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Found 16 results

  1. Looking on a single variac setup to control my exhaust tornado box fan wouldnt mind been abit more automated to go slow and faster when need to So what would i need to buy thermostat and some sort of relay Then the wiring what goes where? Should i wire the intake in so slows down with outtake thanks
  2. Good morning, Iknow this has been covered 1000 times but after spending 2 weeks searching I still can't find the answer I need Iv wired the stc 1000 to the step transformer and it works great for controlling the temp but I need to wire in the relay so I can have the fan ticking over then when the heat hits 30 fe full speed kicks in and sucks it back down to 26 I have an 8 pole relay and tried to follow the diagram in a previous post but was unsure Hopw some one can help us Cheers 420
  3. Hello! I have recently purchased this Variac: https://www.sentera.eu/Product/Details/eng/108450/230-VAC-transformer-fan-speed-controller-15-A and this extraction fan: https://www.amazon.co.uk/XFLO100S-Inline-Bathroom-Extractor-Standard/dp/B01GCG35RA Despite reading the mounting instruction, I have literally no idea on what to do to connect the Variac to my fan. I have tried searching on the forum but I am not able to find a step-by-step guide for newbies like me. This is the last problem I need to solve before starting my grow, so I would really appreciate if someone who's got a similar setup could help me out. There's nothing on Youtube and can't seem to find anything that explains the mounting for a complete electricity illiterate. Thanks in advance guys.
  4. Good evening everyone, Does anyone know where i can purchase a variac? I just need something to control the fan speed on a single 5" ruck fan, I've already got a fan voltage stepping controller but need something with more precise control. It does not have to be a variac, as long as its silent running any fan speed controller will do, recommendations would be excellent. While i'm here if anyone has a link on how to wire up a variac that would be great, Cheers.
  5. diy

    hi guys can someone plz help ive recently wired up a twin variac fan controller, had some major issues at the start but rebuilt it from strach using a multi-meter testing as i go.. now i think ive sussed it but my variacs after time just continue to get hotter and hotter i turned them off when they reached 35C... i think they are wired correctly ive check various threads on here and it seems all good checked it with the multi-meter reads what it should when it should... now i did arc the variacs early one (school boy error very high) could this have damaged them to cause this... ive not earthed the variac themselves ive seen a few people commenting on here but it doesnt appear in any of the steps or photos??? i have netural to a output live e input live c the netural runs straight into the rely then branching off to the atc800+, variacs & neutral out to the fans
  6. Hello, Im buildig my own day/night controller for my extractor fan. Based on some work done by other forum members (laphroaig, Joint hogger) my purpose is to control a singular extractor fan with two modes, day and night. My fan is 70W 220VAC. At day time, it would be blowing at 100%, but at night I want to take control of speed (such as 60%) using a variac. A din timer would be used to indicate night time. When the timer is on, it would activate a coil relay that connects the output from the variac and sending the speed to 60%. The normal state of the relay would send input voltage (220VAC) to the fan blowing at 100% I have made a electrical sketch and I would like some advice if this is electrically correct? or I would die trying it? *haha Im missing something? Thank you forum members and sorry for my english I have placed 2 fuses for security purposes, a volt meter to monitor output, 2 pilot lights indicating /system on/ /timer on/
  7. variacproject

  8. Hi just looking for some general advice by anyone electrically minded or who has built one of these type of things before. Iv started ordering all the bits to build a day/night twin variac ATC-800 controller based on the excellent work done by others, (clay davis, laphroaig, scraglor, joint hogger el al) but specifically this made by mooker, as the day/night capability seems best if I can do it. (found here http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=335120&page=1) With 2 x 3a variacs as the 2a I think I need for the 8 and 6 inch fans I intend on getting is still out of stock for a while so think im best getting 3a instead of 1a. (minus the humidistat on wiring diagram I think) But I dont think I need the second timer as I dont think I will be running air cooled lights, or intend on wiring the humiditsat. With that in mind, here is the wiring diagram for this build Iv naively just removed the wires from the second timer and humidistat and where they led to in paint. Apologies for butchering this diagram that must have took a while. So before I start wiring anything up I thought I would seek some advice if this will work or where Im going wrong. Thanks to all who have gone before for giving others inspiration.
  9. I'm getting a single 2amp variac. Is there a way to run my air cooled hood on a timer using the single variac ? it would be constantly on for extraction. Would hope this would be no more than 50% fan speed total. To keep the friggin noise down. Or do I just need 2 variacs ? I would also like to add my intake later, off when temperature normal, but only 50-60% when its too hot. I need to keep the noise of my cool hood down. I have 2 x 6" RVK's (Extract and other timed with lights on hood) and a TT125 (intake). Would like to use T6360 Honeywell thermostats at some point also. I did read somebody's wiring diagram but not sure how to link post... It had air cool hood fan on a timer but I don't under stand how it was working this fan separate ? Thanks Reggie
  10. The completed Variac!

    From the album Room

  11. Single Variac wiring

    From the album Room

  12. Single Variac wiring

    From the album Room

  13. Single Variac wiring

    From the album Room

  14. I've been readings lots and still am, but it's getting confusing now! I'm pretty much gonna go with Laphroaig style single variac with an ATC-800+. but as I'm not too swift with electronics I'm not sure what my options are as I have a few extra bits, namely the 4 metre temp sensor and speed/temp control from the KSA fan I took it out of, you can see the board it's on in the top of both of the photos below - this has speed and temp knobs on, but I'm pretty sure it's this that hums so dont want to use it in this (even if I can). Can I link this up to the variac and not get an ATC? Or can I use it somewhere else? Heat wise I want to put the 120W tube heater in the passive vents, but this has it's own thermostat...how do I bypass this and have the variac trigger/respond to it? I also have this: Which I am currently using on the KSA but don't mind not using it when the variac is functional. Fan-wise I really only have the main KSA sucking through the CF and blowing over the lamp and out. I also have a 4" duct connecting the small veg room to one of the vents in the bloom room. In order to keep pressure up and smell from the veg room down I want to put a fan on the outtake of the veg room - helping push the air along to the bloom room intake, but I'm reckoning I only need a small silent computer fan instead of a big 4" as the veg room is tiny (less than 1/4 the bloom room and that's 1.2x1.2x0.9m !) - would that be OK or should I get a big inline fan? (I really don't want the extra cost or noise!)