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Found 82 results

  1. Found some bargain lights and thought I'd give them a bash, turns out they're pretty good so thought I'd spread the word. They're fleabay specials, built in drivers, various lengths, 10 watt per 30cm, and cost me £5 each for the 30cm ones. Obviously they're not the best thing in the world, but they're definitely worth using and ideal for someone on a budget or with a small space. The phrase to search is "LED tube lights" I wired up 3 in my 35x55x75cm veg box. At 30cm down I get 1358 on the Lux app, in comparison the same distance in my flower tent (ISH 100 BR and 8x 10 watt downlights) I get 48047. Hopefully they don't set my house on fire .
  2. Story people, bit of a newbie here, quick question on flowering/ pre veg node setup, if anyone can chip in give me their view would be appreciated. Running 3 creme caramel, fast versions by sweet seeds, 2 pheno types among the 3 girls, awesome vigorous veg so far from pheno 1(as I'm calling her), I'm growing in limited space and Wana keep the numbers down, so I've been fucking with mainlining, got the canopy within 6 inches, all the tops are now poking out the scrog screen, the girls a veging bout 6.5 week, the are responding to outrageously well to mainlining, got average 9 healthy main colas per plant, all defoliateed below the net with 3 nodes set up just above the net. right I've been debating to flip them, each of the colas are peaking out of the net as described and have on average three nodes within two inches of each other as described. Question is how many more nodes before the flip?? Will I get more in flower? Is three nodes enough to stretch into a donkey dick of a cola, answers on a post card. Peace. I hope someone can make sense of wtf I've described.
  3. Hi all, hoping for a little diagnosis help. Changed the res 5 days ago and since the ladies are not looking happy. Before the RES change the EC was the same at 0.7 (0.6 of that bloom A&B Mix with 0.1 made up of Mag extra AN additive = total 0.7) and things were going swimmingly with great colour and great vigor in growth,, they looked banging! 5 Days later not so much! Much lighter in general colour and rusting on some leafs, one lady has been hit harder than the other three but she is most defo a different pheno as she has looked different from the get go. A little info.... 1.2x1.2m tent 400w MH 10ltr pots with clay pebbles,, drip system hybrib with some roots in the res allready. Air out through carbon filer and in through RVK'S Temps are 20/21 off and between 25 & 28 degres on. Lights 20 on & 4 off Humidity 65% Water recirculated with Res pump and also pumped to chiller unit and kept at 20-21 Degres Water is RO with EC @ 0.7 using Advanced Neuts hydro Sensi Grow Today I have added a little (15ml to aprox 35ltr full res) Advanced neuts MAG extra as ive read on here that Glookies are Cal/Mag hungry and it seams to marry up with how they are looking,, well that and abit of a nitrogen deficiency too caused maybe by the lack of Cal??? Any help or advice on whether im on the right track would be most appreciated! @stu914 Any thoughts pal,, i know you've been on the AN neuts for ever! Ever had any Cal/Mag issues?? or might it be something else?
  4. So the second grow diary in my siggy you can see the current progress. Other than the plants sulking a bit when they needed watering or re-potting them seemed fine with luscious green leaves. Recently these started to pop up THey have gone from lightmix only to about 60% lightmix to 40% batmix, maybe its too hot? I have introduced them to 1ml per litre of grow and fishmix by biobizz also the day i noticed these brown deficiency like areas. Ive had similar deficiencies before at this stage and calmag sometimes helps, my friend is adamant it shouldnt be an issue with batmix though. I cant think of any other factors that have changed to allow this to happen. Here is them nice and healthy not so long ago (at least 80% of the leaves still look good to be fair!)
  5. I opened my DIY grow cabinet this morning to see the far left plant bent over, no idea why this happened, but will it survive or should i get rid? I previously overwatered so i have been leaving it to dry out for a few days, thats why there is a bit of algae on the top layer. Also there is currently no ventilation in there as i heard it was possible to get away with just opening the cupboard doors a few times, not too sure i believe this so ill be installing 3 PC fans. Or would a inline fan be better? Smell isn't too much of an issue as i smoke in the same room. If anyone has any tips for ventilation in a grow cabinet please advise. Medium is BioBizz All Mix soil and i have 3 600w LED lights above (100w true power)
  6. IMG-1441.JPG

    From the album My first Diary

    © Shumroom

  7. IMG-1440.JPG

    From the album My first Diary

    © Shumroom

  8. IMG-1438.JPG

    From the album My first Diary

    © Shumroom

  9. IMG-1437.JPG

    From the album My first Diary

    © Shumroom

  10. Hi All, I have attached some photos and was looking for some advice. The plants are about 2 weeks old and seem to be struggling. They are pale, clawed and just not particularly happy. Any opinions appreciated. The setup: BudBox 0.8x0.8x2 GN Telios 008 AirPots 9L 80/20 Coco/Perlite BioBizz Nutrients Tent: 29c/55% Charlie
  11. Using a 3500k rspec board on my first tent set up ever and want to know what i should dim the board to and how far it should be from the pot. I was thinking of dimming to 100w for the begining and slowly increasing from there to 150w in flower? Thanks any help in kindly appreciated
  12. #1 Hi guys got 9 plants under a 400w mh will be changing to 600w hps after flip. 5 are on day 38 but have another 4 in there on day 31. Got them in 6.5 litre pots should I veg them to 6 week and 5 weeks ? Or 6.5 weeks and 5.5 weeks? Not ideal being a week behind but only option at the minute. what’s the max veg time on 6.5l pot before they start to get rootbound?
  13. Hello 420 Start off with a massive thanks to @HSO-Mark for sending me a 5 pack of THE NEW by sherbinski much appreciated Iv also got .. Choc mint og Sapphire og Black d.o.g Bubbas gift Sugar breath Ogkz Soil:plant magic Ferts:biobizz Veg/clones :5-45w led/100w cfl/ 200w cfl Flower:400-600w hps This will be a timeless grow journal will do bits on clones,veg ,flower & Harvest won't be any Schedule/Organization will try and do regularly updates through veg and flower from the seeds/1st clones then after that will just do updates of the clones in flower with the odd update of mothers/clones/bits&bobs when have the time also any new HSO seeds i start Still in the boring stage at the moment... few will be going into flower in the next couple weeks .. don't want them going in very big until i see how they express themselves in my flower room ...
  14. Sour diesel day21

    From the album 1st grow pics

  15. nute lock out ? (2).jpg

    From the album Smokey Purple Nugs

    any one have any idea what this could be caused by i am guessing PH swing or some thing trying to correct issue has worsened it
  16. My veg tent is 80x80x160. I am thinking that a 400w MH bulb would be better than the HPS bulb I am using atm. So are the cheaper generic MH bulbs worse than the brand named ones? If so can you recommend me a 400w MH bulb please? Edit. Btw can't afford to go the 315w CMH route atm
  17. Last few bits and pieces to put together for my veg cabinet. Space is ~50 x 50 x 60 and looking to use 23W; 4500K CFLs as a light source. Rough total time frame for propagation and veg period is ~8 weeks (or however long it takes for the quick flowering plants to finish), process should be something like this: -Take clone cuttings from the plants before moving them to the flowering space. -Root riot cube and into propagator for 10-14 days. -Into 0.7L pots until rooted out, 7-10 days -Into 3L finals and topped twice, wanting to keep height <30cm. Left to root out and maintained until room is available in the flowering space again. -Rinse repeat... Would 2 lamps (46W) be enough for 4 plants - or should I be looking at 4 in total? Thanks to all in advance!
  18. Quite a mad, but simple concept. Under-counter fridge in the shed, 60W tube heater (it's cold out there), 40W E27 6500K LED (virtually zero heat), small PC fan for circulating air, a "smart CO2 bag" https://tinyurl.com/rl7z6ta Could or would this work? Would ideally use this to get clones going, pot up and top them before final pot up and sticking into the flowering cab. I know this will get met with a lot of stick and "why the hell would you want to do that" but the simple answer is I want to try it and see if it's possible. I built a small cab for vegging/cloning (30 x 16 x 50), but even with just an 80mm PC fan as exhaust and passive intakes alongside a 60W tube heater - I had big problems maintaining >15C inside.
  19. DSC-1939-1516x2021.JPG

    From the album Michael

    DAY 30 GG4
  20. Bubblicious lst

    From the album Summer 2019

  21. Bubblicous veg

    From the album Summer 2019