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Found 7 results

  1. 31/01 (W8)

    From the album 4th grow

    Week 8 of veg
  2. Hello there, been vegging my ladies in three litre pots for about three weeks now, occasionally one or two leaves would turn yellow, but then the new foliage would appear and cover the old leaves, would usually feed them every three days with 300ml of water, 1.4ec. 5.7PH, at some point increased ph to 6.0 and 6.1, then read in forrums that vegging period suppose to be between 5.5 and 5.8ph, so decreased it to 5.7ph and continue like that. So the plants are growing and they are not drippy but they are very pale in my view. I thought recently maybe I am using not enough nutes, and also feeding them too rarely, because I can now see roots are trying to go through the holes at the bottom of the pot. Feed them two days ago, and yesterday they were already quite dry and drippy, then feed them yesterday evening and after few hours they were again standing straight. I will upload 12 images of them, and also will write bellow all the info what Im using temperatures, etc... Temperatures night time 20c to 23.5c temperatures day time 25-28c RH 50 to 80% Night cycle 6/18 EC 1.4, last feed increased to 1.6 PH 5.7 for the most part. Nutes: Canna AB, Superthrive, Rhizotonic, Cal/mag 1/4 strength. Sometimes I spray with cal/mag 1/5 strenght on to them. I use one1000w Omega but at 800w currently, and just increased to 1000w. and one Mars Hydro Led. dont remember exactly how its called, but one of the better ones. And the thing is, that I want to repot them to 30litre fabric pots, and now Im affraid to do that, because If I was feeding them not enough times, they can get stressed out when re-potted too much. How should I tackle this paling plants problem? I really want to sort this one out. see the pictures bellow:
  3. Day 53(1).jpg

    From the album Baby's First Grow

    Repotted again as concerned she was going to outgrow the pot. Watering regularly with PH modified tap water. Same compost mix as before, Worm, perlite, Westland compost with JI and some fish, bone, blood.
  4. Day 45(1).jpg

    From the album Baby's First Grow

    Mid-June and the UK weather is picking up. Plant spending days out in the sun and seemingly loving it
  5. Hi everyone, basically my 5 plants (critical) just entered week 3 of veg, I was planning on vegging for 4 weeks and then transplant into flower. Im growing in COCO, Ive been feeding them every other day but by the time is time to feed, they are droopy. There is a lot of difference compared to how they will look later on today after I fed them this morning. Just wondering do you think I should feed everyday? There doesnt look like there is any deficiency in the leaves, they all look a good colour with thick nodes. Any advice welcome, thanks
  6. 60 Starter Tent

    From the album A Secret Garden

    © Sun Maid Rosin