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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there, I had problems, were plants started becoming very crispy and all while in 5lt pots after potting them from rock-wool cubes. I sorted that out, it appears it was lack of oxygen, because I put them all very close to each other. So when I left some space in between of pots problem was solved. Now I re-potted them to 30 litre fabric pots expecting them to get even better. but Next day they became very drippy, doesn't look good at all. Now about 4 days have passed and still not ok at all. I'm not sure what to do. RH is about 55%, temperature about 26c. I ran two gavitas on 600 at the moment. I have proper intake and outtake. I fed them couple of days in a row, about 150ml of water each time. PH 5.8, used canna coco A and B, superthrive, and ferro bio roots. Now havent fed them for two days nearly, maybe too much water, have to adapt to new environment and start to spread their roots and then will try to start to feed them again. Any suggestions guys? this is quite scary to see plants like that. take a look below.
  2. Dinafem blueberry cookies.jpg

  3. 4X4 grow tent soil - 16l pots 4 blue cheese 1 royal ak 1 pineapple chunk watered every 2-3 days fed every 3rd watering with old timers grow. 5 weeks into veg from seed this is my first proper grow last one was a mesely 2 plants i got a half oz off. the light cycle is on 20/4. i took cuttings today from one blue cheese because i though it looked monster, before i swapped to flower in 2 weeks time. after i examined the cut i realised there were little hairs coming out the stems and clicked it had gone into flower (i wondered why it got greedy and stretched 5-6 inches) and i have no clue why ? may have possibly mixed up nutes on a feeding and gave it a shot of bloom but that wouldnt have affected it surely? im just gonna flip the tent to 12/12 and get em all under way but anyone got an idea as to why this has happened ? i dont want it happening again because i could of done with the extra week or 2 of veg. any help would be appreciated.