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Found 14 results

  1. From the album Various Pics

    Essential for comfortable trimming
  2. Over the years I’ve searched high and low for a drying/curing method... Ive picked up bits here and there, I wanted to put all that I’ve learned and tested into the method I use below. Dry trimming beats wet trimming hands down IMO, in regards to the smell and taste. Leaving the leaves on & hanging plants from the stems keeps the moisture in the bud.... Although its a bit more tedious removing leaves when they’ve shrunk tighter to the bud. Everyone knows if your shit dries too fast it’s gonna smell like hay and that’s exactly what wet trimming allows it to do, especially if you remove the buds from the stems and put em in a drying rack. I’d say The scissor cuts create a lot of ‘exit wounds’ so to speak, for the moisture to evaporate. Where as leaving them on, they coat the buds ‘protecting’ them from the air that will dry them too fast.. I’ve wet trimmed more than I have dry, but the last few times that I’ve dry trimmed, the difference is night and day, I can honestly say I will never wet trim ever again! My method is low and slow... keep temps at 16 - 18C (weather permitting) with 60 - 62% humidity for 10 - 14 days with the whole plant hung. My environment sits naturally around 60 - 65% RH after a few days... to make sure these factors are precisely controlled I hook up a humidifier and dehumidifier to inkbirk controller, if it drops then the humidifier will activate for a short time to boost atmosphere to 60% (try not to position directly under buds), same with the dehumidifier, the controller will activate if it rises above 65% note the dehumidifier hardly, if ever comes on and when it does it’s very brief. The humidity will naturally be higher than 65% for the first few days but this is expected, just keep air moving with extraction fan on min (if have a fan controller) and intake switched off just as passive. I also like to switch on a mini clip fan for an hour or so, couple times through the day on a timer, at floor level blowing horizontal under the plants (not at them) preferably toward humidifier to help disperse moisture evenly if needed.... Follow these instructions and I dare say you can’t go wrong, once nearly dried (at least 10 days depending on bud size) you will be left with a lovely smelling bud, same as when it was growing. Put some in jar with mini hydrometer for hour or so and when it sits at 62 - 65% it’s in the perfect range to cure.... if it’s higher take it out to dry a little more and repeat until you get 62 - 65% if it’s lower, add Boveda packs to boost moisture (some people say it changes taste smell) not sure as I’ve never used them. Cure for at least 2 weeks, burping regular and it will bring out an even better terpene profile of your buds, cure for a month to 6 months to get the fuller flavour and smell. Hope this helps and good luck
  3. Snips

    From the album Summer 2019

  4. I’ve just started my training of my plants and I see people cut the bottom 1/3 of the plant away as light doesn’t get there. Im not at that stage yet but was wondering when I was would it be worth trying to get the cbd out of those leaves? The plants are now 5 weeks old i use morphine daily to get to work for back issues and I’m sick of using it. I’m 33, and the last 13 years have been lost to opiates. I don’t smoke at all so the plants are for oil only not to smoke. Was wondering would I be able to get some oil a bit earlier from the cuttings rather than waiting till the plants are fully done??
  5. I have been doing some looking in to the pros and cons for wet vs dry trimming. It seems about 50\50 for people preferring the one to the other. I have finally settled on dry trimming (but would appreciate any ones additional thoughts), and have been looking for a trimming product. A few people had recommended the trim bag, and I found this one on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dry-Leaf-Trimmer-Bud-Trimmer/263944181912?hash=item3d744c9898:g:zxEAAOSwK8BbRPfx Any thoughts on it? Thanks
  6. Any help, direction etc very much appreciated... I have three clones, doing very nicely, though stuck in a small veg area while their mum flowers... I staggered taking the cuttings, so I can experiment to a degree - the first clone was potted from 0.5 to 1lt 3weeks ago and is becoming or is, root-bound. I do not have the option of potting up so plan to trim its roots and re-pot into 1lt. If it all goes to crap, I have a couple of weeks to work out what to do with the other two - worst case, one lives and is potted up. Can anyone advise on good practice for root trimming or direct me to any relevant threads, please? I have found a few discussions, though on hydro trimming, which isn't really helpful - I guess bonsai'ing a mother would be the closest to what I am trying to achieve, though temporarily. As I say, the aim/hope is to put these three in for a few additional weeks veg and turn them to 12/12 when mum comes out... Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Guys. I'm completely new at growing my own & have made some silly mistakes as I shall show later on. but right now my major problem is the height of my four plants which are NOT autos, in a 2ft x 2ft x 8ft high grow tent. The plants from the bottom of the pots are over 5ft high. Now that poses the problem that my lights (1 x 300W Hps) (1 x 300W LED from Mars Hydro) are too close to the top of my plants......Much too close. Now I know about trimming and FIM which must be done at earlier stages in the plants life but I learnt this info too late. I have also run out of space! The plants are drop dead healthy but I only kicked them into flowering mode 1 week ago. I now have about 8 inches from the top of my HPS light and the LED is raised higher and is about one and a half feet from the tops of the plants. The real question is should I simply trim the plants down from their main stem or should I just scrap two of the four plants and scrog/bend the other two as much as I can at this late stage? I do need some help and it will be very much appreciated I can assure you. My two remaining options are to scrap two of them or leave them somewhere and hope they are rescued by someone who can grow them out. Thank you for listening guys, And believe me, any help will be good. Respect............. Cmoon
  8. Hi everybody, i have the luck of having being offered a free stay in California (June and July). Was wondering if anyone knows when does the trimming season start in those many farms? Thank you all for any tips. Dan
  9. Harvesting a problematic plant today. It had to be nursed back to health in infancy and then had to be stuck on vegging for months. In the end the buds look great and healthy with loads of trichs. The main colas have very large dense buds, but there are ZERO fan leaves. They died of long ago so much so it already looks trimmed! 1 - First issue. Quite a number of the fine trim leaves between buds are also yellow and crispy and v hard to weed out. Even though im only chopping it down today can i go ahead and manicure before hanging to dry ??? 2- Secondly. This plant has A LOT of tiny popcorn buds. some are very loose too. Can these be made into edibles? Is it ok if there is a lot of small trim leaves on small buds being used for edibles because some of these are smaller than a pea and trimming is too difficult. If ok for edibles and use in cooking as oil/butter, do i need to dry them still ??? Thank you.
  10. IMG 20150920 111145

    From the album Jakey

    Is this correct when removing growth? Like this?
  11. IMG 20150920 111424

    From the album Jakey

    Removed abit of bottom growth but feel like its to much with branches this size?
  12. has any one used this? are they worth it. would like to know peoples thoughts
  13. From the album GrowBuds first grow

    As this is my first grow, this is of course also my first attempt at trimming/pruning. Here I have removed most of the lower leaves and bud sites.
  14. Alright Every one im 3 weeks 2 days in to flower on lemon haze, i trimmed a lot off the bottom of my four plants just before i flicked to 12/12 lighting, my buds seem to be growing nicly theres plenty of them and they are a nice size in my opinion, although im a new grower so i cant really say if they are the best. My problem question is; a lot of leaves have grown, should i trim them back or is it best to leave them on??