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Found 2 results

  1. white widow cbd

    From the album My plants from '08 onwards

    bag seed from white widow cbd, looking healthy.

    © bluntz27

  2. Hi all. I have 3 huge unknown strains in my groom and they dont seem to have budged for a week or more. These clones arrived and unknown to myself until almost finishing the veg stage, there were 3 strains. 1 strain is already down as it was very ripe and ready. My problem is with these huge sod's that wont give in. They smell like a haze, stand 4 feet tall from the pot and have produced a few cola's the size of a pringles can. A guess would be a possible silver haze or a cross of some kind. But the buds just wont seem to thicken up. They look good but the pistils are stil white and the buds have an almost baby foxtail appearance to them. Although as I said the buds are huge, they are not very dense, and this saturday is week 11 since the 12/12 switch. Is it the strain or am I being a little to cautious ? Anyone with a little haze experience and some wisdom would be greatly appricated. Cheers. GV.