a chance to test it because Anna needed them more than I did. I made up "00" gel caps for her and my girl Ginger (dog) who is doing amazing. She's going upstairs to sleep with us and is playing with her toys. She's 14 years old. I'm currently using C+ "00" caps (10 grams to 250 ml coconut oil) and tincture (30/70 PG/VG to 11 grams) both are working but need to be stronger. This time I put in 5 Bubba Kush CBD and 5 White Widow. Both strains germinated 80% in paper towel inside a CD case. The BBK CBD cracked at about 48 hours (-+) very long taps. The white Widow cracked at about 58 hours (-+), very short taps. I just put them in starter cups, heater, one T8 flouro in a humidity dome. N
  15. Let's get this show on the road shall we? First of all a big thank you to Mark and all at Dinafem for making this possible. I hope I can show my gratitude by producing a stunning summer show. I'm currently trawling the net for completed outdoor diaries of the 4 strains I'll be having a go with, none of which I've grown out before. A bit about the environment first. I'm at Lat 37N, on the coast, hmmm...OG!! I'm pretty much guaranteed blue skies from April through until November and the sun is intense to say the least. Last summer temps went way up into the 40'sC for about 3 weeks non stop which didn't suit everything so I may run into some problems if that happens again. Can't order the weather as you all well know. I'll be growing organically using either Compo or Flortis Eco veg & bloom nutrients which served me well last year. They're basically the same as BioBizz but about 40% cheaper. BioBizz light mix or Grotek, not sure yet. I'll also have some seabird guano which I'll use as a top dressing once flowering is underway. Today DPD arrived with my new wormery, a Wormcity 100 4 tray setup and 500 worms went into it this morning. They take a while to get up and running but I should have some lovely tea by the flowering stage. The strains. Pre'98 Bubba Kush. Sounds right up my street, I do like a good knockout indica for a relaxing evening. I rarely smoke during the day - too busy looking after my girls & boys and when I'm not doing that I play golf 3 or 4 times a week. I've read it's short, stocky, average yields, best topped, notoriously slow in veg...among other things. Let's see about that shall we! I may start this one off earlier than, for example, the OG Kush as I can probably trust it not to take over the whole neighbourhood. A 40L Smartpot will be perfect methinks. OG Kush. I picked up a pack at the Canamoexpo in Sevilla last year so it's time to get going with them. I'm toying with the idea of growing one of these using a SCROG. I have 2 sturdy 'nets' 1M x 1M that I could place either side of a 40L Smartpot. Why not? The other one I'll start off in May. I can't have 2-3m plants so starting towards the end of May will give them enough veg time without me ending up with triffids. Original Amnesia. 'It needs high levels of Ec and light. Those seeking the highest quality, it is best to grow it organically' 'The breeder recommends that it is with respect, as it is said that it's power is very high and to be careful with it, because it can cause temporary memory loss'. I'll smoke this when I need to forget something White Widow. Not much to say that hasn't already been said about this strain although I have yet to grow it. That's got the ball rolling, first update when I get the beans sprouted. Good luck to everyone else taking part, here's to a great outdoor grow in 2017 !
  16. plot3 WW.jpg

    From the album Gorilla grow 2017

  17. well hello there this is my first crack at growing my own rather than giving some little scroat my hard earned cashish it all begins (was hoping to get some pics here but ill get there) with a purchase from a friend of a complete grow setup that included a bunch of seeds, tent, pots, lights, fan and filters, heaters and even a little advice i soaked the seeds in water for about 18-20 hours and they all sunk in the end so i got to potting them into starter pots in room temp compost(verve) and thats about as far as i am at the point of typing this i have 3x white widow and 5x original amnesia autos i will be starting some regs soon but this grow is to tide me over till i move hopefully soon i dont really know what else to say apart from im finally doing it and i will keep everyone updated as events unfold thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings oldsmoker (sorry about grammer/spelling im not to bright)
  18. Mixed Dinafem

    From the album Donated Bubba Kash CBS and WW

    Four on left are BK CBD, far right are OG CBD, third from left is WW, others are Kushberry
  19. Hi All i have just started my first grow. Trying to keep this cost effective and simple. Currently have 3 white widow autos growing indoors under LED Grow light. They are in a pretty standard multipurpose compost. After spending sometime researching I am noticing that compost is not used that often and can be to strong in nutrients which isn't great for me. I am now also seeing these tiny little flies so had to get some fly paper to help but they not all gone. I am started to get concerned now and wonder whether I should get them out the compost and into soil. If they are these tiny flies I have been reading up on they can cause a maggot of some type in the compost which can harm the plant. Can someone please help me with this. Do I need to get them out the compost asap will this damage them? They are about a week old and about a inch high with small leaves still. Or is there something I can do to the compost to make it safe. Will be a real shame to start from scratch. Thanks all
  20. Hi all my autos are just under 4 weeks old and looking to start feeding them some nutrients. Can anyone suggest types and where I can get them from etc. Thanks
  21. Day 9

    From the album Girls Grow Killer UGORG too

    Day 9 From seed- 9 Honey Badgers 7 Disco Biscuit 6 Premier Sweets 2 White Widow 2 Tangine 1 OmGKush 1 Wonder Woman We lost Alice