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Found 8 results

  1. here is a comprehensive go-to for your favourite nutrients. have nutes but dont know how much to use and when? or have you heard of a particular brand and want to know how they dose? check out these charts.... charts for: ADVANCED, BIOBIZZ, BLOOM, BHUDDAS TREE, BOTANICARE, CANNA, CHEMGEN, CX HORTICULTURE, CYCO, DUTCH PRO, EMERALD HARVEST, EVOPONIC, GENESIS, GH, HOUSE AND GARDEN, HYDROTOPS, IONIC, MILLS, PLANT MAGIC, SHOGUN, VITALINK they have recommended dosing for each week of the grow from 2 weeks @ seedling, 4 weeks veg and 8/9 weeks flower
  2. Hi Guys, I'm about to start a coco hempy bucket grow. I'm going with 5 litre buckets with clay balls in the res, caana coco pro and vitalink coir max for hard water.Ph 7.5 ec 0.6 very high amounts of calcium in my water. I'm going to start feeding with rootstim and a quarter strength nutrients. I have Blue cheese clones rooted in 3 inch pots in soil ready to go. I have a few questions. Do I soak the coco fully and create a reservoir then water to run off or do I just water regularly around the rootball until roots hit the bottom? Do I need any other additives? Buddy, pk13/14, big bud, overdrive etc. Many Thanks We_The_Freed
  3. PH Down.jpg

    From the album Baby's First Grow

    Looked everywhere, trying not to leave too many pawprints on the interweb or visa. Found this in a great hydroponics shop called London Grow in Finsbury Park.
  4. hey folks, I went to the hydro shop today to buy nutes but they didn't have any biobizz stuff left so I bought vitalink grow and bloom, has anyone used them before? and are they decent nutes? I also bought a bottle of canna rhizotonic, all they had was a choice between that or the PM root stim and iv already tried the PM stuff so thought I would give the canna a go, is it any good? or should I just have not bothered with it? TIA
  5. hi guys first post been reading various forums for ages just not posted until now im growing 5 dinafem critical kush that will be going into they 4th week of flower tommorow vegged approx 5 or 6 weeks using ionic coco grow and canna rhizotonic and phd properly, they now They were vegged in 2 us gallon fabric pots roughly 7.5l then transplanted to 10l round plastic pots day before flower, roots how now filled pots nice big white ones, yeah growing in coco ecothrive brand, 2 parts coco 1 part perlite, had problems in flower wich is prob due to not phing during flower slight brown spots on leafs so ive just used calmag, i used veg nutes ionic coco grow for first 2 weeks plus vitalink turbo since the start now im on just ionic bloom plus vitalink turbo i will start ionic pk boost on 5th week along with bloom and vitalink turbo and probs calmag if needed does this sound right? since i topped at 9th node they look like the branches are touching and im worried i might get bud rot as a result if buds are touching?? any advice is welcome thank you will add pics after i get them online any recommended sites cheers
  6. Hey people this is the first time im actually seeing good results im going into week 6 of flower in a brummy bubbler, ive got 4 girls of an unkown strain under 1 600 they look serious, the tanks are 90l obviously filled up half way so 45l of nutrient solution with 2 barges/ toats in each bubble so 2 girls one bucket , i have gradually increased the feed over time the food i have used up untill now has consisted of Week1 Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Silicon 50ml Cal mag 40 ml Rhizotonic 80ml Hygrozyme 80ml Carboload 50ml Superthrive 5ml Week 2 Cal mag 40 ml Silicon 50ml Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Rhizotonic 80ml Hygrozyme 80ml Carboload 50ml Budcandy 50ml Big bud 30 ml Week 3 Cal mag 40ml Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Hygrozyme 80ml Carboload 50ml Budcandy 50ml Bigbud 40ml Canna boost accelerator 80 ml Week 4 Silicon50ml Cal mag 40ml Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Carboload 50ml Budcandy 50ml Bigbud 40ml Canna boost accelerator 80 ml Week 5 Silicon50ml Cal mag 40ml Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Carboload 50ml Budcandy 50ml Canna boost accelerator 80 ml Pk13/14 25ml Now its week 6 tomorrow and time for water change everythings looking sweet should i put the big bud back along side the pk and boost or just keep it like this ive also got overdrive to use, id like to know if i need to add anything else or take anything away also when to use the overdrive when to flush and if maybe i just need to run straight water throught them mid flower for a couple days,if anyones got any advice about anything im very thankful for your input but please i ask dont turn this thread into some advanced nutrients hate crime because im not interested in anything but quality buds and these are the nutients i chose, thanks for the help in advance!
  7. Hi What coco nutrients are you using, I'm a plant magic user at the moment but I'm thinking of giving something else ago! I might give Growers Ark a go Thoughts Cheers T, x