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Found 23 results

  1. Got one of those Ambient Homebox 80x80x180 grow tents the other day, first time I've grown using a tent. I'm using a 125mm TT exhaust at the top and a passive intake of about the same size down at the bottom. The passive intake has a mosquito net around it to prevent anything from coming in but a ton of light leaks out. Growing autos so i'm not too concerned about the plants but I would like to find a solution to stop the light leak for security purposes. I covered the passive intake today with the cover that comes with the homebox. Negative pressure increased dramatically and temps went up a bit but still holding in the respectable zone. The tent is basically sucking in air from any little gaps it finds as there is no dedicated intake. Am i okay leaving it like this? OR am i setting myself up for issues down the line? Cheers LD
  2. So I'm in the 3rd week of flowering 3 ladies in 8 litre fabric pots in Allmix under 275w led scope and am having a problem with humidity and temps. Currently RH in the room with the tent is about 56. I'm watering every 48 hours at lights on about 1.5 litres per plant. For the first 24 hours my humidity in the tent rises into the mid to high 60s when lights off with temps about 23 to 24. To lower the humidity I am using a dehumidifier outside the tent which manages to lower RH to below 60 to about mid 50s but at a cost. The tent temperature rises to about 26 and this is lights off. My question is which is preferable, lower temps and higher humidity during lights off or higher temps and lower humidity and are too high temps during lights off detrimental to the health of the plant and production of those essential terpenes and THC delta 9?
  3. Hi guys Got a new 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent set up in the corner of a spare bedroom. Living in an old rattly terraced house with a family next door. When I used to sleep in that room it felt like I could hear the family pretty loudly so I've always felt a bit conscious of the sound of my fans since I set them up. Particularly at night when it's quiet. I've got the window slightly ajar in there to prevent condensation build up and noticed I could hear the fans humming when I've got my upstairs loft window open (where I sleep at night.) This is before I've even set up my extractor which will be considerably louder and I'm getting anxious that it will raise suspicion. My neighbours bedroom window is a few metres from the grow room window - can I shut the window to dampen the noise from the fan? What then to do about any condensation build-up on the window? Any advice / peace of mind would be greatly appreciated! (Am I being paranoid?) Cheers
  4. I'm planning 3mx3m space w/ 6x 600's to use end of flower. Air extraction 1080-1350m3/hr (depending on which fan I get) intake 800m3/hr. Inside target climate: 25-30°c RH 65-80% Avg outside climate: -2-10°c RH 60-90% Never used inline, kept running into low humidity this time want inline+humidifier. I played w/ online humidifier size calculator it said I need around 14-20kg/hr=14-20l/hr to keep up with extraction. Long story short seems like this is industrial size and way out my budget so instead wondering anyone knows how to make a humidifier maybe w/ pond foggers/mist makers+centi fan? I'm all ears to any advice, thank you in advance:)
  5. Want to run a humidifier+dehumidifier in my tent where each activates only when needed using inkbird controller, my goal is to maintain RH 75%-85%. Q's: 1. If I were to use humidifier/dehumidifier where would be the best place to install them? Close to intake maybe? 2. Is it pointless to run these when your extracting air 24/7? 3. Is there a way to calculate humidifier size? P.S. I KNOW HIGH RH AND CARBON FILTER DOESN'T MIX PLEASE LEAVE THAT TO ME
  6. Formula I've come across: Maximum amount of water you will ever give your plants(probably flush period) x the amount of plants. Problem is how the heck would could I possibly calculate how much water I'll be giving my plants?
  7. I have been wondering about venting my extraction out through a window. Does anybody do this ? The stealth window box is a great idea but I can only see it working with windows that open up and down. Would this be possible to do somehow with a window that is on a latch and opens outwards. Example: (The loft would be a better place although the flat next door shares the same loft space so this is almost out of the question.) There is a extraction vent in the bathroom but that is a bit far from the grow space. Any advice/help would be appreciated Thanks!
  8. Planning on running intake&exhaust looking for a twin fan controller to help me control temps. Can anyone make a suggestion? & if you can remember the price paid it would be helpful since I'm trying to compare price. Thanks in advance:) & HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  9. Just had a thought.. (it's in the title) I've tried various ways over the years to lower the noise of air rushing out from my grow room - the only options I can find boils down to -make the outlet hole bigger which is not doable (6" outlet already), or to lower the amount of air- not desirable.. So- sitting in the back garden just now listening to the sound of splashing water from a neighbours water feature had a bingo moment...it disguises all other background noise really well..thought I'd share as it might save someone some grief further down the road.
  10. Hi folks, I'm using a 6" rhino pro rvk extraction kit and have gotten away without an intake fan until now. Any recommendations for a decent fan? Am I right in saying I should go for a 4" fan? Is it ok to have the fan resting on the floor of the tent with a piece of ducting leading out into the room? My existing fan can't be heard from outside the house, I'm hoping it's still the same with an intake fan added to the mix Cheers guys
  11. Hello im totally a noob to this but can see these forums are really the place to go for advice. Ive got a setup in my room in a little budbox tent and ive been using the window for intake air then exhausting into room. I understand this isn't the healthiest option but im limited for options at the moment. I do have a bathroom (with an extractor fan) attached to my room so im wondering is it possible to use the already fitted extractor fan as an intake by somehow attaching the duct from my hybrid flo fan to the already fitted extractor fan casing?- like cause im thinking the duct that extracts the warm/damp air could be used in the opposite direction to pull in fresh air if I put a powerful enough fan on the other end? or if not then would I be able to use it as outtake or would I likely need to fit a whole new extractor fan to be able to pull the air from tent threw duct then out to roof vents? any help appreciated thanks!
  12. Hello again all. I scrapped my tent and decided to go for a small closet grow. The room is 2ft x 5ft x 8ft, with a 12 gallon pot under a 300w cfl. My carbon filter is suspended directly above the light and I've run insulated ducting through the wall, into another closet in another room and up into the loft, where I have my DIY box fan, then approx 4m run to a wall vent. The loft was the only place I could have the fan due to the vibrations and sound, I tried everything from wrapping it in insulation, acoustic ducting, suspending from rail etc but still too loud. My question is - would I be better venting into the loft space itself and letting the stale air naturally disperse (its a large loft with room to stand up and walk round in some places), or as is - directly to outside? I know my little light wont be putting out much heat but I was thinking with a copper chopper flyover on a cold day hot air gushing from my eves may be noticable? I've got some pictures but still unsure how to upload them? Thanks anybody who reads
  13. Hello all and thanks for to admin for approving me. Excited to join the community after spending many hours reading up on several topics. I'm looking to start my first (small and low budget) grow and although as stated I have done quite a bit of research I'm getting some mixed information so would appreciate if anybody could point me in the right direction on a few things. I intend to grow only two plants to begin with, most likely some autoflower NL or Jack Herrer as I've read that these are short, easy to grow and less difficult to keep on top of smell wise than say Blue Cheese or White Widow. TENT Firstly, I have a tent 80cm x 80cm x 160cm that cost me next to nothing from Amazon. It has a couple of pinhole (and I mean a hairs breadth) that are sometimes visible through the zip - will this have any negative effect? This may sound silly, but I've stood inside it zipped up and I can't see jack, so I'm guessing it's nothing to worry about? LIGHTING I impulsively bought 2 £30 no-brand "216w Dual Spectrum LED UFO Grow lights" to go with it. I saw on Youtube that the actual draw of these lights is 65w but they apparently emit the same amount of light as a 216w HPS. The description is as follows - LIGHT SOURCE: 72 pieces of 3W LEDs, high lumens of 21,600LM, high power Par Value ensured, it is environmentally friendly. BLUE LIGHT: contributing to plant photosynthesis, promoting growth, protein synthesis and fruit development. RED LIGHT: promoting rhizome growth, blossoming and bearing fruit, extending flowering phase and increasing output. FULL SPECTRUM: wavelength of 410nm-730nm, white and warm white, providing natural light for various plants in different growth period. GREAT HEAT DISSIPATION: built in a cooling fan ensures great heat dissipation and long lifespan of 50,000 hours. After further research on these cheap no name LEDs I have come to the conclusion that this description is most likely bullshit. I stuck a couple of Komodo Dragon chilli seedlings in the tent a fortnight ago, to give the lights a test run and also to see if I could control temperature and humidity with the basic equipment I have. The fan in one of them is already bust and I'm going to return it. I don't hold much faith for the lifespan of the other one either and still have 20 days to return them both for a refund or replacement. Would I be best to get a refund, steer clear of these shitters and go with a CFL, perhaps a 300w as this would give me approx 50w per square foot? VENTILATION This is what I'm really struggling with . The tent is in a bedroom, which I spend most of my time (I live alone in a large upstairs flat and its cheaper for me to heat one room in the winter) and from what I've read, for me to effectively run exhausts and intakes outside would mean I'd need ridiculous lengths of ducting and stupidly high powered fans all over my place or start knocking holes in ceilings (which is a no). Is it okay to run intake and exhaust into a small tent from within one room? My tent is 35 cubic feet. I have a small duct booster that I intended to use for intake that is rated at 103/cfm. It's nice and quiet, low powered and didn't cost much. I'm looking to purchase an extractor and have found this formula on google to work out my needs - "To calculate multiply length x width x height of growing area e.g. A room that is 8' x 8' x 8' will have a volume of 512 cubic feet. Your extraction fan should be able to adequately exchange the air in an indoor garden once every three minutes. Therefore, 512 cubic feet / 3 minutes = 171 CFM." By this theory I'd only need a fan with a rating of 11cfm which can't be right can it? After using another calculator on a Hydroponics store website they advised me that I would need a 200cfm fan with a 300mm carbon filter. Does this sound more realistic? Also I've read that the restrictive effect of the filter will deduct 20% from the CFM rating of the fan which would only give me 160cfm, which I'm guessing won't be enough with my 103cfm intake to maintain negative pressure. This shit is baffling me. Would I be better to buy a 200cfm extractor and filter, open up all the vents for a passive intake? Would that mean I'd have to run the extractor fan non stop night and day, or would I have to do that anyway? I'm guessing so if I need to maintain negative pressure. Carbon filters - After much reading I pretty much get the jist that Phresh, Can etc are the dogs bollocks and the cheap £20ers are not worth a wank, even that the Rhino Pro's arent 100% in odor control. I've learned from my experience with the lights that there is a lot of shit out there and skimping can be a false economy but my budget is seriously tight. Can anybody tell me from experience if some of the cheaper but branded filters like OX, RAM, Rhino hobby, Swiftair etc actually do the job (even for 6 months) of removing the odor. Like I've said I'm not talking about a warehouse full of prize winning Cheese here, just two plants. I also know there is the DIY option, I'm pretty handy but I would be pretty pissed off if I spent the time and effort making something that is no better than a £30 jobby I could have ordered from the bay. I've found a site selling Rhino Pro's starting at £35 so I'm edging towards this, but the skimper in me says to try a cheap nasty £45 full kit with a fan from ebay. After all they've sold over 1500 with mostly positive feedback. Thanks in advance to anybody that reads this and can give me any tips, hope I've not put you to sleep. BN
  14. Hey guys, so my seedling are at day 7 under t5 light in 1.2m grow tent. At which point should I turn the extraction fan on? Should I have done this as soon as they go in the tent or when in veg cycle? Just turned that fan on today and temps are stable but dropped 10% humidity to 68% advice much appreciated! Thanks
  15. Ill keep this as simple as possible, any feedback would be of great help. Loft groom, attached 6" fan onto roof vent to bring air in. I Noticed that the air coming in was very very weak, after further looking pulling it all off there is actually a slate there covering the vent, so it was pulling nothing/very little in. Has anybody had experience tapping into the slate where the vent lies. I dont think I need to make a big hole as such, maybe just a few small ones so at the least I can pull fresh air in. Any advice very much appreciated. Thanks
  16. My query might be quite unusual. I find this forum and its users quite knowledgable, actually more than advice I received in the professional stores. Goal is to eliminate negative pressure for the recording studio located in the outbuild 75m3 (three rooms). Negative pressure is caused due various factors, such as; building location, roof design, wind currents etc. I used to have two HRV systems (heat recovery systems) which actually increased the negative pressure. So I removed one HRV and replaced it with the PC fan for testing purposes. Current 'test' setup: fresh intake via 125mm and PC fan from one end of the building and extracting via 100mm HRV (9l/s) on the opposite side of the building. This setup has made an improvement (humidity has dropped, better air circulation, less odour) and confirmed my suspicions regarding negative pressure. Yes, PC fan has helped but is way underpowered (0.8AMP). I need to further improve positive pressure and filtrate the air supply. Noise and efficiency, big importance! This will be a 24/7 system with powerful fan and a carbon filter. Thinking about RVK 5" and oversized 6" filter + speed control. This isn't a growing environment, therefore air exchange isn't calculated the same. I am open to your suggestions.
  17. Well hello there boys and girls I hope everyone is cool! Basically I've been quite lucky with my Home situation and now or in the near future at least I can get a small grow on! Nothing major but any advice and ideas are welcome. Basically my idea is 1 decent tent 1x1x2m or 2x1x2m in the loft extraction through chimney or possibly roof vents? 4ish plants in dirt which is what I am doing but also would like any advice on bigger grows up to 20 plants comparing long veg with small numbers compared to short veg with high numbers of plants. Also hydro verses soil? 1x 600w lights maybe 2 depending on yield\power usage and obviously added heat. What kind of plants to grow? Auto or not? Are they as potent And high yielding? I don't know what extraction I plan to use yet so any ideas again are welcome. All I know is my friend recently got on 3 auto flowers 8.5 oz,13.5oz and 16oz
  18. Bottom left in this picture linked, on the outside of the property, looks like some kind of vent, I don't know what it is and whether I can make use of it by drilling a 5" hole from the inside to meet it, then tucking the exhaust through the hole in the wall from the inside of the property so that the end of the exhaust is nestled right up against the inside of the vent. Is this plan possible with this vent looking cover? Please advise
  19. Hey UK420, First and foremost great site ! I have experience growing using the secret jardin tents namely dr60/90 using 250w / 400w light setups. I used to have a vent in a utilty cupboard which I used as an inlet with a PC fan to control temps and had it dialled in. I recently have moved and run my dr60 / 250w setup fine in my upstairs spare room. I have just bought the kit listed in the thread title and need some help with ventilation. I have a 6" Rhino filter and an adjustable 6" TT fan. Currently I have the following config - CF / Fan / Hood / Out of tent. The heat builds up in my spare room and does not sufficiently keep the tent in an acceptable range. Last night when doing a test temps hit 90F :-( Now I have been reading and decided / realised I need to either arrange an intake (active) or / and venting the tent exhaust out of my spare room. Using the window isn't really an option due to stealth and needing access to the window. My only real option is venting into the attic. It is a new build house so the ventilation up there appears to be pretty good. My fear was it getting damp up there and creating mold etc. I spoke to a mate that ran a 1000w in his attic and he said this wasn't an issue BUT i don't want to have the tent up there. I plan on growing either 6/9 autos in 11L pots. I am about to go and have a good poke around up there (giggidy) to see what the deal is but would really appreciate help from those who have experience in these matters. TIA BtS
  20. Hello all having a bit of problem with seedlings any advise my seedlings are behind compared to a few iv gave around there same strain from the same pack so I know I'm doing something wrong my temp sits at 26-29 degrees max and 17-20 min they didn't have the best start as first week after sprout I only had 3 small CFLs above them about 25 watts each. 2-3 weeks after that i put a 125 blue cfl over them but with no fan or air flow..2-3 days ago i put them in with my vegging phycos where they are now where i have a 125w and a 30w blue cfl and 2X25w red CFLs and a little air flow hoping that will do the trick any tips and advice on what I can do to help them would be massively appreciated mothers and clones seen to like me so but total noob to seeds these are my first haha;)
  21. Room Layout - propesed second run setup

    From the album Room

    Proposed upgrades include Moving the tube heater into the passive vent on the right. Placing another clip-on fan to keep the air in the room a little longer before being sucked out through the CF.
  22. Hey, Working out the final details for my loft grow and looking for some advice on ventilation. I will be building two insulated boxes, one for veg / mother and one for flower. The flower box will be a vertical setup with 400w hps around 4 foot square and the veg box will be a bit smaller using only CFL's or maybe a T5. The plan! Draw air from the house through a passive intake into the vegging room, connect the veg room to the flower room and then have a CF and extractor fan extracting out through the flowing box and out through pipe used for the cooker extractor fan. The issue is that the kitchen extractor pipe is only 10cm /4 inches wide. From reading the forum and advice I've been given I would need a 6 inch fan in this situation to keep temps under control especially in the summer. Questions: Can I use a larger fan (say 6'') and still connect it to the 4'' pipe? Will this create allot of noise / problems or will I be able to just about get by on a 4'' fan? The alternative is to extract the outlet into the kitchen below, the worry I have here is that I want to be stealthy and having warm air pumped into the kitchen and living area (it's open plan) will look suspicious as hell. Any advice? Cheers SeaView
  23. Hi guys, It's my first grow and I'm in first week of veg, I think ha ha. Basically I'm trying to find out whether my airflow set-up is correct. So here's what I got..... 6 plants in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0m tent, growing in coco under a 600w hps. I have a 4" intake at 187m3/hr or 110cfm and a 5" outtake at 280m3/hr or 164cfm ( i think conversions are correct) Will the above fans provide with correct air exchanges? My temps are currently around 26/27 celsius, humidity is on the floor, the digital meter just has 2 horizontal lines on it which I assume means zero . Struggling to get my head around the airflow and the only examples I can find on the web are for completely different/more advanced set-ups. I've always been a believer that anybody can learn anything - if you can't understand something then it may be because somebody isn't explaining it in the right way. Can anybody give me a quick tutorial that is easy to understand......? Many thanks in advance