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Found 94 results

  1. I found someones plot today I'm sure! I was out "walking my invisible dog" when I came across it. There was about 30 holes all dug out. I searched the area and found a spade, some bags of manure, chicken wire and half a bottle of Lucozade lol. If this is a guerilla grower preparing for this season then I'm not sure what to do? I personally think this area is way too easy to come across and wouldn't bother if it was me. Advice lads?? Provocateur.
  2. What strains everyone growing at the minute? im currently running Casey jones incredible bulk sour pink grapefruit almost week 6 flower stacking up nicely let me know what your all growing
  3. Iv got a loads of stalks in a baggy iv built up from about 3 or 4 oz’s of weed so probs 4 or 5 g’s of stalk but I don’t know what to do with um... Iv tried making tea before with a similar amount but didn’t really feel much effect.. I dunno if maybe I did something wrong but it just didn’t work so was wondering if anyone has any recipes that include stalks in other food or drink ? Cheers, Joe
  4. Iv seen a few of these type vape things on eBay. I don’t know anything about vaping weed iv only every rolled joints but fancy giving it a try. So are these gunna work alright or are they abit cheap and crappy and put me off ? Cheers, Joe
  5. weed

    Hi, Im a UK based cannabis enthusiast who is getting really into the cannabis community. Feel free to speak to me at anytime. I can be contacted on here for instagram 3HighGuyss (Follow ;))
  6. I know it might be a naive question to some, but I haven't ever really dived too deep into growing veggies or even standard garden flowers. I have tried a couple of summers ago but did I really have a clue as to what I was doing, did I chuff. But this year, having been growing for around 18 months and learning about our plant, I started off with a tomato plant and threw it in my veg cab under a 125w cfl next to a Kalashnikova which didnt make the venture into the flower room because it didnt grow as fast as its siblings. The tomato plant thrived, so I threw it in a 8L fiber pot with a 50/50 mix of light and all mix, then a couple week ago put both plants in a small greenhouse outside, giving it the odd bit of food, but mostly water and its going well. Will see if the foliar feed I use for canna plants actually helps fight off insects and thats that. I am assuming, without knowing, that they all require the same conditions. By that I mean, airation, moisture, warmth and light, as I think it is a hobby I could get into if it isn't labour intensive. Or are there some edible plants that are mega fussy, need a different type of soil and conditions?
  7. Hi All I appreciate there is a thread right at the top called rough guide to harvesting and curing. My focus for this topic is entirely for curing. Now I took on growing and no longer have to rely on other people to acquire my smoke (Aaaah, nice!), I am looking more into saving some bud aside each grow for a long cure, obviously not all my crop as once dry I want to sample, then get straight into using it for smoke, oil, hash etc. But I want to be able to select myself some primo nugs and cure them to the point I salivate at the thought of the perfect end product. I have cured in glass jars before with regular burping and I must say that works, but after regularly watching Greenhouse seeds Youtube grow sessions they always mention the same phrase at the end of each grow, store in paper bags, and leave in controlled room at 8 - 10 degrees for 3 - 5 month for the best tasting smoke. Does anybody else use paper bags for curing, and has anybody ever gone that long for curing? What are the advantages of glass compared to paper, and vise versa etc. Thanks for reading.
  8. So here maybe a new idea for you all. ive come across something called the Kratky method. A hydroponics system with is just a bucket filled with water and a basket In the lid filled with perlite. Plant in the middle add nutes to water and grow outside. And it works! People have mentioned that stem rot and things would be likely but from what I’ve seen it works amazing and the buds come out beautiful. gas anyone else done this or is it just a lucky break he had? Also thing for Guerilla Growing purposes it’s amazing. Hang a bucket in a tree with an auto.
  9. Anyone tell me if this light "LED Grow Light, 600W Dual Chips Full Specturn Grow Lamp Red Blue Plant Light for Indoor/Garden/Hydronics/Vegetable/Flowers Growth,UK Plug(10W leds)" on amazon will do for 2 plants?
  10. Hello I have recently come across the new idea for Guerilla Growing. I have seen people are growing in the top of trees. Such an amazing idea. I just wanted to ask has anyone done this in the uk? Any advice and mistakes that can be minimised? And also do I still need to protect from slugs? I will be surrounding the plant with a bet for birds but I’m not sure what pests need to be worried about up trees
  11. Long time smoker with tobacco joints, roughly 80% green 20% baccy, always been to go method. Trying to get into using oil more. If I have missed any method please state yours
  12. Long time smoker with tobacco joints, roughly 80% green 20% baccy, always been to go method. Trying to get into using oil more. If I have missed any method please state yours
  13. Hiya, All you great people. I've arrived here because I was looking at the American site with the similar name. I had no idea 3 months ago that growing weed was so popular!.....I love it, everyones doing it, wow! Ok. I'm a complete novice and until 3 months ago didn't give a thought about growing my own weed for pain control. Yes, I have been taking the CBD oils and the like and yes I thing they do work,.......to a certain extent, but boy, are they expensive or what! Worked out I was spending around £120 per week for me and a little for my wife (fibromylalga) I won't go into my pains & bore the socks of you but am I glad I found this site. To cut a long story short, I found 'Sensi-Seeds' in holland and ordered 8 seeds...... 4 Purple bud Feminised, 2 Super Skunk Feminised/autoflowering and 2 regular somethings (I don't remember) Bad move I know, especially when my wife mixed 'em all up! Then armed with seeds I bought the list below:...... 1: 2ft x 2ft x 5ft growtent 2: one 250 watt halide, 3: Two 300 watt LED grow light, 4: a bunch of fertilisers pots dishes, 5: Coco Coir, 6: Two Lamp Holder Socket e27 with Switch ON/OFF 7: Two pendant style hanging LED growlight bulbs 8: Four sheets of Mylar (don't ask) 10: Trotec Air lock for window venting 11: Garland GAL44LSW 24 Cell Self-Watering Propagator - Black 12: Canna 1L Terra Flores 13: Canna 50L Terra Professional Plus Soil Mix Bag 14: Gro-Sure Perlite, 10 L 15: 8 x Small 20cm Round Bell Plant Pots Planters Plastic Green Colour Garden Pots 16: Grow ligh hangers 17: Inkbird ITC-306UK Dual Relays Plug Digital Temperature Controller Heating Thermostat(No Cooling) 24 Hours Day & Night Cycle Timer,3 Pins UK Socket 18: DIGOO DG-TH1001 Indoor&Outdoor Hygrometer Thermometer Sensor 19: String 20: 10 of Whitefurze G01R25 25cm Milano Round Planter - Terracotta 21 10 Dishes for pots 22: Masterplug Indoor Power TMS24-MP 24-Hour Mechanical Segment Timer 23: Aluminium Flexible Fan Ducting (5 Metres)-4"/100mm 24: Micro lens (to see Trichromes) 25: Strainer and filter stuff 26: Balhvit3 in 1 Soil Acidity Reader, Soil Plants, potted plant soil pH and Moisture Meter, Light Intensity 27: 8 of Whitefurze G01R25 25cm Milano Round Planter 28: 20 Litres Perlite 29: 3 Core Round White Flex Flexible Cable 0.75 MM 30: Black Orchid BO-AF-100-UK 100 mm 4-Inch Diameter Axial Flo Fan 31: PH Meter 32: Watering can 33: pH Down + enough epsom salts to fill an olympic swimming pool! 34: Syrige kit 35: Magnesium carbonate 36: calcium carbonate 37:All manner of coco fertilisers and sprays to keep bugs off 38: Pea sticks 39: Neem oil 40: Spray bottle 41: more larger pots and dishes to match Bottle of Glenmorange!!....the most important thing. That was ten weeks ago. Next I will give an update to where I am after 10 weeks. Sorry for the long intro but I thought it best just to show what I had bought for my setup.....(and I thought this was going to be cheap!) Of course I know you don't really 'need' all that stuff but I wanted to keep it precise and simple at the same time. My next post I'll bring you up to date and show some of the pitfalls that at least I stumbled through. Thanks for taking the time to read this. ......So with one very VERY large malt whiskey I will bid you good bye, until next time......Cheers! PS. I now know that 8 plants is plainly ridiculous in a tent of this size......2 x 2 x 5 high
  14. Hi there, pretty new to growing, but I know how to, but usually I just stick to autos. I am growing this Purple Bud strain from SensiSeeds and I am having a few problems with it. I have noticed my leaves looked kind of krinkled and shiny just in the krinkled bits. They are canoeing (this has got better over the days as I started flushing) and I have notices these yellow marks on the leaves (In pictures) and I have seen 3 tiny holes in 3 of my leaves. Also the plant is 4 weeks old and it's quite short and very very bush and stubby with the thickest stem I've ever seen on a plant this old. I was just wondering whether the stubbiness size, bushiness and thickness of this strain is normal? How can I treat the leaves? And also, When should I switch to 12/12? I'll try and upload some photos via another website and enter the URL here. Thank you.
  15. Facebook’s weird and inexplicable history of attacking CBD (hemp oil) pages is well documented. It doesn’t make any sense, but we all know it happens: Facebook routinely shuts down pages for any number of reason, and evidently CBD falls foul of one of its labyrinthine policies. So it was perhaps no surprise that one of the most popular UK CBD pages, Canabidol who produce the CBD Gel-Tab, the UK’s best selling CBD supplement , was last week shut down by Facebook admins. Facebook is a vital tool for pretty much any business today. If you want to sell anything- especially if you’re selling a niche product- a social media presence is vital. Many businesses, like Canabidol, spend thousands on Facebook advertising. It’s an investment into building an audience of potential customers, so when businesses lost their Facebook pages their profitability takes a hit, especially if they have client information, order details and other vital data stored in the page’s inbox. So, Facebook has the power to make or break businesses. It is also the largest and most popular social network and so falls well within the parameters of a ‘dominant’ company, as defined by UK and EU law. This position of dominance comes with responsibility- the UK is placing a huge amount of trust in Facebook to operate fairly and adjudicate problems openly and in the spirit of justice. When Facebook shuts down a legal page with no justification and in doing so threatens the livelihood of a business owner, it may not be simply acting unfairly. There are grounds to believe that they are breaking the law. Article 82 of the EC Treaty and the Competition Act 1998 both enshrine the need for any dominant company to not interfere with the competitiveness of other business. The unpredictable and seemingly random way Facebook lets some CBD pages operate and others not is in clear violation of the requirement that they not apply “dissimilar conditions to equivalent transactions with other trading parties, thereby placing them at a competitive disadvantage”. Facebook takes thousands of pounds in advertising from CBD companies, lets them exist for a month or so and then shuts them down, forcing them to start the process again. Source: http://www.pressat.co.uk/releases/facebook-is-waging-an-illegal-war-on-hemp-63401a624a280defd79681e6d68d78d5/
  16. cages plot1.jpg

    From the album Gorilla grow 2017

    Weed taking over. Prepped 2 months ago

    © le big bud

  17. Hi all, I am new the the growing scene and am looking at a maybe a 3ft x 3ft x 6ft apollo grow tent with a mars hydro 600w led light. Would the led light produce the heat for the plants? What else do you suggest I go for as I haven't decided. This will.be my first grow, the easiest place for me to grow would be outside in my barn so I am concerned about the temp going down during the night. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks Also how many plants do you think I could fit into that size tent?
  18. moonrocks

    From the album moon rocks

    The finest Girls Scout Cookies buds, dipped in CO2 hash oil, and then rolled in sicdust ( kief ). Kurupts Moonrock is very powerful medical marijuana product – as they call “The strongest bud in your galaxy”. They have taken an Girl Scout Cookies bud and dipped it into high gear with the hash oil and kief This process leads the product to carry 51.2% THC rating. In small doses this is effective in pain reduction, stimulating appetite and nausea reduction. The product also boasts a .15% CBD rating which can combat pain, anxiety and other medical conditions. For the best taste and smoke, it is recommended to use a hash bowl or pipe, along with not breaking down the bud with a grinder as you will lose most of the kief in that process and left sticky oil in your grinder
  19. My apologies if this is already a thread but I can't seem to find one like this. So has any ever vegged indoors until the plant was HUGE and then transplanted it outside in the UK at the start of the season? I love the idea of it and yielding massively from one plant. Provocateur.
  20. Hey guys! My name is Charlie.! im new here, and I want to share with you my youtube channel where i smoke doobies with you! -Ive often found myself in situations where I smoked alone, and just scrolled through random lame youtube videos of others smoking aswell. -So i started this project and put alot of time and effort and money in to it, so if you gave it a peek I would be more than grateful! Feedback would be greatly appreciated
  21. Hello everyone, I used to be a skunk smoker for many years age 16 - 26. Since the age of 26 until now (30) I have only been smoking Hash. I can get a hold of some nice Hash most of the time ( soft, nice smell, not rock solid). I have been rolling with tobacco for a long time and I do not smoke cigarettes. My aim is to quit tobacco once and for all and I did not realise how hard it would be to decide on the best way to go about this. I need a good, robust, pipe that will work well for smoking hash and only hash, preferably a glass type. (doesn't have to be) I have spent hours researching about pipes for hash, even though there are suggestions and information, it all seems to be old information (2012 and earlier) Does any one here have any experience with smoking hash without tobacco? Do you know of any pipes to recommend for this day and age? (2017) Are there any vaporisers maybe that will be suitable? Any kind of help or information would be much appreciated! Thanks
  22. Hello guys, let me introduce myself. I'm a student in London, in my final year of my criminology degree. My final project is comparing stoners in the UK and Holland. The basic idea is to see if the labels by the media and the society have any influence on the self-images of the stoners, and if there is a difference between the two countries. I've been a stoner since I was a teenager, and I do feel that there still is a lot of stigma around weed. By studying it I'm hoping to not just raise awareness, but try and fight that stigma with legitimate arguments and research. And for stoners that wish to be interviewed either face to face or through Skype. If you are interested just pop a reply and we will arrange the details! For now, happy blazing guys
  23. Hey guys, my plants are flowering as you can see, how do they look to you. I know the plants are very small but this is my first successful grow :-) take a look, comments and feedback would be appreciated.
  24. Hey everyone, I have just taken some photos of my plants and some are not looking great, so just wanting some help and advice. They are all about 4 and a half weeks old, plant magic+ soil, under cfls. Will share photos.
  25. My plants have boron definitely by the looks of them. My run off PH is ~5.0 but my tap water PH is 7.5 Does that mean my plants PH is really low? Like the soil is 4.0 and the tap water is bringing it upto 5.0? Do I need PH up?!