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Found 4 results

  1. PH

    Hi I like my gadgets..so i got a wee Ph and TDS meter I ma not keeping a diary might do so next grow, But Miracle-Gro and the powdered Blueberry fertiliser do lower the PH of my water I water / feed untill the pot starts draining through and i remove the excess water ... Fuck at this stage they drink A LOT about a litre per plant every 2 days I do PH and PPM the wash off (not to worried about the PPM but PH comes in at 5.2 /5.4 So far it does not seem to have harmed the plants but it seems a bit low Should I bring the PH of my water before feeding up .. I believe even baking soda can be used for that?
  2. From the album General shots

    Spent 2 hours typing up the story behind this cross. Was obviously too long for this uploader so when I hit finish, I got taken back to step 1 and my work was lost. So now you'll never know!
  3. Hey what up, wanting to know what pot size to use and how long to veg so in coco/perlite (60/40 mix) 9 clones currently in small 3 inch pots after showing roots in jiffys they will have to be under 130w of CFLs in 60cmx60cmx80cm for at another 4-5 weeks then they have 400mh or 600w hps to play with my set up is 120m x 120cm x 200cm tent planning on flowering with 7 plants 600HPS / 400mh parabolic canna AB, rhizo, pk13/14 hand watering POTS - 1.5L, 5L, 10L. can also get 1L, 6.5L(which seems very popular for coco) and 15L if needs be (but ideally not 15s) so i want to reach full potential with what ive got, i plan on topping and bending to fill canopy upto max 50cm height as these clones will pretty much double in height when flipped to 12/12 i was pondering what size i should pot up to and what to use along the way and how long i would need to veg to fill out the pots my thought, from the 3inch, to 1.5L to 10L with them been under the CFLs for those 5 weeks, then 400mh for 1-2 weeks, then flip them so what would you guys do ??
  4. Just shelled out for a pack of Sensi Jack Herer and Mr Nice Super Silver Haze (Well Chuffed) I'm growing in coco and the JH have all sprouted. I've read that some phenos can be stretchy as fook and plan to flower soon after my seeds are a few nodes up to ensure I stay within my height limit. My questions are; Is it ok to top the girls once or more inside the first few weeks flower as they might not be in veg long enough? Can I pot up into final 6.5's (as long as the rootmass enables) upto the first few weeks flower seeing as it's likely the girls will be in 1.8l pots when they go from 20/4 to 12/12?