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Found 20 results

  1. -20191121-151825-2363x2795.JPG

    From the album Michael

    Day 26 GG4 topped.
  2. Dinafem blueberry cookies.jpg

  3. Good morning to you all. 3 1/2 weeks into my Fast Buds grow - 2 x Blue Dream'matic & 2 Mexican Airlines. Gorilla Shorty Tent 3 x 3 x 5.8 Grow Northern Telos 0008 [Supplementary GN HS1 + HLG 100 QB should either or both be required at flowering stage.] Phresh 6" Hyperfan + CarboAir 50 carbon filter. Soil grow with 70/30 mix of Biobizz All Mix & Biobizz Light Mix. [15l Root Pouches] Ecothrive Charge & Biosys -[Will add Biobizz Bloom or Molasses once flowering commences.] At day 26 with all the plants - due to my daft decision to grow 4 in a small space I've experimented with fimming on 1 and topping on another - all 4 have had some defoliation in order to open up the budsites. Will keep you posted on a regular basis. Any advice most welcome. Ciao 4 now, Harry
  4. Hi, this is the first time I am going to be topping my plants and I am not sure at which level I should top them. This is my doubt: bottom or top? Thank you.
  5. 1213B120-CE03-4E69-8538-83061A2BBD55.jpeg

    From the album Diary1

  6. Hello guys, i hope someone could help me with this as i am currently growing one of these and was hoping to get a cut for a mother plant from her so it makes sense to me to top her , what do you think ? thanks in advance
  7. So I've got 4 Black DOG from HSO going in 4x11L Jack Magic. Going nice coming up to week 4 of veg and topped them all nearly a week ago like I always do. But I have never topped the 2 new main tops or topped anything else but the main stem. Can I retop the 2 new tops and when? Do I wait for the 4th node again? And yeah can I top the side/lower branches as most of them have nearly reached the top canopy. Thanks in advance and sorry for my ignorance I should of asked this grows ago Peace and pot
  8. Hi, Im just curious as to when I should top my plants, Can I top in veg? How often should I top in veg and flower. Cheers
  9. soft-topping.jpg

    From the album Sweet Seeds Comp Pictures

    how I top my plants (lost picture re-post)

    © rabthegrower

  10. Good evening friends. Could a knowledgeable person take a wee look at my diary (Trumpton) and give some advice? Are they ready to top? Are they healthy? They are 31 days old, Kripple Roulette Feminised.
  11. Hi all.. Just wondering when the best time to top plants would be?
  12. Good morning all. I've uploaded a gallery at last! Took a nine year old to show me how. Bless him. 😬😦😦. Im learning g as I go, should I start training/topping them? Any suggestions on good tutorials? You tube is awash with videos! I'm really enjoying this. Also, would it be too late to repot them? Square pots would be better for space. Have just realised that loose women is on the TV. FFS.
  13. Hi guys just a quick couple questions. I was going to top one of my plants for the second time. (They are in veg) while looking at the one of the tops i snapped it clean off under the topped part like the stem of it under the nodes, I taped it back together but because it was a clean break would it join up or not and what will be the outcome? If i take it off Will something grow from that point of the break? Second question, on another plant when trying to lst I kinda snapped a branch i taped that up too about 2 days ago but it's looking limp should I get rid of it or leave it hanging. Sorry about these Newb questions. I'm not even gonna go near them for awhile now, when I watch vids and read up on lst and supercropping and all that comes with it I just wanna dive in but I need to not do that cos I'm fucking up my plants. Im not even gonna lst then for a bit cos I don't wanna snap any more. Im not sure how to add pictures from my mobile or I would show u guys. Cheers guys .
  14. Hey All, After some advice from if possible. Had to take an enforced break from growing due to some security issues, during my hiatus Iaccidently managed to freeze most of my seed collection, so these plants are a bit more precious than usual. I have five unsexed plants and have binned one older male, my only KillerSkunk I was hoping they would show sex before topping, but they didn't and I dithered and now the larger ones are quite tall with 1cm stems. The tops have now been pinched out but I need to reduce the height by a fair bit. Usually I would just cut the tops off but I'm a bit wary of stressing them too much or causing an infection. should I be looking to seal the hole in the stem or anything to stop infection/stress. I've already got a bad feeling I'm going to end up with all boys, Any tips or advice more than welcome. Some pics: Also because the cuts will be a sturdier than usual if I pop them in a glass of water will they start rooting "granny style" ? or will they still need covering? I can't fit my prop in my cabinet at this time. All the best. C.
  15. Hi all. So I feel a lil daft having to ask this question. did i FIM wrong? I had a go for the first time tonight and I trimmed the new shoot just below where the new leaves come off the brand new branch instead of just above, leaving a tiny bit of leafage on the plant. I have an image on my profile gallery as I don,t know how to upload one on to this post. I really just want to know if this will negatively impact the whole idea of FIMing in the first place. If you need a pic I will try to figure out how to do it. Or just go on to my profile gallery. Thanks y'all
  16. can anyone help me as to how many nodes high should i top my plants.ive been topping them at 6 nodes but found that bottom couple of sets of nodes were really gangly.any help would be greatly appreciated.cheers peeps
  17. Just popped 2 seeds. I am aware that they will be big plants. The question is " do folk do any topping of this strain." thanks and salutations
  18. Just a quick one really.... I have 3 girls that have been topped once. Ideally I would like to top again, my question is how long should I leave them, in order to top again? Could i top them a few days before 12/12? Should I wait for 3 nodes to have grown on the new tops? Oh and the strain is smile f2.
  19. Frisian Dew (Topped)

    From the album UK Outdoor Grow 2014

    This Frisian is a week or 2 behind the other one, but shes doing well! Topped her in July just before plant out.
  20. Just shelled out for a pack of Sensi Jack Herer and Mr Nice Super Silver Haze (Well Chuffed) I'm growing in coco and the JH have all sprouted. I've read that some phenos can be stretchy as fook and plan to flower soon after my seeds are a few nodes up to ensure I stay within my height limit. My questions are; Is it ok to top the girls once or more inside the first few weeks flower as they might not be in veg long enough? Can I pot up into final 6.5's (as long as the rootmass enables) upto the first few weeks flower seeing as it's likely the girls will be in 1.8l pots when they go from 20/4 to 12/12?