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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, need help! I am on a budget and gonna run 90cm x 60cm x 160cm tent with probably 8 girls in 2gal pots and I want max I can get. I need somewhat round 400gr per harvest. Let's say my max budget about 150£. I can get VIPARSPECTRA V600 which is 250Watts for 90-100 quid, plus I have another vipar R300 (~120Watt) and I got around 0.8g per watt on my first run with vipar and loads of fails, so... I started looking to those cheap COB's, one's on amazon Hipargero 800W which doesn't cost too much too... Good reviews and so, but I am afraid that vipar can perform better (good reviews and my results too). I was looking at qbs but 240Watts qb are too expensive atm, maybe for next grow or smth like that... Or maybe it's possible to build something by myself quickly and more efficient ant silent for that amount of money? Thank you people!!!
  2. I'm relatively new to growing, as this is only my 4th grow. Currently growing Fastbuds StarDawg and Pineapple Express auto in soil. Both popped 11 days ago, but the stardawg maybe stunted and wondering if its worth keeping? It had a difficult start, I had to remove the seed case and later open the Cotyledon manually as after 5 days it hadn't opened itself. In the picture below the stardawg at top has shown miniscule growth over the last 6 days and it may never get to anything I guess though it seerms strong and healthy despite size. Environment: Soil, biobizz allmix (Nutes will be when needed, biobizz grow, flower) Day temp 75-77 Night temp 65-68 Water from tap about ph 7.2, not +-ph'd as I understand biobizz buffers to 6.3-6.5 5" plastic pot at this stage, to be moved to 8ltr Air Pots later. My last grow I started Sour Orange and Stardawg in 8ltr Air Pots successfully so wanted to see how well they would do starting in the 5" pot. 60x60x140 tent 2 Viparspectra 300w lights (hope to replace these with an hlg 150w board from diyleduk in a few months when finances allow) 4" extractor+filter 50w 12" tube heater Any ideas if stardawg will eventually burst forth? Or I'm thinking of replacing it with a Critical Kush photoperiod if it doesn't.
  3. Hi all, so I've just joined up. I wanted to start growing my own flower, mainly because im tired of the crap chemical laced stuff available here. This will be my first ever grow and im hoping to document it on here to share my experiences but also to get some valuable help from you guys where possible too! My Set up 75cm X 75cm X 200cm Bud Box Pro Tent ViparSpectra 600w LED (270watt draw with veg and bloom switches) Hydrotops Bioponics Nutrients formulated for hard water areas CalMag Wilma Dripper System Kenley intake fan 4 inch Black Orchid 4 inch Mixed Flow outtake fan 2 oscillating fans, one at bottom one at top coco coir 60/40 perlite smart pots 2 X Original White Widow IBL, 1 X Critical by Royal Seeds, 1 Dutch Kush from Paradise Seeds I started with 3 widows, 3 dutch kush and 1 critical but only these 4 showed heads through the soil Ive decided to mainline all 4 plants, and at time of writing ive done all 4 with various levels of success! I used the paper towel method to germinate before putting the roots in to soil to avoid giving nutes for first few weeks. after 2 weeks i transferred in to coco coir I water my ladies twice a day for 15 minute intervals, once when the lights turn on and once about half way through PH sits around 6.0 if it falls within .1 i leave it. PPM has been about 900+ (my water is 500 from the tap) Ive noticed over the past few weeks the plants we struggling a little with some yellowing and then holes developing on the leaves. Ive purchased yellow sticky pads from the local hydro store and ive removed the effected leaves as i think its thrips and don't want it to spread. I will start adding pics in chronological order, i hope you guys enjoy the ride!