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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys, just got my first dry herb vaporiser a couple of weeks ago. Its a very different experience to smoking! One of the things i cant seem to get past is the taste of the vapour - it tastes like shit. At first i thought it was my own weed was shit, but i brought the vape to amsterdam with me and it literally made all weed taste the same - like shit. Is this a bad vape? like bad compared to the pax-3 or mighty? or is this just what vaped weed tastes like? because i was expecting it to at least taste like a blunt...and for 230 euro its a big let down
  2. Anyone know of a decent cloud producing battery powered vaporizers preferably under £50 and are also easy to clean? I already own a DynaVap M and while i love using it via a bong it just don't cut it for me when smoking as a joint, But i'm looking for something to use while on the go without having to carry a touch lighter around with me. So i thought I'd come to the best place i know for some advice my UK420 Army
  3. Hi to everyone on this much-cooler-than-me forum, I used to smoke the odd baccy/resin rollup in my twenties/thirties and always enjoyed the experience - also used to smoke it neat sucking on a pin-pricked coke tin which I preferred. I smoked regular baccy back then, too, but gave it up in my early thirties. Now in my fifties I'm having a shitty time with my health and am looking to find an occasional pick-me-up when life is busy serving me turdburgers. I get that life is probably pissing everyone off right now, but it's more my health issues that are fucking with my head. Three years ago I had a stent fitted and I currently take the usual meds to counter high cholesterol/bunged up arteries etc... In the last two years my digestive system started playing up and I wake up in the middle of the night with chest pains associated with silent reflux/hiatus hernia. I take PPIs for this, plus anti-acids, plus ginger root, plus probiotics, plus ... you name it. So enough of the whining, everyones got problems, right? The upshot of my health issues means that alcohol and/or good food has become a vengeful indulgence. A couple of drinks or a tub of Ben & Jerry's, and I can forget about getting more than 2 hours restless sleep - and boy, the payback after! What I'm looking for is something to take the edge off before I go to bed but is also somewhat pleasurable. A replacement for alcohol and nice food that also helps me chill before bedtime. I thought about a high CBD/Low THC cannabis solution and immediately found this forum and read all the heart-related threads. Great stuff and some useful opinions! It seems that smoking neat/edibles or vaping is best for someone with heart concerns. That's as far as I got. I'm so out of touch with the world of cannabis - you can probably tell by all my uncool references - that I don't know where to start, or even if I should. What I need your thoughts on - please - is: What should I try - and in what form - for a relaxing/not too high, high? - don't want anything giving me heebie-jeebies or sending my heart palpitating into shutdown. Best way to ingest it given my health issues? Do I grow it myself/use a website or what? Thirty years ago, it seemed so much easier - like everything does when you're young! Any advice will be received with mountains of gratitude. I've got to get some peace back into my life and - even after a whole morning of online searching on Saturday - I'm still close to clueless.
  4. Hi friends, long time green lover but new to the vape game Just got my hands on a storm vaporizer pen, not sure which chambers/temperaturs to use for which products. I have both the resin chamber and titanium concentrate chamber. I want to use it for 3 different things: crumbly hash, cbd crystals and regular mary jane Any advice much appreciated
  5. Been a while since I posted but simply could not avoid sharing my thoughts on this self contained titanium nail rig, on steroids. First let me say this is my first experience with any DynaVap product. I got the OmniVap XL Kit that includes the DynaCoil, wooden dugout, and spare orings and screens. I've been wanting to crack into a stockpile of rosin I had been amassing since grass is getting low. So I pulled the trigger and when she arrived I didn't even try any grass with her because I fancy my Airizer Solo. Wow. Nice FULL clean burn in one or two hits. So amazing how well it loads. The teeth of the coil always grab the rosin off my tool. Makes for clean quick loading. I've been seeing how small of dab I can go because I like that one full, good hit. The one hitter lives on! If that's your thing. It is for me. Especially if it's gonna be hash hit. ALL battery/electric vape pens are now OBSOLETE. At least to me. I don't like spending lots of money on trying different gizmos. Don't even have a big electric nail rig like so many dabbers. Didn't want one. Waited until the lost possible minute for the rosin craze to catch up in the industry and now we have real solutions from real smart folks. TLDR: fat clouds, microdose dabs, amazing technological design
  6. I found my very old Vapoureyes Vape the other day .. Not sure how many of you remeber these ? They where pre blue meanie and one of the first commercial vapes around .. It uses a halogen bulb and you raise and lower the basket to control heat .. I think I had it just before 2000 it's hard to remeber exactly , maybe some one can recall when they launched as I had it from then. I plugged it in and cleaned it a bit , it still works which surprised me as when I last had it out was at a squat party we did and it fucked up many people ... Maybe I should start a Vape museum Vapoureyes .... Thats it for now till next time take it easy.......
  7. Iv seen a few of these type vape things on eBay. I don’t know anything about vaping weed iv only every rolled joints but fancy giving it a try. So are these gunna work alright or are they abit cheap and crappy and put me off ? Cheers, Joe
  8. Hi, i’ve been off the scene for years for both growing and smoking. But recently Im struggling to sleep and suffer from joint pain so looking into a vape to consume some heavy indica to knock me out! The uk seems to Be behind on the review front of budgeg herb vapes so looking on here for opinions. I was set on the black mamba but the large bowl put me off as I will be use very little i suspect so smaller the bowl the better! Its only for a trial so nothing expensive.. If I get on with vaping I can buy a decent one but I still want something thats too cheap and nasty. So these are my choices - Black Widow Shhhh! 2 in 1 Herbstick Eco Atmos Jump Titan 2 Thanks for any input.. peace out
  9. e-liquid

    Hi We made some LOVELY HASH FROM MY FRIENDS SUMMER GROW....We extracted buds nr rotten bit of DINAFEM BUBBA KUSH THIS IS EXTRACT FROM DINAFEM OUTSIDE GROW : My friends face was in amazement as I told him what we could make... £20 later COFFEE CAFTIERE ...from tesHO £10...take top offf and with nozzle l it its in....fill it with bud ......emptied 1-2 cans per 1 L jug...till FLUID ....then warm baths (bai marie) etc,,,, then we left with a nice HONEY OIL...WHIPPED UP A BIT ON CERAMIC AND MADE A LOVELY BHO CRUMBLE!!!!!!, (right on silicone) I USED MY HALF (WE YIELDED about 13%) after purging to make some thing new for MED USERS ...NO MORE RIP OFFS REAL CANNABIS E LIQUID!!! I KNOW I I BLEAT ON ABOUT med use all the time after a campaigner for years but never thought the difference it makes...I WAS A SMOKER & A GROWER BEFORE ACCIDENT.....WITHOUT THIS I THINK I WOULD BE FINISHED!!! It stops spasms, tight muscles, cramps etc BUT I CAN USE my Solo Air FROM VAPEFIEND (BEST RETAILER..HELPED ME OUT BIG TIME after I wrecked 2 of his SOlos, THANK YOU). BUT THOUGHT WHY NOT E - JUICE....SAW MED PENDS, $150 people cracking the refeels opems PPSSSHHHHH!!! JUST MAKE E LIQUID.... STEP ONE....I went Ghetto for this one,,,, put oil in egg cup and mixed a little PG....now in hindsight I MAY OF JUST used normal e-liquid BUT NO IDEA OF EFFECT OF the VG.... PG IS JUST THE BASE FOUND on flebay for a few pounds and i make own juices anyway! DO NOT LET BOIL....KEEP IT VERY LOW AND WILL TALE 15-30 MIN WHILE GENTLY STIRRING: OK here is the Science: E-Cigs can go higher than normal vapes. Oil is ACTIVATED as IS extract...WORST THAT COULD OF HAPPENED WAS I WOULD DRUNK A BIT !!! RESULT.......DINAFEM BUBBAKUSH C-LIQUID... STOPS MS SHAKES DEAD IN TRACKS...SINCE MADE WITH CBD OIL FROM AMAZON....£35-30 FOR HALF G of CBD!!!! WANKERS!!!. But patient found it not so heady and better for daytime chores.... 0.5G OIL...mixed into 2ml PG and flavored to 5ml...still to strong.,.. For EVERY 5ML of juice it contains 0.5ml THC OR THC/CBD SHATTER/OIL ETC... It nice as people who vape can have neat and add as required...... I smoked it in Cinema...u CANNNOT SMELL IT!!!!!!!! I know I did not invent this as look as MEDIPEN HACKS BUT FIRST E-LIQUID I SEEN WITH REAL THC IN!!!
  10. Hey guys, Newbie here. I have an Arizer Air vaporiser. After only a few uses, the glass stem is looking gunky. It has discolouration, and there is a lot of plant matter stuck to it. What is the best way to clean this? Do most people use some sort of specialised cleaning solutions, or are there other non-toxic household products that can safely be used to remove this? Thanks for the help.
  11. Hey folks, I'm looking into a vape pen that will handle flowers, oil/e-liquids and wax/resin... There doesn't seem to be a lot of choice (most only do one or the other, or two at most) but I've found a few promising options... Two only seem to be sold from the US... but that's ok I guess... Before I pull the trigger on my choice I thought I'd ask the people for their experience... The short list is a follows: Konyo Triad - http://konyovapepen.com/vaporizers/vaporizer-pens/triad-vape-pen Atmos Raw/Rx - http://www.vaporizershop.co.uk/atmos-rx-portable-vaporizer-43-p.asp Budy Pen 3-in-1 by Vaporite - http://vaporitevapes.com/product_budypen_combo.html Your thoughts and experiences please people
  12. So I've decided to make cannabutter with the left over trim from my grow. It's in the slow cooker now but I'm wondering if I should quickly go and buy more butter? 250g Butter 24g Wet trim (Partially wet it's been left out for 2 days) 8g of already been vaped bud. Will this be too strong?
  13. hi all, I have just bought my new vapouriser, I have had my eyes on it for a while. its the arizer extreme q.. just wondering if anyone else uses this vape, and do you have any tips and tricks for using it.. thanks in advance G
  14. Just received my Palm 2.0 from Vapefiend. Not had a chance to use it as yet (although a weekend break to the Lakes with a jar of Bubblegum beckons) but I have had it out the box and it looks an impressively made product. What has impressed me more, however, is the service from Vapefiend. Fantastic, impartial advice with no hard-sell at any point. I would highly recommend the website and the operator and encourage anybody needing assistance in choosing a vape to approach them. Hopefully when I can afford it I will be purchasing the Pinnacle Pro from there next!