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Found 31 results

  1. here is a method for training auto flowering plants ive used it on auto's that go from seed to flower in 8, 9, 10 weeks 12L fabric pots and coco, if that matters. its really easy - there's only 3 stages and it works. massive growth, but everything keeps really low. its ideal for anyone struggling with height. how low? well most plants are in the 300-500mm (from top of pot) and ive had 1 that was 600mm but that was a big-genetic type tools and stuff you'll need are some soft rubber w/wire. I use the thick soft stuff you see everywhere, make sure its got the wire in the core though first stage, being stage 1, is at 10 days from when the seedling has come out of the coco and showed its first true leaves get the main stem down/over only. nothing else and most if not all of the time it just ends up being pulled to one side, but thats ok a lot of people might say that 10 days is too young to be pulling on the stem, however I mean really gently. the reason that I do it now and not at 2 weeks/5 nodes is that even at 2 weeks ive found some stems to be too stiff and I end up manhandling them more than id like to bend them over. I just find its easier at 10 days when the stems are still bendable, and ive found no issues with doing it this way. at all. next is step 2, done at 21 days/3 weeks here is before and again get the main stem down again then, working around the pot from one side of the main stem, bend 5 of the best branches spread out like fingers on a hand, spread out around the pot you should have 6 now including the main this is where you'll need some ties and here's a different plant also at this point ill remove most if not all of the leaves and other stems that are inside of the pot all the leaves are growing into each other not to mention down into the coco how to get the main stem down? slowly. and carefully, supporting all the bend point with as much fingers as you can then what I do is if you look at the tie on the main stem, I get most of the tension, as much as I dare so its nice and tight, in the first tie thats closest to the pot, get that secured, and newest growth is easier then to bend down and fix in place with the second tie at this point, most of the branches may not reach the sides of the pot, but thats ok - we're just pointing them in the direction, and at the height, you want them to be keep the middle well clear - you'll thank me later 6 stems including the main seems to be optimum - ive tried more but it gets packed enough as it is last bit is step 3, at 28 days/4 weeks before get the main stem down again going round the other branches, bend the ends down to make them longer. they should have reached the sides of the pot but even now dont worry if some haven't bend everything down and out again I trim up a couple of nodes again on each branch and the main stem like so here's another and this is a shot of the next day, 4 ladies done. there nothing else you need to do now like I said growth is massive. but managable a bit like this the reason ive put the tutorial up now instead of when the plants ive shown being trained are in full flower, is because im impatient. and someone asked for it. ill be back in a couple of weeks to show you how they are in flower mode mystic
  2. Hi all, I tend to grow autos in my greenhouse so I don't have to look after my plants for a long grow season, but it seems I have accidentally planted a photo. "Why aren't you flowering with all the other ladies" I thought to myself a few weeks ago, checking my records now I see apparently it's a Black Skull Seeds Sherbet. I should pay attention and not end up with so many random bonus seeds when I order them. It's still growing really fast. About two days ago I thought "Hmm you are going to hit the glass ceiling in about a week, it's only 20 cm away". Already this morning she had hit the glass ceiling. Much as I'm in favour of real ladies pushing through glass ceilings, that's not an option here. I want to give her a chance to make it through August even though I'll be away for pretty much all of it so maybe I'll rig some slow drop irrigation. In the mean time, what's the easiest way to deal with the fact that she's too big for the greenhouse? Cut the top off? Somehow train her? She's pretty flexible so I could probably bend her to the right somehow. She's back left in photo below. My standard problem is mould but this summer is probably better for that. I should probably not grow so dense. If anyone has any good preventative tips to avoid mould I'm all ears for that also. I water infrequently and in the morning, leave door and vent always open, not sure what else I can do.
  3. Firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong thread, I looked for training, and Propagation was the closest topic I found. Please move if incorrect. So, while talking to you lovely chaps last night about much crazy stuff, I was watching a video on a well known Internet video platform, (for strictly entertainment purposes only, I like watching cannabis content, even if what they are trying to tell you is rubbish), about two pre-flowering defoliation methods which originated in the US. One was called Schwazzing, the other Kushman (after Kyle Kushman). Now as I understand it, Schwazzing involves almost complete leaf removal, right up to the top, you just leave the pair of fan leaves at the top of each stem. But all bud sites remain. Kushman is basically the opposite. A little leaf removal, some light lollipopping, but essentially you remove all bud sites up to either the top 3 nodes from each stem, or even more severe right up to the terminal node. Now I as I see it, its all about quantity (schwazzing), over quality (kushman), but they just seem so extreme, particularly Schwazzing as I was led to believe you should never remove more than around 30% of leaf material. Does anyone here have any opinions or direct experience with either of these methods? I have kushman'd a couple of stems on one of my Lemon Silver Haze plants to see the effect, but I'm not going to chance the other yet. Thoughts?
  4. Topping/fimming

    From the album 1st grow pics

  5. Hello everyone! As i am in the first week of flowering ( week 9 ) on my fourth organic soil grow I am experimenting and trying new techniques. One such technique is defoliation. I did have two very small defoliation sessions during the veg period but i was too scared to remove many leaves (not even close to 20% of each plant). I did some research and growers do defoliate during flower as well (which is something i thought was not to be done). I will attach 3 pictures so you can have an idea of what is going on in my grow tent and maybe some of you can help!
  6. Bubblicious lst

    From the album Summer 2019

  7. Veg training

    From the album Summer 2019

  8. Gorilla glue lst veg

    From the album Summer 2019

  9. Gorilla glue training

    From the album Summer 2019

  10. Ww x Bb training

    From the album Summer 2019

  11. From the album Summer 2019

  12. I am a novice grower and i have a outside grow about 9 plants at 6 weeks old i read in a book i bought about training them in the book it says i have to train them to get the best harvest from them i have them in fabric pots one website says about putting netting over them another says to tie them up i have never done it before so should i be training them and what is the best way to do it. Thanks
  13. Hey folks, I didn't fancy doing any LST but one of my plants looks to be out-growing the others and thought about trying some pony-tailing. Has anyone ever pony-tailed an auto? How did you go about it and what were the results? Cheers
  14. Hi Everyone! Brand new to the community and brand new to growing - so go easy on me! My story in short: Been a daily (nightly more accurately) smoker for 20 years, as has my missus. Supply has never been an issue for me as i have a reliable regular source and have done for half that time. I’m not sure why but it only occurred to me recently that i should have a go at growing it myself as i have the space and would love to save the cash in the long run! So like most in my position I did some reading and watched a ton of videos. There really is a huge amount of info to absorb, but i felt happy enough that i understood how to set myself up and get the plants growing an an environment that they would be happy in. Here’s the description: We’re in the garage. It’s large and has power but it’s no warmer than you would expect an outbuilding to be. Inside i’ve erected a 120x120x200 grow tent. That’s outfitted with a 450W viaspectra LED grow light (about 2 foot above the plants), a small USB fan for circulation and i have a cheap/standard extractor with carbon filter etc. These are all on the relevant timers / smartplugs. To handle the temperatures, there is a small oil radiator connected to a thermostat. My average temps are between 22-24C and RH is usually in the 40% range. As for the plants - i have germinated 2 White Widow X Big Bud (Feminized NL) and 1 8 Ball Kush (Barneys). These are all feminized. I germinated via water and paper towel method before planting seeds directly into a 10cm pot. I am using John Innes 2 potting-on soil and have added 30% additional perlite. Lights are on a 18/6 cycle. Please take a look at the images of my plants taken yesterday at 3 weeks 5 days. To me they look OK, one is a little droopy looking. EDIT: Ican't seem to upload any pics? Not sure why? Reason for the post really is advice on what to do next. I am worried that i have been underwatering them. I only water every 2 or 3 days and not much really, just out of a small water bottle. I add more when top of soil is too dry. Last night i started to worry that they need to come out of these small pots so i have ordered some 3 gallon fabric pots for a transplant. Are they ready for that? When i do transplant i was planning to use the same soil i have which has 5-6 weeks nutrients in it already from memory. After that period i plan to use biobizz nutes which i have bought already. Is this ok? I don’t want the plant to lack nutrients. Also, i am interested in doing some topping/LST etc to help improve yields. I am also interested in taking some clones to have more plants. What do you all recommend on these for a first timer? Simple topping seems sensible enough - but are they ready for it? I feel they look smaller/denser than many plants i see in online videos. All help and guidance appreciated. I am going away on the 18th for 5 days. There will be someone to water but if i need to transplant it will have to happen first. Thanks in advance!
  15. Elvis_C1_canopy-3-prong.jpg

    From the album Skunk #1 & Applejack

  16. Good morning all. I've uploaded a gallery at last! Took a nine year old to show me how. Bless him. 😬😦😦. Im learning g as I go, should I start training/topping them? Any suggestions on good tutorials? You tube is awash with videos! I'm really enjoying this. Also, would it be too late to repot them? Square pots would be better for space. Have just realised that loose women is on the TV. FFS.