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Found 17 results

  1. wardrobe

    Hi all, Glad I found this site! I’m starting my first grow in a few weeks when rest of set up gets here. ive bought a complete wardrobe set up from Moxy Garden in the UK. Part lack of tools, lack of time and it looks the absolute nuts! i was planning on just 1 plant as tester but a friend who has quite a lot of experience said I could get maybe 4 in this space! I decided on 2 which will be in their own Aeros bubbler pots, no res or any recirculating as I don’t have the space inside the wardrobe. The measurements are... 76cm W x 52 D x 176 H. Height will be shorter when I put the rhino pro’s and Invisible sun LED265 in. I was looking at mainlining/manifolding as it looks the simplest and productive way. My question is I’m not sure if I have enough horizontal space for the plants to branch out using this method. im worried I’m going to start and train early and then realising I’ve fucked up later. I’m think I’m okay with height once I put a scrog in, just can’t quite grasp a sense of scale any advice is much appreciated. J
  2. Hey…. again, I have gone ahead and made a new thread because the opening on my other thread was pretty messy and didn’t flow well As some of you might have seen from my previous thread I want to get a little grow maybe 3 or 4 plants (might be being ambitious considering the limited space I actually have) but the only room I have is a wardrobe within my bedroom. I have been reading through @Church pinned thread but the pictures are down so hard to visualize what he has achieved but none the less some very helpful stuff in there and I will be using that as a guide no doubt. I want to grow to in order to be self-sufficient and for more strains other than Lemon which appears to be all available where I am and mainly because I need to get a hobby . I don't want to sell, I doubt I even have the room for enough plants to even sell This project is just for my own selfish needs The wardrobe I will be using is a PAX from Ikea and measurements are (Length 100cm x width 60cm x height 201 cm) and is pictured below. Has anyone used these wardrobes? My concerns with my attempt at a growdrobe is that there is no space between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling, so I won’t be able to put a chimney at the top. However, there is a gap at the back of the wardrobe and the wall of about 5inches. Could I use the back of the wardrobe as a chimney? Also, I’m very new to the cultivation of cannabis and it is feeling a bit overwhelming with the amount of information out there. I’m not too sure on what I actually need and I don’t have a clue how much this project will cost, having read a lot on the web mainly from American sources its difficult to work out costs in the UK. This is another reason why I decided to post of here so I could keep track of all the information that I will actually need for my project. I am by no means a great DIY person, I have very basic skills in that regards, so I hope the project isn't too difficult I would like help on with: 1. What can I do about my chimney situation? 2. What equipment will I need and what is the likely cost of it all? 3. How much in electricity will per grow cost? 4. Any useful links and videos in regards to growdrobe? 5. The required skill level needed to build and grown? 6. The wardrobe is in the room I sleep in, will that be an issue in regards to heat, noise and SMELL? 7. My biggest fear/worry is the police, what are the chances of getting caught? I probably have way more questions but those are my main concerns at the moment. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day R.
  3. Well, here we go. My first real post on this awesome site (or any canna site for that matter). I've said hello in the newcomers section but not to would just be rude. I thought I'd show off my doubledrobe for the admiration/amusement/derision/rape (delete as appropriate) of the community and hopefully get some feedback to act on. This is my first ever grow so please be kinda kind (in a "cruel to be" fashion if necessary). If I've been silly in places I ask you to please, remember to your first grow and see the thinking behind my ideas. So to it. Here's the article in question. A wardrobe purchased by me on Ebay for the princely sum of 20 new pounds from a man in Birmingham. It doesn't have 100% of the features I was looking for but hey, for 2 draw, what you gonna do? I had to dismantle it to get it in the car but I used that to my benefit. Putting it back together in my little 1 bedroom flat involved lots and lots of silicon sealant and many more tacks than it originally had so this baby ain't falling apart any time soon. Notice it does have rather unstealthy (and insecure) catches on the doors. They WILL be going when I find some appropriate looking barrel locks but, for now, they do keep the doors closed. It was obviously a single, large compartment to begin with but I added a chipboard partition right down the middle to create two smaller ones. My ultimate intention is to permanently have a veg and bloom side running side by side. Just two plants in each but on an assembly line basis. The light is a 250W dual spectrum job and, if it does the job, I'll be investing in another for bay 1 soon. I was very pleased with the way it's the exact right size to fill the compartment whilst leaving enough gap around the sides for the air to flow. For ventilation I fitted a 4 inch silent runner and the obligatory carbon filter. From my research I worked out that a little 4 inch fan was enough for such a small area as this wardrobe but, rather than purchase a fan for each compartment I mounted it in such a way that it split its suction between both. I did however knock up a box out of leftover chipboard to blank off the unused side if it's not being used. No sense in sucking where it's not needed right? I did have the idea of positioning the air intakes in the floor of the unit. In my mind it allows incoming air to rise straight up through the leaves in the most efficient possible way but it remains to be seen if I was correct in that. The outgoing air is vented directly through the roof and, when switched off, you wouldn't know it's there. All electrics are controlled by electronic timers (£14 for the set of three from Argos) and there's just a single power lead out the back of the drobe to power it up. I can't say I'm pleased with everything though. The wind shield I used in an attempt to light proof the doors works really well at stopping wind but is a huge fail when it comes to its new primary purpose. I can use the light escaping to navigate around the room at night and, needless to say, that's a bad thing. I need to find a better solution that works with those mad cantilever hinges wardrobes have before I go bloom on the girls asses. So there it is. I'd appreciate and comments, thoughts and ideas your combined experience can provide. I can't say I've seen another drobe quite like this but there may well be a very good reason for that and I'm about to find out. Finally a pic of the princesses in their palace.
  4. Inlets

    From the album Doubledrobe

    The ladies gotta breathe right?
  5. RH Filter

    From the album Doubledrobe

  6. Outlet

    From the album Doubledrobe

    Out of sight......out of mind.
  7. Timers

    From the album Doubledrobe

    Saves me having to bother.
  8. The ladies

    From the album Doubledrobe

    Pretty girls
  9. RH Open

    From the album Doubledrobe

    Just RH side open.
  10. Light Seal Fail

    From the album Doubledrobe

    This deffo needs changing.
  11. Front Closed

    From the album Doubledrobe

    Stealthy but will be even more so soon.
  12. Boxed Filter

    From the album Doubledrobe

    No need to suck both sides at once
  13. Both Compartments

    From the album Doubledrobe

    View of both grow areas
  14. drobe

    From the album My drobe

  15. MK and his GrowDrobe So as some of you will know i had to give up growing for a while, however i am now able to grow in my wardrobe! Ive never had to build such a device before as I've always Grown in tents so all of your knowledge and help is essential So I've started lining the inside with mylar and sealing all the corners and joins etc to stop any light leaks and also smell. Now my wardrobe is a large built in wardrobe that goes all along my bedroom and i have chose the end corner section as this only has one door. Now i have a few questions 1. Do i leave the shelf in the top 1/4 of the wardrobe and put my extraction fan up there and then put the carbon filter in the main section and somehow cut a whole for the ducting through the shelf? 2.Do i take the shelf out which then gives me extra height and just attach the fan from the roof as i would in a tent and cut a whole in the roof of the wardrobe? I will try and get some pics up for you as my explanation might not be the best
  16. Drobe Idea

    From the album Plans

    Grow cupboard plans: 1 x 250w HPS 3 x soil based plants 1 x 5" Ruck fan - high power - extraction 1 x 5" Ruck fan - low power - intake 1 x 5" Rhino carbon filter 1 x desk fan acoustic ducting..

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