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Found 1,178 results

  1. DiscoBiscuit [uGORGCookies* x UGORG#1] *Pictured. Who would like to be one of the very first to try..the one and only, real deal..DiscoBiscuit? There's so much buzz for this strain that somebudgies already ripped the name off! As always preference will be given to those that have completed successfull diaries in the past. FutureCannabis! With Love, VRG.
  2. Week 4 Footloose

  3. Week 4 Footloose

  4. Cannabis Through The Scopes

    From the album Subbie Seeds & A Couple Of Footloose Coco Grow

    In need of potting on, topping and trimming. Back soon!
  5. Subbie Grow With A Touch Of Footloose

    From the album Subbie Seeds & A Couple Of Footloose Coco Grow

    I hope the Psycho Animal Stomper is good, lots of them in here, maybe even half the tent. The seeds were fast and vigorous to germinate @Vicfirth12 if these are your cooking. Come back in 12 weeks for flowers!
  6. 8 Weeks Vegging

    From the album Subbie Seeds & A Couple Of Footloose Coco Grow

    Final pot on to 6.5l tomorrow, if I find a suitable opportunity in my day/night to escape an infestation of summer Rug Rats-get back to school you blighters! Being given Growers Ark root tonic 2ml, universal traces 1ml, A&B grow 4ml.
  7. Seedlings Under LED

  8. Pre-Order your DiscoBiscuit (UGORGCookies x UGORG#1) and PremierSweet (CeresHilton x UGORG#1) from 8pm this evening at UGORG.com Despatched week commencing 5/10/15. #FutureCannabis! With Love, VRG.
  9. Premier-Sweet-Mutant-9-8g.jpg

    From the album DeltaMeltersPostStuff

  10. UGORGCookies

    From the album UGORG

  11. Premier-Sweet-Day70.jpg

    From the album DeltaMeltersPostStuff

  12. DiscoBiscuit-12

    From the album UGORG

  13. UGORG Disco Biscuit Flower Rosin

    From the album Various misc

  14. DiscoBiscuit(90u) Hash Rosin

    From the album UGORG

  15. DiscoBiscuit 90u iwe

    From the album UGORG

  16. :)

    From the album My Pics

  17. ugorg

    Wow! 2020 the year that almost everything, everywhere, went completely to shit! I’m truly sorry we couldn’t finish the year by giving you all something back like we usually do at Christmas but we just didn’t have enough stock. We will try to make next years special even bigger than ever! One small positive to come from this awful year for me, is like most of us, I’ve had a lot more time on my hands than usual so I’ve been going overtime in the grow-room. Im pretty confident I will have atleast 4 brand new hybrids ready for release later this year I truly hope 2021 is a brighter year for all of us. Unity is the key in times like these, you really got to look out for each-other, if you can help someone, then help them, you always should but, first and foremost take care of yourself! From The Underground With Love, VRG.
  18. (Scrap the other post in the DB thread please) Just popping back in temporarily as the "Disco Biscuit Germ Issues" thread caught my eye as I got some worrying feedback from someone this morning. I gifted someone some Footloose and Blues not long ago. From the video chat I could see all the blues came through and look strong but only 1/11 of the Footloose appeared by the time the Blues were on their second set of leaves (and the cotyledons on said Footloose were pretty malformed and pressing on the first set of leaves - so much so she's considering cutting one of them off ). She's no beginner, I think she's probably been at the growing game longer than I have and doesn't make mistakes (especially with seeds she's been raving about getting for months and months). I told her to go digging to look at the rest of the Footloose given how long it had been and she said most had just not opened, but one or two looked as if they were hollow with no sign of a taproot. I'm getting nagged pretty hard about it as she's a medical user and this will leave her high and dry for a week or two as things stand, would appreciate some help. @VRG I'd rather not email about a germination issue on a personal email but can create an email if required? Ideally would like to talk on here via message.