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Found 4 results

  1. I need a light for a small 2x2 Ac Infinity tent setup I'm putting together. I've narrowed it down to : £112 - Mars Hydro TS1000 - 150W £162 - Migro Array 2 - 125W £150 - AC Infinity S22 - 130W - waiting on UK stock. From what I understand all will be fine for such a small grow space but obviously the TS1000 is much cheaper and 20% more powerful.. What would you go for and why?
  2. Here’s my setup: Light - Mars Hydro TS1000 (on 75% wattage at the moment) Pots - 3-4 Gallon Smart Pots Seed - GSC Thin Mint Autoflower Substrate - Bio-Bizz Light (top 50%) and Bio-Bizz (bottom 50%) Light height - approx 18” from plant Temp - 26°C day temp, 18° night temp (can fluctuate slightly) RH - Avg. 50% humidity Water schedule - Water every other day, water ONLY, I mist soil if it gets too dry. I took these photos today (16 days from sprout) and I noticed a small yellowish patch on one of the leaves, and a couple of the points are curled upwards very slightly. Could this be an indication of water log? I know they’re quite delicate at this stage, and I don’t want to do anything that will inhibit the growth. The curling only just happened in the last 24 hours, so hopefully no permanent damage has been done. Any help would be great! Thank you! (Temp and RH are dark period, this is just as I turned the light on again).
  3. Hello UK420 i have a small 60x60x140 and I need some guidance on what to do next. Currently I have a fantronix 187m3 (I think) and a ram filter 170m3 (yes I can see the mistake I’ve made). Last grow was hard due to heatwaves. I was over my limit for the whole grow really and needed supplemental cooling and odour control to reach the finish line. I’m looking at solutions that won’t break the bank and that follows the advice on here on being a smart buy rather than the stupid buy that I did in hast. I don’t know truly what amount of air I should be moving (I just don’t trust my calculations and I already got it wrong). I’m looking at a rhino pro kit at 5 inches. I’m hoping this will cover my needs and not run on 100% speed for most of the grow just to maintain a minimum extraction. max budget is 100-150 tops. Noise is a concern but temps and smell is more important. Sound is secondary to these other factors. Plus I can make a box for it if needed. Would anyone be able to advise me? I know I need a better fan and filter. I just need a nudge in the right direction! I really don’t trust myself to buy smart right now after the mistake I’ve already made.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been a bit of a lurker for a while and thought it best I leave a diary, or at least outline how my first attempt is going! You'll have to excuse me as I've been a bit lacklustre in terms of keeping everything up to date and I still haven't figured out how to upload pics But I'm now on day 18 since germ so here's my private notes so far: CITY SEEDS KOSHER KUSH GROW Equipment: Tent 60x60x140cm Mars Hydro TS1000 LED 4" rhino/ram filter+fan combo 12"oscillating fan 1' tube heater for lights off Plant level: 9 litre fabric pots Biobizz light mix+all mix Biobizz rootjuice/grow/bloom/topmax Days 1-10 I followed @Serpent how to grow autos in soil guide and it helped massively so shoutout to you buddy Day 1: 23/03 Germinated: Damp paper towel in ziplock (closed) in airing cupboard Day 3: 25/03 TAPROOT 3-5mm Into solo cups (Biobizz light mix - pre wetted) covered with cup, sprayed with water to increase humidity until soil break In airing cupboard Day 4: 26/03 (around 21hrs later) SOIL BREAK Temps 24-29 humid 35-55 Into tent, kept moist, under 24hr lighting. Still covered with sprayed cups, Day 5 Still moist Temp: 27 Humid: 40% Using wet shirt to increase humidity Not much progress - hoping ^RH% will help Day 6 Temp 27-29 Humid around 65% Given very light watering with spray bottle but leaves starting to fade? Day 7 Leaves more faded Day 8: 30/3 Temps 27-29 Humid low 40 high 77 steady average 68-70 Finally got fan+filter setup. Cups moist, soil lightly watered Day 9: 31/03 Temps 27-29 humid 50-60% Final pots in tent to acclimatise soil 2L water+0.5ml rootjuice for pre-wetting final pots Day 10: 01/04 Temps 27-30 humid 60-70% FINAL POT TRANSFER Leaves were starting to droop slightly - due to rootjuice overfeed ? Given 1L water (very small amount of runoff to flush rootjuice) Day 11: 02/04 Temps 27-30 humid low 55 High 70 Recovering from transfer really well, good new growth - 3rd set of cotyledon leaves showing Day 12: 03/04 Temps 27-30 humid 55-65 Added oscillating fan Day 13: 04/04 Temps 27-30 Humid 47-55 Big growth on 2nd set of leaves Day 14: 05/04 Temps 28.5-31 humid 55-60 WATERING 1L per plant No nutes Day 15: 06/04 Temps 27-30 Humid 47-50 FIRST ATTEMPT AT LST I've no idea what I'm doing - tied main stem down and started tucking leaves maybe too soon ? Day 16: 07/04 Temps up at 29/30 Humid up 60+ Day 17: Temps 29-30 Humid 50-55 1 or 2 big leaves leaves starting to curl - one leaf showing rusty tip Day 18: Temps high 29-32!! Humid 45-55 Raised light to highest point and lowered intensity to 50% (as advised by Mars Hydro) Temps concerning but extraction on full blast Noticed a couple vaguely rusty spots One minuscule tear/hole in a leaf I know my temps and humidity are moving mad but it's dependent on the time of day and I'm struggling to regulate them both It's just nice to be able to share my progress with like-minded enthusiasts and to know there's a vast wealth of information and knowledge to take in so thanks for stopping by and hope you've enjoyed the long read. Pop in occasionally for updates and to see how these babies progress! (If I can figure out pics ) PEACE AND LOVE