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Found 2 results

  1. hello guys, been reading as much as i can find on here thats relevant to my grow. but somethings can conflict what other growers are saying and theres obviously more than one way you can do things im finding out, but somethings i cant find through google or using the search option if anyone could throw some tips my way id really appriciate it i made an impulse buy last week because i touhght covid would be shutting everything down and i cba playing xbox for months and nothing else to do so i thought fuck it ill give growing a try, the website was stopping orders friday so i paniccckeddddd and bought a coco grow kit not knowing anything about having to water everyday and tht its basicly hydro, i wouldve opted for soil knowing what i do now but i have everything now and cant really send anything back. (im a douche 100% probs 150%) anyway equipment Pitched BudBox Pro 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.8m LUMii Heavy-Duty Timer 230v Philips Greenpower Lamp LUMii Black 600w Digital Ballast Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer (Medium) 12 litre Fabric Pots x4 Agrolab Hygrometer 6-Inch RAM Clip-On Fan Rhino Pro 125/300 Systemair RVK L1- 5 Inch (125MM) & 50 L of coco coir got samuari nutes a and b do you think i will need anything else for a succesful grow? equipment/nutes wise? anything to deal with pests as a preventative rather than dealing with the actual little bastards, i cant stand bugs tbh. i plan on germinating 3 blue gelato 41 and 3 Tangerine Dream seeds in hoping atleast 4 will be succesful would this be okay or shall i germ more? would 4 plants be okay for my tent or should i do less/more? im going to use paper towel method then plastic cups, then transfer them into the 12l fabric pots, iv read less transplanting = less chance of shocking them and having them fail, im clumsy as fuck and quite nervous about transplanting, im not in a rush so i can wait on roots filling out the big pots if thts a concern. will my bulb be okay to run on low watt setting on my ballast (250)watt for seedleedings untill i get to veg and turn it to 600w (or 600w all the way?), i cant find info on if the bulb is okay to be dimmed or it must be run at 600w i dont have knowleage on how to find out whats compatible with my ballast/reflector. i live in a place with hard water and the ec from the tap is 0.7-0.8 the ph is 7 water report 156.75 mg/l:Calcium Carbonate 62.7 mg/l:Calcium 0.39 milligrammes chlorine free 0.497 milligrammes per litre total chlorine iv left out a glass of water (to kill chlorine) for germanting tomorrow do i need to do this with all water im going to use on my babys? i know to do 20/30% run off daily but cant find how much they will be drinking a day or when to increase/ do i start run off soon as they go into vegg? how will i know when to put them into the 12L pots i dont wanna take em out to early and ruin it all. seedlings just want spraying with plain water untill you get the first leaves that say its gone to veg? then start run off? i plan on either doing 18/6 or 24/0 light cycle for veg cant but cant make my mind up. im reading cannabis grow bible now any other suggestions on waht to read or watch that will help out along the way? sorry if its all abit much and jumbled up thanks for reading have agood night
  2. From the album 1st Grow Auto American Pie

    Rough as you like but it works